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Nokia Leaks Phone With Full GNU/Linux Distribution

shank001 Re:woohoo! (621 comments)

Spoken like someone without a girlfriend.

This is /. We don't have girlfriends, so we don't know.

more than 5 years ago

Nokia Leaks Phone With Full GNU/Linux Distribution

shank001 Re:Shell apps? (621 comments)

I've been thinking about one of these new Linux phones for my next upgrade. What kind of access does one have to the shell? Can one using an ssh client? How does one transfer data to a Linux workstation? Can one install more shell apps (e.g. ipcalc, tdl and remind)?

Just buy yourself the Openmoko (http://www.openmoko.com). Install debian on it; and you can do whatever-the-hell-you-want-to!

more than 5 years ago

CentOS Project Administrator Goes AWOL

shank001 Re:More background info at ... (492 comments)

You can read a bit more there what has happened.

You are new here aren't you?

more than 5 years ago

Openmoko Phone Not Dead After All

shank001 Re:Interesting idea.... (101 comments)

I like the idea but everything I have read about the product says it is a lousy phone. And if it can't do that basic function well it doesn't matter what other neat things it can do, whether it is open software, open hardware, whatever. A phone that sucks is no sale.

Well the point is that this phone is a developer version. It was never meant to be used by your six-pack-joe. The phone does have great hardware (GSM (2G only), GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, et al). The problem is the software stack. And this is where free software developers kick-in. The OM2008.12 distribution is good enough that makes the FreeRunner a basic phone. SHR is another distribution that's looking good. Andriod port for FR looks more and more promising by each passing week. Then there is the paroli begin developed by OM, that's written in python and I hear it's looking good too. Just give it some more time, and the software stack will start looking kick-ass!

more than 5 years ago

Apple Awarded Patent For iPhone Interface

shank001 Re:Scrolling patent... (449 comments)

'A computer-implemented method for use in conjunction with a computing device with a touch screen display comprises: detecting one or more finger contacts with the touch screen display, applying one or more heuristics to the one or more finger contacts to determine a command for the device, and processing the command.

So in plain english he is saying is:

I've developed a program which will know where you touch on a touch-screen(which is basically a touch-screen-driver). Didn't we have this in the linux before? This can be considered Prior Art right?

Let me elaborate:

a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a one-dimensional vertical screen scrolling command,

Implies that you can have vertical scroll. (Openmoko has this. You can do a vertical scroll on the home page)

a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a two-dimensional screen translation command

Which is basically like the HTC Diamond Touch doing effects like compiz.

a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a command to transition from displaying a respective item in a set of items to displaying a next item in the set of items.

Which says that you have a gesture to go to the next item. (again Openmoko already has this. The illume keyboard changes the keyboard format on slide)

When most of the code is out there, how can this patent be granted!

about 6 years ago

Future of Compiz Uncertain

shank001 Compiz Fusion?? (1 comments)

Comment from a Compiz user from http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/compiz/2008-December/003238.html

"Dramatically ugly, unusable, slow, badly animated and unconsistent. Open source development without a serious, expert mantainers can result in chaotic grouth of the project and waste of human resources into pointless code. The Compiz-Fusion project is certainly the most representative example of all this"

This, I think, really sums up the state that this project is in.

about 6 years ago

Australian State May Give Students Linux Laptops

shank001 Re:You are REALLY underestimating them. (302 comments)

> It's not like we are asking them to use LaTeX.


Who said that \LaTex was difficult to use?
%It's so much fun!

more than 6 years ago


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