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Running a Linux Live KDE Desktop In 210MB

sheeryjay Re:Correct name (106 comments)

I did not check my preview correctly. So it seems that slashdot eats some unicode characters like S with V accent, E with V accent etc. Pretty sad. Anyway in that case closest we can get correct is to throw away all accents and just use "Tomas Matejicek"

about 2 years ago

Running a Linux Live KDE Desktop In 210MB

sheeryjay Correct name (106 comments)

Perhaps someone could fix author's name in summary to "Tomá Matjíek" which is much more correct? That being said, I think Slax really is good live distro enabling user to customize it greatly, build and download customized versions (want localization to language XY? want wine? Do not want wine? Slax got it all - or will get once the modules are finished for 7.0 version).

about 2 years ago


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