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sexecutioner Re:Why this preoccupation with 'bias'? (717 comments)

Ha, you still won't give up will you. It seems like you're on some rampage of righteousness! You have judged me and are prepared to hold your opinion, regardless of the situation.

"...I guess you're off the hook' - I was never on the hook! This is your personal assessment of my situation, and I don't care for it, it's irrelevant to this discussion and personally insulting.

"dismissing her point of view as ignorant" - yes, I was, it was ignorant, just like many of your comments. Ignorance doesn't immediately mean BAD! If I am ignorant of something it just means I don't know about it. I'll be the first to admit that I am ignorant of many many things and am extremely grateful when any individual points this out for me as it allows me to improve my knowlege in that area. Read this definition: http://www.answers.com/ignorant

"None of this was ever intended as a personal attack. If you really believe that it was, I think you need to seriously recalibrate." - Well mate, it was a personal attack . This is a real problem in world culture at the moment, people believe that by saying "...no offence..." then that makes what you're about to say OK. Well, it doesn't. It's still offensive, regardless of INTENT. I know the law doesn't make this distinction as intent is very important when assessing most legal issues. But, from a social perspective this is a very important issue. To further support this I could roll off many examples of legally acceptable practices that are socially abhorred.

Additionally, if someone doesn't understand how to argue without making personal attacks then they will *never* be able to hold a reasoned and unbiased discussion with anyone, ever.

Now, please read over our exchange of discussion and note that I have not _once_ made any opinionated assessement of you, or your abilities, while you have made many comments about me and my personal life. This comes across as a rather transparant attempt at gaining the moral high-ground, a very agressive tactic that is quite insulting.

So to draw my rant to a close (you can gain some smug satisfaction from knowing that I am abandoning Slashdot forever as of today, you are the straw that broke my camel - although I'll log in to read your response to this post) you kind of voiced your own uncertainty with a nice catchall disclaimer. "...any value judgement like that is relative..." Why didn't you think: "hmmm, I think what that guy said about his girlfriend is disrespectful, perhaps, nah, hmmm, what am I doing? I'm making a value judgement on someone elses personal life, they could be from another culture, another country, they could practise a totally different belief system to me... I'll make my judgement and keep it to myself, or even better, I won't make a judgement, I'll be tolerant of their own beliefs, because hey, I'd like them to respect mine." So here's my value judgement, I believe that everyone in the world needs to be a lot more understanding and tolerant of each other, in every way possible, from world trade negotiations to posting insignificant crap on Slashdot, it all makes a difference.

PS: He he, like the way I took the moral high-ground at the end there. I hope you don't feel too shitty because I didn't mean for it to be offensive...

more than 9 years ago


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