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LIDAR Map Shows Height of Earth's Forests

sgtstein Re:Google Earth (47 comments)

Oh, so THAT is why our GIS analysts are wanting a new 100TB Backblaze storage pod and dedicated servers. Thanks for the info!

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Print Cheap RFID Tags On Paper

sgtstein Re:The day is soon coming (67 comments)

Why even slide your card? With the security of Google Wallet, you'll be buying yours, and the rest of the people in the store(world?) groceries and other items.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Open Source vs Proprietary GIS Solution?

sgtstein PostgreSQL + PostGIS (316 comments)

At my place of employment we use PostgreSQL and PostGIS extensively for the exact or similar problems as you describe. We recently contributed back to a portion of the PostGIS project by extending the TSP solver for a different ending than the beginning. I'm not the one who is generally writing stuff like this, but I maintain the servers and I know how much performance can be gained. Plus, the PgSQL and PostGIS guys are very close with lots of code and advancements being contributed directly into PgSQL from the PostGIS team. We have also looked at the MS solutions and found them to be ridiculously expensive to host and scale services targeted at business with real-life budgets and not huge corporations. We have tools used in nearly all of the counties in Wisconsin processing many requests per day and second(not allowed to give numbers) with only a few servers. Personally, stay open source and stick with PostgreSQL. They have a track record for extremely stable systems that can be upgraded as advancements are made with very little downtime. You can tune the internal performance metrics to tweak everything you need with online research or many books and even consultants such as EnterpriseDB. Good Luck with your developers, go with PostgreSQL and you won't look back.

more than 2 years ago

SOPA Creator In TV/Film/Music Industry's Pocket

sgtstein Re:Broke (345 comments)

My goodness I wish I could mod you up right now! I have had mod points the last few days and they would have finally been useful!

more than 2 years ago

Using a Tablet As Your Primary Computer

sgtstein Re:Now for something completely different... (627 comments)

Interesting and thanks for the info. I am currently looking at going this exact route with the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 though with SSH and my desktop to back me up at home. I will be mostly browsing and writing emails though I will be writing a fair amount of code in vim and compiling anything of huge processing on my desktop. I will be working primarily in Java, Node and Javascript. Possibly some PHP. After glancing at your blog it looks like I should consider the same route you did with dual-booting Ubuntu. We'll see how it goes and I'll have to let you know what I decide on. My largest motivation for the switch is due to the pitiful battery on my laptop and the processing in Tegra 3 beats out my laptop's Core 2 in LINPACK. However it goes, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's a Good Tablet/App Combination For Note-Taking?

sgtstein Re:thinkpad iPad. (425 comments)

If the redesign and re-release this in a Tegra 3 platform like the ASUS Transformer Prime, I'm in. Otherwise I'm following the Prime until it's released. I'm a developer and also need heavy processing for compiling code at times, for that I simply have SSH capability to my home desktop and can remote in on the command line or use X over SSH.

more than 2 years ago

Do High Schools Know What 'Computer Science' Is?

sgtstein Computer Science vs. Business Applications (564 comments)

In my high school we had two different programs after 2000. That's when the classes were first being created and a mathematics teacher wanted to have a computer programming course. They initially were teaching C++ without OOP principals before a teacher that actually had programmed came into the school and rewrote the curriculum. That was in 2004. I first took a programming course in 2004, as a freshman, with that teacher and helped show him what was missing. I had taught myself C++ from different books and guides online. From that point on the school has always had two programs under different departments. Business Apps is under Business(History Department) and Computer Programming 1, 2 and IB(International Baccalaureate):Computer Science is under the Math department as it should be. Coming from my learning and as I've gone into college and the workforce, my HS was lucky in that we actually DID have some people that knew what programming was, and was not. The only class that has gone back an forth between the two is HTML Internet Programming(a joke class, really). All that teaches(kinda) is HTML, some CSS, very very little JavaScript and Flash. That has been sent back over to the Business folks because the school wanted higher rates of students in it, and they always had more. Though, from other students I've talked to. As the OP writes, it is far too often that schools actually call stuff like this posted Comp. Sci. It's a joke to the students, parents and themselves.

more than 3 years ago

Anti-Smartphone Phone Launched For Technophobes

sgtstein Re:Expensive Price (437 comments)

Have you ever happened to look at what a normal smart phone costs these days when unsubsidized? I do realize that the price is still high but I have a feeling that's more so due to the low sales and manufacture numbers compared to other phones.

more than 3 years ago

Wikileaks Donations Account Shut Down

sgtstein Re:Bitcoin (725 comments)

It absolutely would be. This is exactly what the system is designed for in both senses. So, Wonko, how do we go about doing this? Any threads on the forums at

more than 3 years ago

The Hackintosh Guide

sgtstein Re:It's not "the" guide (453 comments)

Yea, I completely agree. I'm a software and web dev and I need multiple environments to test stuff out. I run Win XP, Win 7, Leopard(10.5) and Snow Leopard(10.6) running in VirtualBox very well. All on Fedora 13 and an encrypted hard drive. No issues at all. Why build a dedicated rig and even dual-boot when VB works so much better?

more than 3 years ago

Washington Post Blog Shuts Down 75% of Online Spam

sgtstein Re:As long as there is money in it... (335 comments)

I actually imported all 50 accounts. It was easier at the time. And adding them still is easy enough. Once documented correctly and everything working it seems alright. Though, I will have to go check out Postini like the other guy mentioned. My server polls the the server every 15min. Our business is not extremely time critical so this seems to be an alright added latency. I do agree, it would be great if you could just bounce your emails through their spam filters. What an even easier load that would be.

more than 5 years ago

Washington Post Blog Shuts Down 75% of Online Spam

sgtstein Re:As long as there is money in it... (335 comments)

I also am running all of my domain email address through Google Apps. I run all of my own servers. Because of this, my email server is setup to download all of the email from the Gmail accounts and sort it locally into the users mailboxes. This is difficult to setup and initially though it does allow you to use Google's amazing spam blocking options and still use your own "unlimited" storage. Currently my 50 or so users are sharing a 1TB drive. I'm not certain how much control you have over your servers and such, but just to let you know about my setup.

more than 5 years ago


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