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Dead Reckoning For Your Car Eliminates GPS Dead Zones

sfm DR works for only a limited time (3 comments)

Using cheap gyros/accels will give you good DR accuracy for about a minute at driving speeds. Anything more than that requires an order of magnitude increase in the cost of the sensors. The costs will come down with time, but don't expect the GPS free option on your cell phone to give you much benefit in the near term.

Beta Sucks - and that is also not likely to change

about 10 months ago

Simple Emergency Generators and Radio Receivers (Video)

sfm Re:Alternative to Beta Hell (93 comments)

You know, Dice could have avoided all of this if they allowed Beta to be optional.

Over time, people would migrate, or not.

They would have a VERY good indicator on what people thought of the changes.

But no, they want to ram it down out collective throats

There is a lesson in here, somwhere. I wonder if Dice will get it before it is too late ? Or have we passed that point already ?

about 10 months ago

Slashdot Beta Woes

sfm Insightful Comment (16 comments)

Wow !

That was an excellent summary and commentary on what is happening at Slashdot.

The user community AND Dice management need to read this.

about 10 months ago

Should Nuclear and Renewable Energy Supporters Stop Fighting?

sfm Slashdot Beta Fails (551 comments)

Slashdot Beta Fail
Why are the comments nested on both edges?
Why so much white space on the right half of the screen
How do you change the comment level (I want to only see >3)
The upconing articles are gone.... never to returen ??
Option to post without preview is gone- almost good
How to go back to original Slashdot ?

about 10 months ago

Slashdot beta sucks

sfm Slashdot Beta (9 comments)

Can we at least open a thread to discuss the changes. The new Beta interface is not all bad, but there are a lot of changes and many of the best features are now gone (or hidden) Help

about 10 months ago

HP To Charge For Service Packs and Firmware For Out-of-Warranty Customers

sfm Re: Well if HP didn't already have a terrible rep. (385 comments)

One of the reasons in gong with a major brand is the implied support that comes with the name. Changing the support paradigm has an effect on sales, it is just delayed. 3 years out is about the timing businesses are looking to upgrade their systems. If patching/drivers becomes a serious issue in managements collective "mind", this will influence the buying decision for next time.

A company can get away with this when they have a locked in market and customers with few alternatives. I don't believe this is the case in the desktop/server area.

about 10 months ago

Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

sfm Re: "Everybody ignored the Winter Storm Warning" (723 comments)

In a CYA move, the weather service always gives the worst case scenerio. We have been conditioned to expect weather to not be as bad as stated.

On the few occasions when it is, you get the "Great Atlanta Snowstorm of 2014"

about 10 months ago

Who Makes the Best Hard Disk Drives?

sfm SD Cards too (444 comments)

While this may be off topic, I have not had good luck with Duracell 8G SD cards. 2 fails out of 4 devices within the first 24 hours.

Remind me to stay out of the discount aisle at Fry's

about 10 months ago

Incandescent Bulbs Get a Reprieve

sfm Re:Wattage? (767 comments)

Thank goodness!! My "Easy Bake" oven may still
have a few more years of useful service.

about 10 months ago

Senators Propose Bill Prohibiting Phone Calls On Planes

sfm Re:what? (513 comments)

Please take note of the names, you folks from CA
and TN. Maybe there are other candidates for
the Senate that would be MUCH BETTER at the

Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

about a year ago

Oregon Signs Up Just 44 People For Obamacare Despite Spending $300 Million

sfm Re:News for Nerds? (586 comments)

Where are my mod points when I need them ?

about a year ago

MenuetOS, an OS written entirely in assembly language, inches towards 1.0

sfm Which Assembler (2 comments)

You might want to add x86 to the submission

1 year,12 days

Duke Univ. Device Converts Stray Wireless Energy Into Electricity For Charging

sfm Re:microwaves at what field strength? (216 comments)

Forget Wireless or Satellite signals, they are orders of magnitude less power than you can realistically use. You would do be much better off pointing your antenna at that 100KW FM transmitter up on the hill.

1 year,18 days

Blockbuster To Close Remaining US Locations

sfm Re:Wait, what? (419 comments)

I for one, say good riddance. Would rather pay 50% more than to EVER set foot in one of their stores again. Poor customer service and excessive late fees drove them into the ground as much as competition did.

Maybe we will get a good Thai restaurant in that old Blockbuster location.......one can hope!

1 year,20 days

Chrome Will End XP Support in 2015; Firefox Has No Plans To Stop

sfm Re:End of Life for XP in General (257 comments)

> There has been THREE full OS versions that have come out since XP

Don't you mean 2.5 ? Remember, Vista was on that list.

1 year,28 days

How an Astronaut Falling Into a Black Hole Would Die Part 2

sfm Re:Long before the event horizon (263 comments)

With a much more massive black hole, the radius increases so your 2 billion g's goes down to a
"much more comfortable" several 10's of millions of g's

1 year,30 days

8 US States Pushing For 3.3 Million Electric Cars

sfm Re:There is no such thing as "zero emission" (327 comments)

Check out the grid utilization from Midnight to 6am in any timezone. Would it surprise you to know the load is generally less than 40% of peak? Assuming reasonable charging models, there is no need to radically expand the electric grid.

And no, it is not zero emission, but certainly using an electric vehicle produces far less direct polution than driving a typical ICE car.

about a year ago

Feds Confiscate Investigative Reporter's Confidential Files During Raid

sfm Search Warrant Scope (622 comments)

A warrant should be very specific about what items are to be siezed. If the warrant was for guns, how does that get extended to files ?

about a year ago

NYC's 250,000 Street Lights To Be Replaced With LEDs By 2017

sfm Costs (372 comments)

Yes, there is a savings, but how much is it going to cost NY taxpayers up front ?
Would a better strategy be to replace the sodium lights with LED style lights, as they wear out?

about a year ago



"Monsanto Protection Act" signed into law

sfm sfm writes  |  about a year and a half ago

sfm (195458) writes "Included in the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 is a last minute change that protects manufacturers of genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks. Nick-named the "Monsanto Protection Act" by some, a large scale effort to get the president to veto this bill is found at Food Democracy.org. More info available at International Business Times and Salon.com.
Concerns over some GMO seeds have appeared in previous Slashdot articles here."

Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot

sfm sfm writes  |  about a year and a half ago

sfm (195458) writes "When asked to rate submissions, it is often necessary to see the entire text of the submission, follow links, etc. then go back to the main /. page to indicate approve/disapprove. One nice change would be to allow the +/- selection to happen on the submission page."

FAA pushed to review ban on E-readers during takeoff/landing

sfm sfm writes  |  about a year and a half ago

sfm (195458) writes "Ever tangle with a grumpy flight attendent over turning off your Kindle Fire before takeoff? This may change if the FAA actually reviews thier policy for these devices. The NYT article http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/24/disruptions-f-a-a-may-loosen-curbs-on-fliers-use-of-electronics indicates the FAA is under extremem pressure to either change the rules or give a good reason to keep them in place."
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50 Dangerous things you SHOULD let your kids do

sfm sfm writes  |  about 2 years ago

sfm (195458) writes "In a world where some parents won't let their kids get up off the couch, this refreshingly different book talks about several activities that all kids should be exposed. From licking a 9V battery to driving, the book [http://www.fiftydangerousthings.com/] covers obvious and non-obvious ways to teach your kids about the dangers they may encounter in the real world. Of course, the authors ideas are not without controversy http://clifftooher.blogspot.com/2009/12/50-dangerous-things-kids-should-do-good.html"
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"Life begins at conception" ?

sfm sfm writes  |  about 3 years ago

sfm (195458) writes "On Tuesday, the state of Mississippi is going to vote on a controversial ammendment which declares a fertilized egg is an individual and is protected by the same laws that govern people living outside the womb. This has far reaching implications is the area of birth control, abortion, and family planning."
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Target Requires ID Scan For Age Restricted Sales

sfm sfm writes  |  more than 3 years ago

sfm (195458) writes "Target now requires an ID scan for alcohol, tobacco, paint, and some other sales. An actual scan of the bar-code/magnetic strip is required for these transactions to complete. I can understand a visual ID inspection for some purchases, but there is info on a Drivers License that Target does not need in order to verify age. There is no reason for my address, height, weight, and organ donor status to be part of their database or possibly sold to a third party. Are there additional privacy concerns with this policy?"
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GPS notification of speed cameras

sfm sfm writes  |  more than 5 years ago

sfm (195458) writes "Imagine your GPS giving warnings when approaching speed cameras ? A new service does just that, and even includes common locations for mobile speed traps. If we believe the press, the purpose of the cameras is to improve safety. There should be no complaints about this new service, right? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/06/07/AR2009060702107_2.html?sid=ST2009060702127/"

College Presidents propose lower drinking age

sfm sfm writes  |  more than 6 years ago

sfm (195458) writes "Over 100 College Presidents and administrators signed on to a proposal to lower the drinking age in hopes of reducing the amount of binge drinking on campus. Their arguments make sense, to some, but the usual voices are coming out strongly opposed to this action. "Think of all those additional highway deaths"-MADD The complaints are short sighted and ignore the fact that most of Europe has a lower drinking age without significantly higher traffic deaths involving teens."
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