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Hypersonic Radio Black-Out Problem Solved

shdragon Re:No, they haven't. (88 comments)

Thanks for the Voyager transmitter link info...that was a really interesting read.


about 4 years ago

Big Changes Planned For The Force Unleashed 2

shdragon Re:Major fixes (100 comments)

It sounds like they are trying to fix my most hated part of the game, the combat system. I loved the look and feel of the game but the combat system made me give up near the end. Surprisingly even though I hated it so much, pulling a Star Destroyer out of the sky was a novel and creative (if poorly implemented) idea.

I read an interview with the devs in Game Informer where they admit that the on-screen instructions for pulling the Start Destroyer are wrong, hence the "it takes 20 minutes to beat the level". Poor QA but I still loved the game.

more than 4 years ago

SQL Injection Attack Claims 132,000+

shdragon 132,000 hits on Google 132,000 infections (186 comments)

I must disagree with the way they calculated infections. Counting the number of times something comes up on Google does not equal the number of infections.

more than 5 years ago

Columnist Fired For Reviewing Pirated Movie

shdragon Re:ha ha (466 comments)

Sorry, but I must disagree with you. The distribution of the movie is the illegal act. Downloading it is not illegal since he did not redistribute it. Copyright is about distribution not consumption. Was it an unprofessional and asshat move to review an 0mG 1337tZ pr3-r3le4se movie? Yes. Did he violate the law? No.

more than 5 years ago

How Does a 9/80 Work Schedule Work Out?

shdragon Re:Trade-offs of a 9/80 work week (1055 comments)

Why does it matter which of the Fridays you get paid on? As long as ((money in) >= (money out)) over any reasonable length of time greater than two weeks, shouldn't it all come out the same at the end?

It's not a function of payables vs. receivables. It's a function of happiness. Seeing more money in your account than the day before should make one happy. ;)

about 6 years ago

How Does a 9/80 Work Schedule Work Out?

shdragon Trade-offs of a 9/80 work week (1055 comments)

The company I work for just switched to a 9/80 a few months ago. We're a little different since we have a schedule A and a schedule B, so only 1/2 the people are at work any given Friday. It's had some ups & downs.

Here's what I see as the positives:
1. Having a 4 day work week every other week rocks!
2. Getting paid on the Friday where I work 5 days makes it all the more bearable.
3. Easier to get chores, errands done since everyone else is at work.
4. I get more work done during the last hour of every 9 hour day than any other hour.

Here's the negatives:
1. It's a PITA to schedule meetings.
2. Sometimes I travel and it seems to always fall on a week where I'm supposed to be off that Friday.
3. Customers are annoyed because they're not on the same schedule and aren't understanding that it won't be until Monday before I get back to them.
4. I feel like I have less time to get work done since every other week I only work 4 days.
5. More free time means I spend more money.
6. Getting to work while it's dark & leaving when it's dark is depressing.

about 6 years ago

Creative Capitalism Gets Microsoft $528M Tax Break

shdragon Re:Wishing for feudalism (545 comments)

Which "scarce natural resources" in particular are we talking about?
Pro-government, pro-taxation arguments that put government needs first inevitably devolve onto government as a religion, and high taxes as its catechism. The end game of that approach is to simply take everything from anybody earning any income or making any kind of transaction; this, of course, is what we used to call feudalism, and chasing that off was one of the side effects of the Enlightenment. The idealists who claim, with a straight face, that this is not so will never tell you just where their plans should end or how much is "fair", just more than is currently being collected. So grows the State, and their mad plans for running things on somebody else's nickel, coin they didn't have to earn.

The scarce natural resources would be land, labor, and entrepreneurial ability. I'm not sure why you've chosen to try and devolve this conversation towards the condescending but it has no place here. I will ignore your rant of a history lesson, but I do not appreciate your ctone and it will stop for this conversation to continue. I have absolutely no problem laying out exactly was I believe is fair in this situation. What's more, it's easily testable. If a reasonable, neutral person were to look at the situation and ask why Company X, which does a similar amount of business in Washington pays Y amount, why does MS get to pay close to nothing? If it's because of some special consideration, is that consideration worth examining further? Are the taxpayers getting a raw deal? Is it so that MS stock holders can get a bigger return?

more than 6 years ago


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New sig

shdragon shdragon writes  |  about 9 years ago

I got a new quote to put in my sig. This is just to give official recognition to the original poster, LordMyren.

You want a philosophical underpinning? the purpose is not to overthrow Goliath. we dont care about the economics; we just want to be able to hack great stuff.

- LordMyren

original post


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