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Meet the Lawyer Suing Anyone Who Uses SSL

sh0rtie to be fair (347 comments)

not to stereotype but the clue to him being a douchebag is in his surname.
week after week day after day the same name styles crop up whenever trouble is happening, coincidence ?

more than 2 years ago

'Extreme Security' Web Browsing

sh0rtie Re:IE security goes up to five .. :) (267 comments)

actually the zones are grouped according to location not levels
"Internet" "Local Intranet" "Trusted Sites" "Restricted Sites " "My Computer" (the hidden one)
each one can be customised security wise to taste, its just a matter of setting it up (if plugging a leaking dam with fingers is any good)

but if this person is a "security researcher" then he should really be surfing/investigating potentially badsites through a VM in something other than IE (unless he is looking to get exploited on purpose), i mean really, is installing Firefox, Noscript, UserAgent Changer, and Adblock+ for an "expert" that hard ?
even setting up a VM is only a 10 minute thing on Windows (and they are all free) 1 infection and he can revert to a snapshot and sniff/capture _all_ the activity the malware does with ease.
Of course if he was that bothered about his security/banking he would boot off a Live CD to rule out any kernel level winsock sniffers on his desktop (lets hope his router isnt compromised egh), but meh.

more than 7 years ago


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