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NVIDIAs 64-bit Tegra K1: The Ghost of Transmeta Rides Again, Out of Order

shanipribadi Re:special 128MB buffer of main memory? (125 comments)

2 GiB = 2 * 2 ^ 30 Byte
128 MB = 128 * 10^6 Byte
2 GiB - 128 MB = 2019483648 Byte;
2019483648 Byte > 2GB

Who's the stupid fucker now?

about 5 months ago

The Supreme Court Doesn't Understand Software

shanipribadi Re:Why not patent compression algorithm? (263 comments)

The question should never have been "why shouldn't they be able to patent it", it should always be "why should they be able to patent it". The fact is that a patent is granted at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few, so there should always be a damn good reason for something to be granted as a patent.

about 7 months ago

GM Loses Money On Every Volt Built

shanipribadi If we care about GM, we'd stop buying them (471 comments)

If we care about GM, then we should not buy Volt from them. Every Volt we buy causes GM to lose money, so if we don't buy any Volt (boycott them) then GM won't lose any money, hence a nett positive for them. Yay on a more serious note, I don't see why GM would market a car that causes them to lose money. How can they recoup their investment? From selling battery replacement or services? anyone care to explain?

more than 4 years ago


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