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shakamojo Re:Expensive? (521 comments)

buy about 2 video games a month. At 40.00 (looks like this will go up, both doom 3 and HL2 were 55.00) a game, thats 960.00 a year on video games + 800 * 2 = 2560 a year (not including tax) on games.

Let me get this straight, you spend $1600 a year for two EQ accounts? That's $67/mo. in recurring fees per account? Is it just me or does that sound way too high? Granted, I played EQ a long time ago, but the recurring fees were only like $12 or something!

Let's say you had 2 EQ accounts with ALL the bells and whistles (the all access package EQ, PlanetSide, and EQ2) that's $22/mo. I know for a while they had an additional "journal" type service that was another $10/mo. so say you signed up for that too. Total that out over a year and it's $768 total for two accounts for the full year. What on earth did you spend the remaining $832 on?

more than 10 years ago


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