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Nokia To Release Lumia Case Design Files For 3D Printers

simcop2387 Re:Awesome (129 comments)

The only time this wasn't true was around the release of windows 95. Nobody knew how bad it would be and it had new features compared to 3.1 that were worth wanting at the time.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To React To Coworker Who Says My Code Is Bad?

simcop2387 Re:Old problem (507 comments)

Replying to undo fat fingers

about a year and a half ago

New KScreen Supplies Some Magic For Multi-Monitor Linux Set-Ups

simcop2387 Re:2 or n screens? (183 comments)

The other AC here is likely right. This possibly isn't an issue with KDE but in fact some annoyance with NVIDIA's twinview which actually does assume you only ever have two monitors max.

about a year and a half ago

Multi-Server Microkernel OS Genode 12.11 Can Build Itself

simcop2387 Re:user space drivers (102 comments)

It's usually because it requires the actual talking to the hardware to require a context change from userspace to kernel space on x86 based systems (I suspect the other major archs have similar issues but don't know for certain). This is because userspace is normally protected from touching hardware so that it can't cause side effects to other processes without the kernel knowing about it. A good microkernel should be able to give that access directly to userspace but I don't believe most CPUs play nicely with that idea currently, though if they did it could greatly reduce any performance hits to where it's negligable for most loads.

about 2 years ago

AdTrap Aims To Block All Internet Advertising In Hardware

simcop2387 Re:Countermeasures Deployed (295 comments)

Walmarts in the south (GA mostly) have been doing 88s lately.

about 2 years ago

Patent System Not Broken, Argues IBM's Chief Patent Counsel

simcop2387 Re:Well.... really? (152 comments)

Decade? I think you mean century. IBM for a long time has been one of the largest patent holders around. They've just been far less litigious (AFAIK) about it.

about 2 years ago

Hurricane Sandy Fails To Stop Line For iPad Mini Launch

simcop2387 Re:Register article (103 comments)

Well, i got a full sized tablet, and don't have a phone to tether it to, though I did get a mobile hotspot for it (found one that i can have a plan as low as free for 500mb, up to around 70 for 10gb a month i think it was and quite a few in between)

about 2 years ago

Galileo: Europe's Version of GPS Reaches Key Phase

simcop2387 Re:...Why? (328 comments)

The US also has the ability to disable GPS for certain areas and has in the past degraded the quality of data for national security reasons ( ). Though this has been changing (new satelites don't have it, though really it's just a software update), it puts pressure on other places to put up their own systems that are either compatible or at least non-interferring so that should the US ever do anything like that again, they cannot be impacted by it. It's a bit like MAD but instead of destruction, nobody can ever get degraded service (assuming enough players). This also raises the question of who should pay for it all, since with three systems now going that all work, it could let each place share only a part of the costs (eventually).

about 2 years ago

What's Next For Superhero Movies?

simcop2387 Re:write a new story? (396 comments)

For example, take the recent Avengers movie. It's a typical run-of-the-mill superhero movie - several superheroes (including the Iron Man) band together to save the humanity from strange invaders from the outer space. Could we instead see a movie about the technology beyond the Iron Man's suit being duplicated and mass-produced? After all, the Iron Man is roughly equal in power with the other superheroes in that movie so a battalion of them would have easily kicked invaders' asses.

You missed Iron Man 2. That's roughly what was going on (but the originals still managed to take down the army, same basic plot just different villian).

Such a movie would inevitably have to deal with lots of interesting stuff: the effect on society, governmental structure, place of humanity in the universe, etc. There are superhero movies that attempt to do this, but they are few and far between ("Watchmen" being the only recent one).

Unfortunately they only touched very lightly on that in Iron Man 2, despite doing nearly entirely what you were talking about before. This I think is one of the big problems with these movies at least as far as them being much more than just action for the sake of action.

Another example - science. In most superhero movies scientists are immoral and/or evil. They mostly do experiments on people (usually without consent of the test subjects) that later backfire. Alternatively, scientists along with their backers work on evil world domination schemes. And if a scientist is not evil, then he or she is most likely going to be exposed to their own experiment resulting in them gaining some superpower by accident. Is it such a wonder that science loses popularity in the USA?

There's a few counter examples in this, most notably would be the scientists in the captain america movies, but in the long run a number of the story all of them end up dead (according to the comics, cartoons, etc.). So it's just a slightly different take on the same concept. I've got to agree with you there.

more than 2 years ago

LHC Discovers New Particle That Looks Like the Higgs Boson

simcop2387 Re:Found at 125 GeV (396 comments)

if you think it's disturbing now, realize that the mass that that field gives everything will also bend and twist light like aether was thought to!

more than 2 years ago

XBMC Developers Criticize AMD's Linux Driver

simcop2387 Re:I know the open drivers may not be as good (212 comments)

Not yet, AMD hasn't opened up the specs of the hardware video decoder for fear of DRM and other problems with it. There is work being done to do the decoding with the shader processor and it sort of works for mpeg2 (at least for me anyway) but not for anything more advanced. For the nvidia open source drivers i believe it's the same situation.

more than 2 years ago

US-CERT Discloses Security Flaw In 64-Bit Intel Chips

simcop2387 Re:WTF is csoonline? (181 comments)

The XEN hypervisor can potentially cause all guest systems (even dom0 is a guest under XEN) to get into a problem. Redhat ships a number of products directly under XEN so that may be why they report it.

more than 2 years ago

Study Shows Teen Gamers Like Tech, But Don't All Crave IT Jobs

simcop2387 Re:users vs producers (227 comments)

Actually eating might corrolate decently. It's rare to find a chef that doesn't like to eat.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?

simcop2387 Re:Found happiness elsewhere (818 comments)

It mostly became impracticle to keep around after distros started taking measures to kill HAL after the HAL team had deprecated itself and was trying to move everything away from it. No idea what version was around then of kde4 though I had switched to it a bit before that since the bugs that existed didn't affect me too much and i didn't like gnome then either.

more than 2 years ago

Where Are All the High-Resolution Desktop Displays?

simcop2387 Re:No OS support. (565 comments)

I've actually got an interestingly broken one. It isn't "off" or "on" but only has about 4 states in between instead of the 2^6 that the others have. Certain colors it's overbright, others its overdark. It's very weird to see and play with.

more than 2 years ago

Global Payments Breach Led To Prepaid Card Fraud

simcop2387 Re:Did I miss something here? (50 comments)

I don't know. Getting a bunch of prepaid cards and then using them to get cash back at places doesn't sound like a half bad idea if you can pull it off fast enough to get some money.

more than 2 years ago

Philips Releases 100W-Equivalent LED Bulb, Runs On Just 23 Watts

simcop2387 Re:Warranty? (529 comments)

The problem isn't necessarily the LEDs themselves but how they're hooked up. I'd be surprised if they aren't hooked up with a full wave rectifier or some other support circuitry to get them to output a more stable light, otherwise it'd be like cheap LED christmas lights all over your house.

more than 2 years ago

British MPs Propose Censoring Internet By Default

simcop2387 Re:How does this help? (255 comments)

IPV6 would get you that, IPV6 NAT would get you where you're at today with ipv4, one ip to the isp and outside world and then everything inside has a private address. NAT would make this impossible to do well.

more than 2 years ago

IKEA Announces Furniture With Integrated TV, Speakers, and Blu-ray

simcop2387 Re:Electronics Vs Furniture (163 comments)

That's because you can accesorize them into pink!,default,pg.html

those are just the two i found off the top of google. I'm not sure about laptops, but for phones there's a huge market out there of customizations to make it "you" just like the thousands of others of people who buy the same cover.

more than 2 years ago



Affordable 3D Printer

simcop2387 simcop2387 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

simcop2387 (703011) writes "A new start-up is promising to have RepRap compatible printers in a unique design allowing the printbed to be expanded easily, while still being far simpler and cheaper than previous designs. Made to be put together and up and printing within two hours, compared to days with some of the other RepRap printers. This one promises to be very interesting for the entire community by bringing the cost in time and money down to affordable levels."
Link to Original Source


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