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Filtered, Minimal-DRM, Indie Game Service Enters Beta

shinyloot shinyloot writes  |  about 2 years ago

shinyloot (2811249) writes "Shiny Loot, a new distribution platform primarily focused on indie titles, has entered beta today. The core of the platform is the ability to search and filter over 100 parameters to find new games with minimal to no DRM. The service caters to PC, Mac, and Linux gamers and has 200 titles available for purchase at this time."
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Improving How Gamers Find New Indie Games

shinyloot shinyloot writes  |  about 2 years ago

shinyloot writes "Shiny Loot, a soon-to-launch Austin based digital distribution site offers a new alternative to finding, researching, and purchasing games. With a focus on working with independent developers, games at Shiny Loot list up to four unique traits which can be cross referenced with genres and setting, providing over a hundred individual options for the user.

To complement a customer centric approach built around filters and traits, Shiny Loot provides a marketplace with minimal DRM. Outside of simple key validation, no other DRM is set to accompany titles found on Shiny Loot. Publishers with a strong commitment to that mentality, many of which are independent developers, are the core of Shiny Loot's launch base.

The company will undergo a closed registration beta test on January 29, 2013. The site will be fully functional, including purchase, but limited by access codes distributed through specific partners."

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