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3D Realms Sued Over Failed Duke Nukem Forever Plans

shineyboy This isn't as cut and dry as you think. (180 comments)

What most people don't realize is that Take 2 NEVER paid 3D Realms directly for development on DNF. 3D Realms self-funded ALL 12 years of development. The money they're suing them for was for publishing rights purchased from GT Interactive and Infogrames several years ago. This is completely separate from 3D Realms.

Most people assume this is a typical publisher-developer relationship, but it's not. Take2 doesn't own the rights to the game or any of the content in it... only the rights to publish it whenever it's done. 3D Realms ran out of money, asked them for some, were denied, and had to close down for lack of funds and all their employees are now looking for new employment in a horrific economy.

It's a shame 3DR couldn't have gotten it together sooner.

more than 5 years ago

What Are The Best Free Games Online?

shineyboy NCsoft's Dungeon Runners (389 comments)

[Disclaimer: I work on this game. Not a marketing shill, I just make art for it and actually enjoy playing the game for free.]

Dungeon Runners is a totally goofball free-to-play casual MMORPG for people that don't have 8 hours a night to devote to WOW raids. :) It's designed to be fun to play in 15 to 30 minute chunks if that's all you have. There's an optional $5/mo subscription for stacking potions, a bank and premium items, but all the actual world content and dungeons is available to everybody. We have a large amount of free players that enjoy it without ever paying a dime.

more than 6 years ago


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