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Dark Matter Hinted at Again at Cresst Experiment

shelterpaw I have proof of dark matter (80 comments)

I consistently see it every night after a drinking binge.

about 3 years ago

Jerry Brown Confiscates 48,000 Cell Phones

shelterpaw Re:Cool - a fiscal conservative (738 comments)

I have no idea what your acronym means and don't care, but the video speaks for itself. YouTube just hosts the video and source is the local news outlet, but apparently you couldn't figure that out.

more than 3 years ago

New MacBook Pros To Sport Light Peak Technology

shelterpaw Re:Fantastic (356 comments)

Not if intel has anything to say about it and remember that Apple was the first to adopt USB and Intel is partnering with Apple on this one, so I doubt it'll go the way of firewire. FireWire would have been much better than HDMI in the home audio word. Now we all live in HDMI hell.

more than 3 years ago

Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Embarrass Those Who Owe

shelterpaw Ah debt collectors (266 comments)

I remember getting a call from a collector looking for payment on a mortgage for an house in San Francisco. I didn't know I had a house and San Francisco, so I guess it was good news and bad news.

more than 3 years ago

The World's Smallest Legible Font

shelterpaw Re:My attempts (280 comments)

Your font is definitely more legible and smaller. You just guaranteed that no legal organization, car, drug or any other company will use it in their fine print, it's too legible, I'm sorry.

more than 3 years ago

Can Windows, OS X and Fedora All Work Together?

shelterpaw Macro's (375 comments)

If anyone in your company has spreadsheets full of macro's that auto update and provide other functionality, how are you going to replace that? OO.o is fine for general office stuff, but you just don't have the macro support you have in MS Office. Also, does your company use a lot of templates? Will they import into OO.o properly? Are you going to setup everyone installation in your office to have OO.o save in MS standard format for your users who will be working with other companies and might be clueless how to change the default document type?

I'd like to go to Ubuntu full time, but I can't because of certain applications like Abelton Live and Adobe Suite. I'm on OS X and I have VirtualBox to run XP so I can use a program that works with MS office because their's no alternative. I don't use it that often, but I have to have it to do certain things. I could do the same in Ubuntu, but then I can't run Abelton Live or Adobe Suite in a manner that's acceptable and that's just not going to happen. And don't mention wine because even though I think it's a great concept, it's just not reliable enough.

more than 3 years ago

Cook's Magazine Claims Web Is Public Domain

shelterpaw Re:It's not what they did as much (565 comments)

Personal attacks are bad and certainly don't do anything to drive the point home. That being said, whenever you see someone treated this way, it's hard to not let your emotions get the better of you, not that I'm excusing that behavior.

Regardless of what the editor thought was legal or not her comments were freshmen and she should be terminated or replaced and demoted.

more than 3 years ago

Cook's Magazine Claims Web Is Public Domain

shelterpaw It's not what they did as much (565 comments)

as how they responded. They were rude and insulting and she just asked for a donation to a local college. To respond in the way they did anyone would be upset and, out of principal, take legal action. They could have just said, sure we'll make the $130 donation and be happy, but they had to insult her instead. The magazine should donate 10 times the amount and fire the editor.

more than 3 years ago

W3C Says IE9 Is Currently the Most HTML5 Compatible Browser

shelterpaw Re:Not suprising (382 comments)

It wouldn't make a difference to me I guess since they always smash the contents of whatever I ship.

USPS == Universally Superior Package Smashers

more than 3 years ago

W3C Says IE9 Is Currently the Most HTML5 Compatible Browser

shelterpaw Re:Posting from IE8... (382 comments)

yeah... but their asynchronous commets are super flakey. It's either too slow or doesn't work.

more than 3 years ago

Has Christopher Nolan Turned the 3D Argument?

shelterpaw unwinnable (381 comments)

2d/3d, no one will win an argument on a people's preference. For me, I don't mind 3D as long as I don't have to wear glasses. Having something stuck on my face through a move is not my idea of fun. I saw Avatar in 3d in an IMAX theater and it was neat, but the glasses bothered me and I wanted to take them off several times. I don't like any glasses wether they're sunglasses, prescription or 3d. So if you're going to force people to watch these movies, you're going to alienate some viewers. Just make them in 2d and 3d.

more than 3 years ago

Why Mozilla Needs To Pick a New Fight

shelterpaw Re:office suite? (351 comments)

Nothing... Just think about LibreOffice is the future of OO.o

more than 3 years ago

The Case For Apple Buying Facebook

shelterpaw Facebook (255 comments)

That would be a surprise and I think it's highly doubtful. I would imagine Adobe would be a more likely target or perhaps some more hardware companies.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Exec Stashed $150,000 In Shoe Boxes

shelterpaw Re:Mattress! (345 comments)

If we could only stuff the Fed in a shoebox.

about 4 years ago

Global Warming 'Undeniable,' Report Says

shelterpaw Re:Two Different Thoughts (1657 comments)

I agree with you. However, I recall a few months ago reading that we're about to head into global cooling.

I do not doubt humans contribute, but volcanos and natural disasters (ie lightening fires) cause a lot more. What I don't agree with is government telling us that we must change and how we'll do it and if we don't they'll tax us etc. I don't know anyone, regardless of global warming, that doesn't want cheap clean energy and I don't know anyone who is willing to give up oil and pay more just to make a minute difference.

Private industry is working on a plethora of solutions and the government should stay the fuck away and let the people figure out the best solution. I certainly don't wan to drive through the hills of California and see windmill farms, they're ugly as all hell. I also don't want to cruise through the desert and see fields of solar panels or oil rigs. If it wasn't for the 60's hippies, we'd have more clean nuclear power like France. So you fucking liberals should keep finding what's polluting, but don't stop the private sector from coming up with solutions. In other words, stop trying to pass your tyrannical laws the inhibit growth and ingenuity and spend your time working on a real practical solutions. One that doesn't require a lot of handle holding or dirty people sitting in a circle singing kumbaya.

more than 4 years ago

Carnegie Researchers Say Geotech Can't Cure Ocean Acidification

shelterpaw Just (248 comments)

let nature take it's course!!!

more than 5 years ago



Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

shelterpaw shelterpaw writes  |  more than 6 years ago

shelterpaw (959576) writes "Comcast seems to be getting a bit scary with their internet policies and practices. They don't disclose what they block and do not block when you sign up, unless it's buried in the fine print. Not only are they limiting traffic for bit torrent, but they limit it for VPN's unless you pay them $100 a month.

From the Article: Article Link "NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally."

"My concern is the precedent. In the past, when people got an ISP connection, they were getting a connection to the Internet. The only determination was price and bandwidth. Now they're going to have to make much more complicated decisions such as price, bandwidth, and what services I can get over the Internet." said Watson.

Several companies have sprung up that rely on peer-to-peer technology, including BitTorrent Inc., founded by the creator of the BitTorrent software (which exists in several versions freely distributed by different groups and companies).

Topolski agrees that Comcast has a right to manage its network and slow down traffic that affects other subscribers, but disapproves of their method.

"By Comcast not acknowledging that they do this at all, there's no way to report any problems with it," Topolski said.

— I've noticed this in the Bay Area and where I live I'm stuck with Comcast. It's frustrating and irritating, and to be honest it's a bit scary to think that these companies may one day control all that you see and hear on the web. I think the money used to develop these technologies could have been better spent on improving the networks and bandwidth. What say you? Article Link"

Link to Original Source


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