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Who Runs RIAA's Settlement Information Center?

sickspeed6 Re:It is the artists (172 comments)

This is only slightly true. As it turns out, i was recently graced with the excellent opportunity to attend a Q&A with Mitch Glazier the Executive Vice President of Government and Industry Relations and Jonathan Lamy the Senior Vice President of Communications. Right now the RIAA is funding its campaign, in large part, by the money it makes off of the pre-settlement letters and lawsuits that they win. now, if the artist simply said, we take away your rights to all future music, eventually, the RIAA would cease to exist. As a side note, I have never met two more idiotic morons in my life, literally the dumbest people I have ever met, also, slimy...it was like talking to the Lucifer himself, only x2.

more than 6 years ago


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