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Let the Games Be Doped

siphoncolder See: History of Doping in the Tour De France (773 comments)

Left to their own devices, athletes didn't use EPO or other steroids to gain an edge. Athletes used HARD DRUGS and nightly blood transfusions to get ahead. And for a long time, it was just accepted. Everyone knew that athletes did these horrible things to themselves to win - it was the elephant in the room.

The push to stop doping was originally done NOT for "fairness" or because of concerns of cheating; cheating is what it became AFTER the push to stop it. Never forget that this push to stop doping started for their SAFETY; because many athletes, in their competitive fervor, were willing to do ANYTHING to win, and that wasn't right, safe, nor was it what was intended.

Look to the example of Tom Simpson who keeled over & died climbing Mont Ventoux during the 1967 Tour De France to know why we shouldn't let athletes do whatever they want. That guy doped himself up on 2 vials of amphetamines with a 3rd ready to be downed in his jersey pocket (never mind the dieuretics he used to 'weight down'). He was so doped up he didn't know he needed to stop, and literally exhausted himself to death.

Think about that. THAT is the mentality of an athlete who can do whatever he wants. THAT is what an athlete will do. It's not unlike an anorexic's compulsion against food or a bulimic's compulsion to expunge (not to say that they're the same, but only to compare the compulsion aspect).

We should be so lucky to be in a grey area where athletes resort to relatively tame attempts at getting an edge like EPO rather than snorting coke, shooting heroin, downing LSD and having a witch doctor lay hands on them. Because THAT'S HOW IT WAS BEFORE.

Pessimism towards athletic performance only comes from those who are ignorant of history and who fail to empathize with the pressure.

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