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Segway UK Boss Dies After Driving Off Cliff

simong Segways still don't kill people (413 comments)

Driving them around on sandstone cliffs overlooking a fast flowing river does that. As sad as it is, it's definitely a contender for the Darwin Awards.

more than 4 years ago

AIX On the Desktop Is Getting the Boot

simong IBM have left the desktop (366 comments)

Can't see if this is mentioned anywhere, but IBM got out of the desktop business a few years ago if you recall. ThinkPads are made by Lenovo now, who are a completely different company, based in China.
In addition, yes, AIX is moribund. IBM have abandoned that for z/OS on mainframes and SUSE everywhere else. I worked on a migration to an IBM datacentre a few years ago where, despite the original intention of virtualising SUSE on a z-Series mainframe, we ended with a bunch of p-Series servers running AIX. IBM couldn't even schedule a permanent member of staff to build the machines and had to get a contractor in to install their own OS on their own machines.
Having said that, I knew someone at the time who had a PowerPC ThinkPad, which was a peculiar beast indeed. It ran AIX with CDE but even in 2004 it seemed like an anachronism with very few of the things you needed to make a desktop machine useful: I think OpenOffice 1 had been ported.

more than 6 years ago

UK Outlines Plan For Internet Black Boxes

simong Re:Mod this up (419 comments)

Actually, to be pedantic, the Fujitsu-Siemens that the government deals with is British - it's the stub of what used to be Ferranti, which is why they still have preferred supplier status.

It's entirely correct though. The national identity database project was only started after a study by Schlumberger-Sema (a US-French organisation and yet another IT supplier to uk.gov) confirmed that it was viable. The British government, both the elected and unelected part, seems remarkably naive when gathering advice on matters of IT policy, along the lines of 'do you, Fujitsu Siemens, providers of computer hardware, believe that we need to update (insert government department)'s IT infrastructure?'. The majority of EDS's UK income comes from its government business, despite frequent project overruns and outright failures, and yet it continues to gain work in the public sector. I'm sure it's no different in other countries but the UK seems to be more blatant about it.

more than 6 years ago


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