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Meet Carla Shroder's New Favorite GUI-Textmode Hybrid Shell, Xiki

shellster_dude Too many security issues. (176 comments)

The command placement and directory browsing is cool, but I don't want any command line that accidentally runs things when I click on them. I don't want any command line that tries to interpret my input as multiple scripting languages. Both of those sound like a security disaster.

about 3 months ago

Rising Sea Levels Uncover Japanese War Dead In Marshall Islands

shellster_dude Example one... (182 comments)

This is the reason we can't have a real conversation about Global Warming. It is a fact that islands sink. Little islands are commonly sinking slowly back into the ocean. This is long established, proved, and accepted. Erosion near cost lines is also well understood and a likely explanation. However, a bunch of "journalists" are using this story to promote Global Warming without ever even mentioning the most likely explanation. The resulting story gets promulgated across the internet because if fits a theme, that is popular and the media likes. This is simply unacceptable from a side that likes to claim "science" at every turn.

about 3 months ago

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Ban On Affirmative Action In College Admissions

shellster_dude Numbers? (410 comments)

"Civil rights groups dispute those figures and say other states have seen fewer African-American and Hispanic students attending highly competitive schools, especially in graduate level fields like law, medicine, and science."

I'm sure that is all about racism, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with whole "minority" thing, and there being less of them as a percentage of the population...

about 5 months ago

Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

shellster_dude Re:Rewarding the bullies... (798 comments)

Why schools? Because no one can shoot back. There are giant signs advertising that no one is armed.

about 4 months ago

Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

shellster_dude Lobbying aside (423 comments)

On the one hand, filing Return-free filing would be a nice option...on the other, I like that people have to take the time to notice how much money Uncle Sam is taking.

about 5 months ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

shellster_dude Re:Low even for Slashdot (313 comments)

I see so you want the policy to be in place so that you can be outraged that it happened instead of preventing it from happening.

Nice slippery slope fallacy. You're 0 for 2. Care to try again?

about 5 months ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

shellster_dude Re:Low even for Slashdot (313 comments)

Nice try,

Facebook changing THEIR privacy policy directly affects users. The outcry is justified and has nothing to do with the politics of their CEO or board. This issue is entirely different. People are calling for boycotts and pressure because a perfectly capable board member used to work for the Bush administration which started a wiretapping program. It has NOTHING to do with what she personally has done nor what she has done as a board member of the Dropbox company.

Thanks for playing, next time try using your head...

about 5 months ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

shellster_dude Low even for Slashdot (313 comments)

Let's quit pretending this is anything but an attempt to force her out because she is/was a Republican.

If she were a Democrat, the article would talk about the racist/sexist Republicans that were trying to force her out.

The Democrats have only enhanced the spying and wiretapping, but you don't get outcry's about the likes of Facebook the Zuckerberg's of the world who are huge Democrat donors.

I love to see that "tolerance" the left is famous for.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

shellster_dude First, XFCE (452 comments)

First, I'd recommend going with XFCE for your desktop. It's simple, looks kinda like windows and doesn't change looks constantly with each release.

If you are going to be managing these things, you might want to go with some sort of thinclient architecture with a beefy server, serving the old ex-XP boxes. This will reduce the configuration hassle long term, and make those crappy XP boxes seem pretty snappy. The downside, and it can be a doozy, if the server goes down or the networking is lousy, no one will be able to work.

about 5 months ago
top Ends Free Dynamic DNS

shellster_dude (242 comments)

I use They provide great, free service, and I don't have to constantly "renew" the service.

about 5 months ago

MIT Researchers Create Platform To Build Secure Web Apps That Never Leak Data

shellster_dude Seriously? RTFM (90 comments)

Am I the only one who read the read the article?

The Mylar system supports searching of the encrypted data and encryption with multiple, separate keys allowing multiple users to have access to specific records without requiring any key sharing.

The server can operate in a completely compromised fashion (in theory), as the data is all encrypted on the client side, before it goes to the server, and the server will never have the plaintext or the key to decrypt the ciphertext.

They seems to be operating under the assumption that it is much harder to compromise all the clients than a single server...unfortunately I don't think that claim holds up as there is nothing to prevent compromise of the clients if the server is compromised, via simple XSS-like attacks, which will be trivial since it will be same-origin.

IMHO, the only way to make something like this really work, would be hardened browser clients, with special encryption APIs which cannot be directly accessed by code that the server can inject (NOT JavaScript).

about 6 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

shellster_dude Not useful (914 comments)

The foremost point of prison is to keep bad individuals where they can't harm the general populace, and to punish them for their actions, with the hope that they will correct their behavior.

Using a time dilation drug does in lieu of actual time served does nothing to help keep them off the street.
Using a time dilation drug as well as a normal sentence amounts to psychological torture or near torture, and won't help with any corrective process which might have prevented repeat offense.

Bottom line: drugs like this have no place in or penal system, regardless of the ethical ramifications of using them on prisoners.

about 6 months ago

Weak Apple PRNG Threatens iOS Exploit Mitigations

shellster_dude Understanding PRNG (143 comments)

When cryptographers say that a PRNG is deterministic (in a bad sense), they usually mean it violates one of the following rules (or similar):

1) It should be realistically impossible for an outsider to determine or guess all the values that constitute a seed.
2) No matter how much of the "random stream" an attacker has seen, they should not be able to realistically determine the next value in the stream (without all the sources of entropy throughout the process).
3) Given the initial seed, an attacker should not be able to determine the random value at a point in the future because that value should constantly be affected by both new "entropy" inputs including the number of times, size, and amount of random data previously requested.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

shellster_dude Cyber Security Analyst here... (572 comments)

My company does it, and it isn't for malicious reasons of spying on their users. It is done so that IDS and IPS can actually detect malware downloads and C2 communication over SSL. I suspect that's the primary reason most other companies do it as well. If they don't the company can't adequately detect or remediation most modern malware.

Detection of exploit kits via HTTP monitoring is one of our primary indicators of compromise, so this information is vital.

about 6 months ago

Why Your Phone Gets OTA Updates But Your Car Doesn't

shellster_dude A hybrid approach (305 comments)

A lot of people don't trust their car manufacturer to be in charge of firmware pushes. That makes perfect sense. Maybe the best approach, would be utilizing special software on existing smartphone platforms. This solves many issues at once. Car owners don't have to worry about their car "phoning home" or the dealer pushing "fixes" without their knowledge, while simultaneously giving the car owner, and the dealer the advantages of a remote software update. If you want it, you can install the dealer's smart app, and hook your phone up to your car for an update.

There are, of course, new issues. You need to properly sign and validate your updates, to make sure they are delivered to the cars uncorrupted, in the correct format, and that no one else can use the functionality to hack the car.

about 7 months ago

Routers Pose Biggest Security Threat To Home Networks

shellster_dude Re:Custom Router (264 comments)

Yes...just like when your router goes down, you loose internet...

about 7 months ago

Routers Pose Biggest Security Threat To Home Networks

shellster_dude Custom Router (264 comments)

After I found that my ASUS RT-15U was running telnet with a default password, open to the world which I couldn't kill or change the password on, I swore of embedded device routers.

I have replaced it with a small Debian box with dual NICS, and bought a 24port switch from TPLINK. It was the best decision I have ever made. Perfect reliability, complete control, via IPTABLES. I've got auto blocking of malicious ips trying to hit my ssh or port scanning me via DenyHosts and PSAD.

A couple other custom scripts and DNSMASQ, dhclient, snort, and python, and I have all the other services and features I want, and ONLY the services and features I want.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are Linux Desktop Users More Pragmatic Now Or Is It Inertia?

shellster_dude The Pragmatic vs Tweaking war rages on (503 comments)

I always end up going back to a customized XFCE, but about every 6 months, I decide to try something else, and usually end up wiping my system and reinstalling before I'm done.

My wife has a mildly customized XFCE setup, and she loves it. It almost never gets changed or tweaked.

about 7 months ago



Dealing with spambots by way of sandbox

shellster_dude shellster_dude writes  |  about 2 years ago

shellster_dude (1261444) writes "Slashdot is certainly no stranger to the problem of spam bots. While blocking a spam bot may seem like the best solution, it is likely that the spammer will simply re-register with a different name. While trying to solve this dilemma on my own forums, I had an epiphany. What if, instead of blocking a spam bot, I could mark a spammer, and then hide all their comments from everyone else? The spammer could continue to go their marry way, spamming to their heart's content. When they visit the forum, they see their spam comments correctly placed in the threads, but their comments would only be visible to them. Thus, an effective sandbox which would prevent them from registering a new user once they had been "blocked".

Are any other slashdotters familiar with this technique? Does any software currently use this technique?"


shellster_dude has no journal entries.

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