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Bad Guys Use Open Source, Too

sharph Re:Title (84 comments)

I fixed this sentence:

According to this report from Seculert Research the makers of Citadel, a variant of the Zeus Trojan, are using open source models to hone their code and make the Trojan more dangerous.

The original sentence made it out to sound like Seculert Research were the makers of Citidel, and a variant of the Zeus Trojam was using open source models.

more than 2 years ago

Why Computer Voices Are Mostly Female

sharph NYC Subway (276 comments)

One day I had the interesting observation on the New York Subway that the recorded voices with informational statements were female, and the statements asking the passenger to do something ("Please stand clear of the door") were all male.

about 3 years ago

A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Use Computers

sharph Re:That would be a Steiner/Waldorf School? (333 comments)

I went to a Waldorf preschool as a kid. They are nutty. I was an early reader which was something the school wasn't too happy with. I also really liked technology at a young age, which was also discouraged. I remember going to friends houses and having computer games, electric guitar, etc, be a taboo, even though all the kids were doing those things.

And yeah, besides educational practices, there's a certain amount of psuedoscience and woo, for example the belief that the phase of the moon determines a good time to plant crops. (See biodynamic farming.)

about 3 years ago

Ciphire, A Transparent, Easy PGP Alternative

sharph Re:NOT Free, NOT Open (345 comments)

Yeah. If their software isn't free (as in freedom) from the start, they obviously know nothing about open source.

more than 9 years ago


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