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Chrome OS Can Now Run Android Apps With No Porting Required

should_be_linear Re:XBMC (129 comments)

There is Android MX Player, right? As soon as Android apps are running OK, problem of multimedia on ChromeOS is solved.

about a week ago

New US Airstrikes In Iraq Intended to Protect Important Dam

should_be_linear Eurasia vs. oceania (215 comments)

If Saddam was still in power, he would be major american ally in "fighting terrorists". Orwell would laugh his ass out if he lived to this day.

about two weeks ago

Researchers Say Neanderthals Created Cave Art

should_be_linear Elephants can paint too (91 comments)

We know that african elephants are capable of painting beuatifull pictures, so it is quite easy to imagine Neanderthals doing that and much more then that. It seems, that intelligence is not "so special" as we tought. We probably slaughtered Neanderthals, otherwise we could have 2 intelligent species already (and probably many more to come in the coming millions of years).

about two weeks ago

Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

should_be_linear Java? (180 comments)

They basically recreated Java language, minus all libraries already available for Java.

about 2 months ago

HP Unveils 'The Machine,' a New Computer Architecture

should_be_linear New OS? (257 comments)

There is probably major problem in using "it" with Linux, I wonder what the problem is....

about 3 months ago

Group Demonstrates 3,000 Km Electric Car Battery

should_be_linear Public transport (363 comments)

This is great for public transport. Changing units every 3000 Km is non-issue there. Vehicles are in the garage over night anyway...

about 3 months ago

Google Rumored To Be Making 3D-Scanning Tablets

should_be_linear Porn (55 comments)

I would definitely love to see this used in porn, I just don't know how yet...

about 4 months ago

This 1981 BYTE Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad At Tech Predictions

should_be_linear Reason (276 comments)

If we imagine society as noise of randomly colored dots, for example, blue dots can represents people currently connected to Facebook. There are so many blue dots in current society, that highly intelligent person could easily predict this even 20 years ago, right? Well, problem is, this color first appeared couple of years ago, there was no blue color among dots we see *at all*. Breakthrough events that forms society like this comes like explosion, and brings new colors that was never seen before. We can predict and imagine only in colors we know, not in colors we've never seen.

about 5 months ago

Taxis By Algorithm: Streamlining City Transport With Graph Theory

should_be_linear "Dolmush" (72 comments)

In Turkey, I saw even better thing. Idea is this: public transport bus is too slow and awkward: stops are either sparse - lots of walking, or dense - making traveling too slow, and taxi for single person is too expensive (fuel + driver). In Turkey these is this "Dolmush" thing, which is mini-bus, that stops anywhere (like Taxi), costs fix rate (like public transport) and is just practical. It kicks ass of all other forms of public transport *AND* computerized car/taxi sharing.

about 6 months ago

Java 8 Officially Released

should_be_linear Modularity (302 comments)

Person that says "runtime dependencies and interoperability are still a huge problem in Java" clearly never used C/C++ on multiple platforms.

about 6 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

should_be_linear From the courtroom (261 comments)

Valve won this case on the grounds that judge was not able to pronounce "Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband".

about 7 months ago

The "Triple Package" Explains Why Some Cultural Groups Are More Successful

should_be_linear Re:It'll work if you want to suceed (397 comments)

When we (and I can speak only for the Chinese here) fail, we look into ourselves trying to find where we have failed - and in doing so, we mend up our weakness, and turn that failure into a lesson.

OK, fair enough, but from my European perspective, person that (rightfully) blames society for unfair treatment, for example in rich afroamerican pop-culture, is doing "human" thing. Community that "look into ourselves trying to find where we have failed" seems more like colony of ants to me. Maybe this is why unions are strong in Europe, I don't want to "blame myself" all the time, for everything that goes wrong, I am often quite comfortable with blaming those in power, actually.

about 8 months ago

US Geneticist Discusses North Korea Trip With Dennis Rodman

should_be_linear Nazi regime (101 comments)

DPRK is basically Nazi regime. Visiting this crazy fat asshole is equal to friendly visits to Adolf H. in 1938.

about 8 months ago

University Developing Technology To Vote On Your Tablet, Smartphone

should_be_linear Great idea (259 comments)

All hail the ruling party of AT&T

about 8 months ago

YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES

should_be_linear Re:Still 3K$ for a monitor (255 comments)

There is SEIKI and other chinese manufacturers with 4K TVs for $500-$1000. Not sure if difference is big to these $3K monitors for programming work, which is what I care.

about 8 months ago

Graphene-based Nanoantennas Could Allow WLANs of Nanodevices

should_be_linear Ultimate Spying Network (45 comments)

Billions of nanobots spread in the air, capable of audio/video streaming... now that would be "1984" on steroids. Think of NSA being able to look anywhere at any time, live.

about 9 months ago

Sweden Is Closing Many Prisons Due to Lack of Prisoners

should_be_linear Re:Hey California, I have a solution for you (752 comments)

It made some sense to compare civilian to government guns until like 1930. Governments have all those airplanes, hellicopters, NSAs, prisons, so best thing you can do with bare gun against government is to shoot yourself in the head.

about 10 months ago

4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television

should_be_linear Re:Hnnnnnggggg (559 comments)

In some bigger electronics shops, you can see 4K TVs, with some demo 4K recorded loop. I saw 65" and 55" Sony TVs. While smaller (55") is better, but not dramatically over FullHD, difference on 65" is really !!! BIG !!!. Check it yourself.

about a year ago

The Human Brain Project Kicks Off

should_be_linear Re:What will they have in ten years? (251 comments)

People also tried to make smartphones and tablets decades ago, but failed simply because hardware was not capable enough. Nowadays, HW is incredibly powerful, so we might try new things with it.

about a year ago

Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics

should_be_linear Re:Hold up. (600 comments)

Or, that living things, including our brain, transform this (static) funcion to 3D space + time, where things are possible to _predict_, there is enough causality in direction of time arrow, and system is stable enough (conservation of energy works) for life to exist. Most other trasformations probably lead to functions where random things happen, with no causality, or system is unstable (stuff massively pops up everywhere and then evaporates), so it is impossible for (complex at least) life to exist.

about a year ago



World Wide "Chuck Norris" Botnet Found

should_be_linear should_be_linear writes  |  more than 4 years ago

should_be_linear (779431) writes "Czech-Army spokesman today announced they found botnet which already infected many homes and small businesses around the globe. It is extremely difficult to detect or destroy, because it infects modems rather then computers. "Chuck Norris" intercepts sensitive data, like banking accounts. It is assumed that botnet is preparing for massive DDoS attack(s)."
Link to Original Source

Strong Evidence Of Martian Life

should_be_linear should_be_linear writes  |  more than 4 years ago

should_be_linear (779431) writes "New research on meteorite Allen Hills ALH 84001 using advanced High Resolution Electron Microscopy seems to bring strong chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars. From the article: "Sources tell Spaceflight Now that the more detailed data on magnetite crystals and carbonate discs now available largely counter a wide range of opposing theories as to why the finding should not be supported as biological in origin. Now, 13 years after the Martian meteorite life story emerged, the science team finally feels vindicated. Their data shows the meteorite is no smoking gun but is full of evidence that supports the existence of life on the surface of Mars, or in subsurface water pools, early in the planet's history.""
Link to Original Source

Sony Ericsson To Ditch Proprietary Ways

should_be_linear should_be_linear writes  |  more than 4 years ago

should_be_linear (779431) writes "New Sony Ericsson smartphone Xperia X10 may suggest major revamp of way not only Sony Ericsson but Sony Corp. in general is doing business. Basically, all long-standing proprietary stuff are ditched at once: 3,5mm audio jack instead of SE port, microSD card instead of M2, Android instead of Windows Mobile. Unlike any other previous Sony or SE product, as far as I can remember, this phone is following open standards. Perhaps they learned their lesson from rootkit debacle and underwhelming rate of Blu-ray adoption."

Elmarco announced solar cell breakthrough

should_be_linear should_be_linear writes  |  more than 5 years ago

should_be_linear (779431) writes "Nano-technology company Elmarco claims major braketrough in photovotaics with transparent cells capable of "functioning very well also when it is cloudy or even raining". From TFA: "Due to their transparency it would be possible to use the cells, for example, on the windows of buildings, without the need to build complex structures on rooftops,". In article (Google translation) for Czech daily newspaper, company claims mobile phones and laptops can be constantly charged from ambient light."
Link to Original Source

Where is Chrome for Linux?

should_be_linear should_be_linear writes  |  more than 5 years ago

should_be_linear (779431) writes "After many delays of Google Chrome for Linux it seems it is slowly becoming Duke Nukem Forever of Web browsers. It certainly wont feel alone among Windows-only Google desktop applications. Picasa, Google Talk and Google Earth are most visible examples of rather sad state of Google Applications/Linux Desktop relationship. Given that this company built its (entire?) fortune around Linux OS, is established image of geeky "do no evil" company in danger or is it only another sign of economy recession and cutting budgets?"


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