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How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

shakezula Lets see... (260 comments)

iPad, iPod, 2x iPhones, Xbox One, PS3, LG SmartTV, iMac, MacMini, Windows Desktop, Bitcoin Mining Computer, that about covers it...

about a month ago

China Prefers Sticking With Dying Windows XP To Upgrading

shakezula Re:Microsoft is running out of milk cows (333 comments)

I completely agree. I am using a late 2012 iMac with a WheelMouse Optical USB I bought in 2000 because to me, its a MUCH better input device than the "Magic Mouse."

about 10 months ago

On the end of USPS 1st Class Saturday delivery:

shakezula Re:Rock & A Hard Place (564 comments)

*Perhaps* *Should*

You're both fucking morons.

about a year and a half ago

Can Legacy Dual-Core CPUs Drive Modern Graphics Cards?

shakezula Re:why 3gb ram and not 4gb or 8gb++? (159 comments)

This is why my wife's MacBook had to go at one point. 32bit EFI hamstring'd the 2.1GHz Core2Duo and not allowing install of 64bit OSX. Its a trivial gripe though as the laptop was still totally usable, alas, it was un-upgradeable. My friend just learned the hardway about this with an iMac. He'd thought he'd found an amazing deal but then got it home and find out it won't let him use Lion/Mt. Lion or upgrade the RAM past 3Gb.

about a year and a half ago

Can Legacy Dual-Core CPUs Drive Modern Graphics Cards?

shakezula Re:Not really (159 comments)

I agree with this; my HTPC is an E6400 with 4Gb of RAM and it saw a HUGE performance boost when I replaced its 5450 with a 6670. Skyrim went from 30s FPS at 1024x768 to 50+ fps at 720p. I realize the jump from XGA to 720p isn't much but the 6670's higher framerates and being able to use anti-aliasing make games much more enjoyable and visual quality is vastly improved.

about a year and a half ago

Group Kickstarting a High-Bandwidth Software Defined Radio (SDR) Peripheral

shakezula Re:300 mhz and up? (140 comments)

Wow and I thought I was pretty 1337 for having my PRO-100 connected to my iMac for listening to my local Sheriff's dispatch. Good points on both sides if you ask me...

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Keeping Your Media Library Safe From Kids?

shakezula Re:Knowing more than parents... (307 comments)

I agree, my kids know a lot about computers because I work on them for a living. They are NOT typical of their friends. Most of their friends know their way about an iDevice or how to check their Gmail or Facebook, but that's the extent of it. My 10 year old could help you mount a heatsink to your Core2Duo and re-install Windows, but that's because he's helped dad do just that on countless computers in his short existence.

This disposable computing age we're entering has its ups and downs...

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Keeping Your Media Library Safe From Kids?

shakezula I too XBMC my media... (307 comments)

...from a NAS device. Like you, I've spent HOURS getting all the TV cataloged, named correctly, and with images. Like you, I have kids I don't want watching certain things and I solve it thusly:

1:Create a share on your NAS which has the items you DON'T want them to watch and make it so that it needs a password or whatever credentials you need to connect to it.

2:Add the share to XBMC, but put it under a Master Profile.

3: Create another Profile for your younglings that can't access the shared files. Double bonus, since you password protected the share, if they do go scanning the network, they'll have to have to know the (hopefully) different password to mount the share with your non-kid content.

4:??? Profit?

Check this out: I think it will help you sort your media out with haste.

about a year and a half ago

Compared to my siblings ...

shakezula Lets see... (178 comments)

I've got a sister who's a MSW, she waits tables at a place called the "Haunted Hamburger."

I've got a sister who's got a BS degree in "Landscape Engineering," she bakes bread for a living.

I've got a sister who's got a BS in Geology and was recently making serious cheddar but the mine closed, so she decided to have a baby and is is out for the duration.

I've got a brother who's a welder, owns some cows, and fancies himself a rancher in progress.

Finally, I've got a brother who thinks that education is something the "man" uses to keep you down.

As for me? Associates degree in business, bachelors degree in general studies in another 18 credits (been doing it in my 'spare' time) and the only one of the lot to have a long-term career, I've been doing computers for 18+ years now. From my experience, the degree doesn't do much but get you in the door for the interview in IT...90% of what I know by heart came from doing it and being a nerd, the other 10% can be determined via Google.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: The Search For the Ultimate Engineer's Pen

shakezula Re:Zebra (712 comments)

I will second Zebra's line, suprised to have read down this far to find someone recommending them. I personally like the Telescopic, but the Sarasa's are insanely nice with their gel-ink.

about 2 years ago

CodeWeavers Announces Flock the Vote Software Giveaway

shakezula Thanks Codeweavers! (97 comments)

I say this is great! As a current paying user of Crossover Linux and Mac, I'll be happy to have a year's extension for free. Crazy that my Lame Duck version of Crossover 7 Linux is now nearly 8 years old--its still in use on a couple older kiosk-style Linux PCs at work in our breakroom to run Word for the interns to make resumes on. I primarily use Office on my Linux version, and my wife plays "Hidden Object Games" in our Mac version!

about 2 years ago

PS3 Encryption Keys Leaked

shakezula Re:A Windows PC? (284 comments)

I'm running Windows 8 on a Core2Duo as an HTPC, upgraded from Windows 7. All of my games installed via the Games For Windows Store, Steam, and direct installs from DVD (Diablo III, I'm looking at you) work flawlessly. Also, I output via HDMI to a 46" Sony Wega in 720p with no issues aside from once and awhile I have to log out and back in to get the audio to wake up over HDMI (yea, my TV is ancient I'm behind the times).

about 2 years ago

Free Online Education Unwelcome In Minnesota

shakezula MECC (240 comments)

I read "Minnesota," (and MOOC) and instantly had flashbacks to grade school, Apple-II, and Oregon Trail. Here's hoping no one contracts dysentery.

about 2 years ago

$3,000 Tata Nano Car Coming To US

shakezula Re:Good (658 comments)

I too scoffed at the clunker's program and continue to drive an 85 Bronco II, its got 180K on it and never had anything more than routine things done to it. Its a serious beater, but I average about 18mpg in it and it has a real truck underneath (Ranger) with decent 4x4 capability. Plus its like $140 a year to insure. I rue the day that it will eventually pass-on, but even then I'll get $250 to recycle its steel at the local recycler!

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Distros Have You Used, In What Order?

shakezula From the top... (867 comments)

I'm only counting distros I actually used for more than a day or two, and yes I'm counting all *nix's, not just Linux...

In order since 1999 (when I discovered Linux):

Redhat 5.x, Redhat 6.x, CalderaLinux (loved the Novell Client built in), Various Fedora/FedoraCore's, Solaris 10, Solaris Express, OpenSolaris, Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 10.04, Debian Etch, Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Squeeze.

There were a few years (2004-2009) that I really liked and used Solaris quite a bit, but it lost me when the whole Oracle purchase went through. Fedora lost me when Ubuntu came along, and likewise, Ubuntu has recently started losing me to Debian. I like to think Debian's got the right mix of what I'm looking for (I'm posting this using Squeeze) and don't plan to leave anytime soon! Slow is fine with me, I want it to WORK and Debian does a good job of that!

about 2 years ago

Verizon-Branded iPhone 5 Ships Unlocked, Works With Other Networks

shakezula Re:Unlocked or useful? (100 comments)

Oh damn, I meant iPhone 5, obviously.

about 2 years ago

Verizon-Branded iPhone 5 Ships Unlocked, Works With Other Networks

shakezula Re:Unlocked or useful? (100 comments)

Exactly what I was thinking--does the iPhone 4 have a CDMA and GSM radio in it?? That'd be a boost to its already ridiculous market domination...and might make me consider one when my current Android gives up the ghost...

about 2 years ago


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