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House Dems Turn Out the Lights On the GOP

shadowcabbit Re:Yesterday: $11b in profits for Exxon, today...? (1143 comments)

Here's a stupid fucking question. So they had a net profit of only 8% of $11 billion. Exactly $0.00 of that was spent on drilling the undeveloped land they have or funding research to buoy them up when the oil bubble collapses (read: when we collectively wake the fuck up and decide we're not going to waste money on non-renewable energy anymore). If they're not going to prevent the collapse of their own business model... then we sure as fuck have a right to prevent them from taking us with them, and step one is taking that 8%.

more than 6 years ago



shadowcabbit shadowcabbit writes  |  about 8 years ago

shadowcabbit writes "So the News Channel is cool and all, but it's just the Associated Press. Where's Slashdot? Where's Wired News? Where's [insert your favorite RSS feed here]?! With this neat little hack I discovered, you too can read any RSS feed right on your Wii!"


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