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CryptoCat Developer Questioned At US-Canadian Border

shogun Re:Interrogation probably just a delaying tactic (271 comments)

If they think he's carrying around a simple solution to breaking AES256 in a timely manner maybe they did fail the minesweeper cert after all..

more than 2 years ago

Coming To a War Near You: Nuclear Powered Drones

shogun Already been done (202 comments)

This has been done already, check out the (slightly environmentally unfriendly) Project Pluto.

more than 2 years ago

US Appeals Court Upholds Suspect's Right To Refuse Decryption

shogun Re:But how do you know if you know? (358 comments)

This can consist of a DA saying, "This guy possesses child porn. Here are some pictures exactly like the ones that we suspect are on his hard drive." Jury sees those, convicts.

DA then arrested for possession and distribution of CP?....

more than 2 years ago

Civil Suit Filed, Involving the Time Zone Database

shogun Re:So now what... (433 comments)

Except it can't be *UTC* anything as UTC wouldn't exist..

more than 2 years ago

Chinese Want To Capture an Asteroid

shogun Re:Even Chinese must obey laws... (481 comments)

of Orbital Mechanics. Physics, too... when convenient.

  1. Let's start with the mass of this asteroid, so we can determine the VAST amount of energy it will take to "nudge it." Recall that the 365-foot Saturn V pushed a capsule the size of a VW Bug.

Simple, park a few solar powered ion thrusters on the asteroid, turn them on in the required direction(s) and leave them going for for however long it takes to adjust the orbit enough....

about 3 years ago

Space Station To Be Deorbited After 2020

shogun Re:"Russia and its partners"?! (572 comments)

We could send it to mars, attach a VASIMIR Ion Thruster which pushes at about ~5000 mN against the 420,000kg mass of the ISS at an acceleration of about 1.1 * 10^-5 m/s^2. Might take about 16 years to get the delta V to get to low Mars orbit, but it will do it eventually...

more than 3 years ago

Katamari Hack For Chrome (and Compatible Browsers)

shogun Re:Safari (75 comments)

Ok I spoke to quickly, it just kills the visibility of the katamari, you can still play and everything thats stuck to it is still visible (until shot as well)..

more than 3 years ago

Katamari Hack For Chrome (and Compatible Browsers)

shogun Re:Safari (75 comments)

You can play both at once but it gets boring quickly when you kill the katamari with the asteroids spaceship gun and just have the music playing against a game of asteroids...

more than 3 years ago

Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants

shogun Re:Why the password? (434 comments)


more than 3 years ago

Crowdfund a Moon Monolith Mission?

shogun Diagram incorrectly caption (199 comments)

The article needs a minor correction, the diagram is labelled as showing the front of a monolith but it is clearly a rear view.

more than 3 years ago

Auditors Question TSA's Tech Spending, Security Solutions

shogun Re:Magical thinking (239 comments)

That't right folks. The only people who have fashioned a beverage container bomb is the TSA.

At least its slightly better than the game of catch up they've been playing of late, ie someone fails to blow up a plane with shoes then everyone has to take their shoes off etc etc..

more than 3 years ago

Windows Cluster Hits a Petaflop, But Linux Retains Top-5 Spot

shogun Re:Petaflops per second? (229 comments)

I'm not sure that Google's data centres could qualify as a single super computer with each node solving a different part of the same problem...

World domination isn't a single problem?

more than 3 years ago

Google Engineer Spied On Teen Users

shogun Re:Do No Evil (338 comments)

Damn I should have waited just a little longer to register...

about 4 years ago

Tech Specs Leaked For French Spyware

shogun What only a windows version? (212 comments)

Is there an iPhone version and/or will they jailbreak it for me to get it running?

more than 4 years ago

Tech Specs Leaked For French Spyware

shogun Windows only in France? (212 comments)

Will this run on an iPhone or will they have to jailbreak it for me to run it?

more than 4 years ago

Why You Never Ask the Designers For a Favor

shogun Re:Link to the original (238 comments)

I just came here to correct the link too. Which it looks like its been done already... /redundant

more than 4 years ago



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