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Google's Own Nexus Tablet Leaks Into the Wild

sgant Re:Sad... (224 comments)

No, this isn't true. People use the iPad everyday to create, write, paint (yes, other than Draw Something), create all kinds of music with the myriad of music apps and synths and drum machines etc et. It's not a consumption device. It's just a device. People use it in different ways. Shocking, I know...but people use things in different ways than you.

Is it better than a laptop? In some ways yes, in some ways no. Is a laptop better? Again, in some ways yes, in some ways no. Can some people live with the iPad alone? Very much so. My wife has been using computers now for 25 years, she hasn't touched her desktop since getting her iPad. Seriously, she does everything on it. Write, do email, do her banking, read, edit PDF files, log into her work computer via SSH and works in a terminal. If she needs to type something long, out comes the bluetooth keyboard and she types away, then when she finished she puts it away and it goes back to just being a tablet.

Full disclosure, I personally couldn't work this way. I'm kind of set-in-my-ways with my desktop and even a laptop feels cramped. But I recognize that my way isn't the only way.

But let's get back to the "consumption device" thing people throw out there about tablets, and the iPad specifically. I've shown this isn't true for some people. People that don't let others tell them what to do or haven't heard you can't create on it. But lets assume I didn't say that and just go along with you, and others, and say it IS only for consumption. What's wrong with that? Why is this weird insult directed at this device? Do people say that about...I don't know...the Microsoft Xbox360? "Oh, it's just for consumption and watching movies and playing games...not for creating anything". If not, why not? Are DVD players and big screen TV's get this thrown at them too? What about the opposite? "Oh, that guitar is only for creating, you can't consume anything on it".

Okay, I've stepped over into silly-land, but hopefully you get my point.

more than 2 years ago

Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine For NY Health Workers Suspended

sgant Re:BUSTED! (292 comments)

many people have complications of vaccines. This year a Redskins cheerleader was paralyzed after getting the flu shot.

I know, last year I wore a blue hat all flu season and I didn't get the flu at all...therefore blue hats prevent the flu. I have a friend that also wore a blue hat and they didn't get the flu either.

I know someone that got the flu shot and got into a fender-bender a week later. Therefore the flu shot makes you lose control of your car!

more than 4 years ago

Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine For NY Health Workers Suspended

sgant Re:BUSTED! (292 comments)

Um...compromised it with vaccine injections eh? Methinks you need to study up on how this all works or you wouldn't have made such a statement.

100,000 people die from FDA approved drugs a year. Okay, where'd you pull that little factoid out of? Notice you give no context in that? Hey, like this "1 million people die in hospitals each year"....does this mean Hospitals kill people? Is there a vaccine for that?

Is there a vaccine for conspiracy minded Luddites also? We really need that. Also, tell Jenny McCarthy I said hey!

more than 4 years ago

IE8 Beats Other Browsers In Laptop Battery Life

sgant Re:So in theory (263 comments)

I have to agree. I'm on a Macbook Pro now and using Snow Leopard with it's 64-bit Safari. Everyone is saying how fast and quick Safari is...along with Chrome, but the simple fact is both of these browsers don't have Adblock so they're actually SLOWER than Firefox with Adblock because they all have to load in those ads.

Maybe Safari and Chrome are fast on a test....but in real world situations without adblock, they're slow.

about 5 years ago

Sam Raimi To Direct World of Warcraft Movie

sgant Re:Dear Hollywood: DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL! (298 comments)

There's an Oscar that's awarded each year to 5 original screenplays. "Pan's Labyrinth", "WALL-E" and "In Bruges" were all nominated for it as are many others. Original movies are out there...but they're buried under the reboots, remakes, based-on-the-popular-comic, sequels and all the others.

more than 5 years ago

Sam Raimi To Direct World of Warcraft Movie

sgant Dear Hollywood: DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL! (298 comments)

You know what, I'm boycotting any movie from now on that's "based" on anything. Be it a book or a comic or a TV Show or video game or a "reboot" of an old movie series or remake of an old movie or whatever. Give me something original.

Come on...I'd take a "Pan's Labyrinth" or "In Bruges" or "WALL-E" over a "Transformers 1 or 2" or "Batman _____(insert verb here)" or "Warcraft: The Movie".

more than 5 years ago

MIT Develops Camera-Like Fabric

sgant Cuttlefish-Cloth? (78 comments)

Give me a fabric that mimics the skin of a cuttlefish and I'll be impressed!

BTW, PBS's Nova just had a special on the cuttlefish...amazing creatures.

more than 5 years ago

Symantec Exec Warns Against Relying On Free Antivirus

sgant Re:McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwid (459 comments)

Symantec Exec to board members: "Holy underwear! Free Antivirus! From Microsoft! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

more than 5 years ago

AOL Shuts Down CompuServe

sgant Re:Hey gramps (224 comments)

Like the time we went over to Shelbyville during the war, I wore an onion on my belt....which was the style at the couldn't get those white ones, you could only get those big yellow where was I........oh yeah, the important thing was I was wearing an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time, you couldn't get those...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

more than 5 years ago

Marking U.S. Independence Day with ...

sgant Re:Another Missing Option (397 comments)

Professional fireworks set off by amateurs.

Hilarity always seem to ensue...

more than 5 years ago

Interview With the Author of "Mastering Cat"

sgant Re:god (243 comments)

The only thing annoying about this day is all the idiots with no sense of humor saying "make it stop" or "isn't this day over yet".

Seriously, remove the sticks that are up your asses and lighten the hell up.

more than 5 years ago

Graphic Artists Condemn UK Ban On Erotic Comics

sgant Re:Does the law have the right direction? (408 comments)

Child pornography is a subset of the term obscenity (at least, if you're a healthy individual it is).

Although drawing a naked baby being raped by guys in rabbit suits might not involve any children who once or ever will exist, it's still obscene. Lots of laws exist to prevent that level of obscenity. There are lots of reasons why it's obscene. Let's not get into that debate though, there's Wikipedia if we need to look up basic definitions.

You brought up an mental image though when describing the scene. Should I go turn myself into the police for imagining a photo of that and not a drawing?

Seriously, shouldn't what you just wrote be considered "obscene" if we're going to label a drawing of it "obscene"? If so, then the editors of Slashdot have a legal obligation to remove all reference to your post.

more than 5 years ago

On Black Friday I...

sgant Didn't do anything really... (517 comments)

I didn't avoid it like the plague or anything. It just didn't enter into my mind at all. I got up that morning and just treated the day like any other Friday.

more than 5 years ago

Blizzard Sued By South Carolina Inmate

sgant You say "attention whore", I say "insane". (239 comments)

Seriously, the guy is delusional. Insane. A nutter. Crazy. Over the rainbow. Bars in the window. Truly gone fishing. Out to lunch.

He's apeshit mad, barmy, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, erratic, flaky, flipped, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, idiotic, kooky, lunatic, mad, maniacal, mental, moonstruck, nutty as fruitcake, of unsound mind, out of his tree, psycho, he's round the bend, a schizo, a screwball, he has a screw loose, silly, touched, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped, wacky.

(yes, much was copied and pasted from

more than 5 years ago

A Linux-Based "Breath Test" For Porn On PCs

sgant Australia seems to be a pretty repressed country (345 comments)

It's always about censorship and blocking and denial. That's all I hear now coming out of Australia.

That's too bad. Was thinking of going there on vacation. Guess I'll go spend my money elsewhere.

more than 5 years ago


sgant hasn't submitted any stories.



I was banned from posting on Slashdot!

sgant sgant writes  |  more than 6 years ago

For some reason, I tried to leave a comment here on Slashdot and was given a rather rude message:

"Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner."

Now, I'm looking over my past 24 posts here (also noting my "Karma: Excellent" tag) I see that 3 were modded as troll or offtopic. The offtopic one is squarely in my corner as I posted something before actually reading the article...yeah, I know, unheard of here at Slashdot.

One "troll" modding was for me complaining that I'm sick of people saying "Apple is in the Hardware business". I'm still sick of hearing people say that.

But my last posting here was a critical review I gave to "Second Life". I basically said the same thing I said a few weeks ago when I got an "Interesting" modding. This time I got a "flamebait" modding and I hardly changed a word! I look at it now and I see I got a 50% flamebait and a 50% interesting on that last post.

So I have to ask, why am I banned from posting on Slashdot? I don't want to be some conspiracy theorist, but do the guys here have some financial stake in "Second Life" or something?

Oh well, I've been on Slashdot for years now, which you can tell from my 178166 user number...while not totally low, it still shows how long I've been here. I've had excellent karma that whole time and now I'm banned from posting because I was modded (wrongly as far as I'm concerned) 3 times. What gives?


Want my old Slashdot back

sgant sgant writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I want my old UI in Slashdot back. I want my old Slashdot back as it seems the really interesting people that comment here have gone somewhere else. That somewhere else doesn't seem to be Digg either as the comments there are neither insightful nor informative. They're also way too hard to read over there. The threaded system here at Slashdot has always been better. But that old Slashdot is gone...


Service pack 2 woes part 2

sgant sgant writes  |  about 10 years ago

Now we're on what, day 3...4....on updating my wife's machine to Service Pack 2 on XP now. Well, it got down to now 8 times now of booting off of the Windows CD and running CHKDSK /r to repair the machine.

Now I'm just installing a whole new /windows install from scratch and not even trying to save the old install. I've yet to resort to reformating the entire HD...yet. But I'm so so close. I'm also so so close of dumping MS totally and installing Gentoo...but since there is a ATI 9800 Pro on the machine...and ATI isn't exactly Linux friendly...I'm holding off on it.

So far, the pain in the ass continues....


Service pack 2 woes and why I'm glad I run Linux

sgant sgant writes  |  about 10 years ago

I run Gentoo Linux on my machine and ONLY Linux on my machine. No dual booting for me since last November. I have 100% totally gone over to Linux and I LOVE it. Also, I built this Athlon 2500+ Barton system from scratch and paid all together around $500 bucks.

Now, my wife has a Pentium 4 Gateway machine that is running XP. Yesterday, service pack 2 raised it's ugly head and says "install me now". So, we install it. 18 hours later, I "think" we have it installed and ready to go.

The problem? Well, the NTFS file system on the machine needed some major major major chkdsk done to it for some reason. Now, this computer actually has been running fine since day one...two years ago. The only thing that isn't stock from Gateway when we bought it was a new ATI 9800 Pro in it. Everything else is exactly how it came from Gateway.

We've kept up with the patches, and run a virus scanner but that's all. It it hooked through a hardware router and for the most part, everything has been fine with the machine. But boy it didn't like Service Pack 2 at all. Finally, I had to boot off the original install CD and run the disk rescue and "chkdsk /r" 3 times....and each taking over an hour to complete. Finally it was able to boot and let my wife log 4 in the morning today.

Yes, I know there are people out there that have no problems at all with Service Pack 2 and blah blah blah. It didn't work too well in the Gant household. I was "this" close to reformating the entire computer and bringing my wife over to Linux too. But she wants to play Sims 2. Yes folks, Sims 2 is the deciding factor here. No, I don't get it either but hey, either you get it or you don't. And I don't get it. It makes her happy though so who am I to stand in the way of a little more joy in her life?

I do owe her a new keyboard though as during the Service Pack 2 fiasco I slammed my fist down on the keyboard and broke one of the little stand thingies that props it up. And no, I'm not a violent person in any way shape or form...but that's how much this got to me.


Things I learned on Slashdot today

sgant sgant writes  |  about 10 years ago

I've learned that any talk about religion will bring out the best and worst in people. It was fun seeing some of my posts being modded from funny to troll to insightful to flame-bait to interesting to overrated. It was much like a ping-pong match.

But one thing I did learn was the concept of "cognitive dissonance"...a psychological phenomenon that refers to the bad feeling one gets when a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation from someone else. Religion usually falls in this framework when two people who are on opposite positions begin discussing and get further and further away from true understanding one another.

This doesn't fall under religion exclusively either, almost any aspects of life can become deeply held beliefs that we don't want to let go of when something new comes along to upset the apple-cart.

Click here to learn more about Cognative Dissonance


USE flags with Gentoo

sgant sgant writes  |  about 10 years ago

Just re-emerged xorg-x11 when I finally got my head out of my ass and put in the USE flags for mmx, sse and 3dnow that xorg uses and now kde flies.

I've been using kde 3.3.0 after switching from gnome 2.6 to it. I'm one of those "grass is always greener" kind of guys. I like kde a lot, and it doesn't use as much resources as gnome did...and it feels faster. I also switch over to enlightenment and fluxbox from time to time also. But kde is running tip-top here. I don't see what other people say about "bloat". No bloat here. I can see if I was running with only 64 or 128 megs of RAM or something...but I have a Gig of RAM since it's so so cheap now. Why wouldn't you have enough RAM?

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