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First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

shagoth The Star Wars universe has always been impractical (390 comments)

but it clearly just gets worse in the future. There's no doubt there will be plenty of catwalks with no guard rails and plenty of other Imperial style over substance. It's remarkable though that light sabers just get more treacherous to use. The flaming laser guard on the evil light saber in the teaser looks like a great way to lose and arm and frankly just didn't look all that cool. After not really understanding Star Trek and what made it amazing, JJ Abrams will bring his special brand of ruination to the Star Wars franchise. Thanks, Disney. Thanks.

about 2 months ago

Has Google Redefined Beta?

shagoth In a world... (292 comments)

Where Beta means: can change suddenly without warning,

Doesn't Google Whatever mean that already. What's the point of the beta moniker. Google will just change what they want whenever. Use Google Frob and you're at risk of seeing the features and UI change without warning.

more than 6 years ago


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