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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Firefox Extensions

siyavash Zero Day (208 comments)

Could we please stop using "Zero Day"? It's silly. Doesn't fit /. imho. Or is /. becoming Fox News of IT?

more than 5 years ago

Hollywood Backs Swedish Movie Streaming Site

siyavash Re:Depends on definition of virus, (156 comments)

Long time ago, I realized I can NOT trust ANY application that asks for root/admin access to my system. My solution was to virtualize the crap into its own virtual machine.

RAM is cheap these days, I have 12GB... Perhaps you could do the same. When you want to use that specific application, you just unpause the virtual machine.

I have actually done the same thing with "Internet". "ALL" my "Internet" is inside a virtual machine and my main PC has no Internet access at all.

Just a suggestion.

more than 5 years ago

D&D On Google Wave

siyavash Re:Kinda sounds like (118 comments)

*lol* so true! Couldn't have said it better myself.

more than 5 years ago

Sneak Preview of New OpenOffice 3.2

siyavash XP theme (377 comments)

Windows XP called... it wants its theme back. This thing looks horrible. I gladly pay $100 for "real" Microsft Office, thank you very much. Imagine sitting in front of this crap all day.

more than 5 years ago

Google Wave Reviewed

siyavash Re:Great! (365 comments)

It's the problem of genes, sadly we can not pass knowledge to our children by genes. So things go into cycles. They have to reinvent the wheel all over again and they think it's new... because they don't know enough history.

And I fully agree with everything you say, this is no innovation. I can not understand why not use a thick client either where we have EVERY good tool and developed components which work well... but no, we have to remake those in html+javascript instead, buggy crap... humanity tends to not learn from the past generation too much, hence eventhough we have super fast CPUs... we still have no flying cars.

more than 5 years ago

Eye In the Sky For City Crime Fighting

siyavash It's about fear (389 comments)

When you keep putting fear day in and day out inside peoples' head via propaganda ( which ironically they watch on free will ) then there is no stopping in how survilance stuff they can put around them. People with fear of their own kind will go to great length to strip themselves out of privacy, freedom and liberty.

You shouldn't be shocked or surprised though. It's nothing new, just history repeating itself.

more than 5 years ago

Richard Stallman Says No To Mono

siyavash Re:"M$" (1008 comments)

Sir, I fully agree with you. Slashdot's quality is getting lower and lower each week it seems. :(

more than 5 years ago

Ultra-Thin Laptops To Be Next Intel-AMD Battleground

siyavash Offtopic : Slashdot is unvisitable. (125 comments)

Yeah yeah, totally offtopic but is it just me or is Slashdot becoming some sort of forever beta test like Google stuff? The site is slooooow like a glue and weird bugs all over the place. I'm using latest version of Opera.

more than 5 years ago

Memory Usage of Chrome, Firefox 3.5, et al.

siyavash I got 12GB... (505 comments)

I got 12GB... so who cares? :D oh wait, I use Opera. :]

more than 5 years ago

Download Taxes As a Weapon Against File-Sharing

siyavash Here is more... (451 comments)


The hot char of the menus are always visible.

The taskbar and its glass are right off Windows.

The gadgets to the right are right off Windows.

Look at "Settings" word on the menu, See how "S" and "e" goes almost into each other, what the hell kind of design or font is that?

Look at the buttons, the caption/text of them are all out of place!

The grey Windows... need I say more? Cluttered with off place lines, ugly buttons, ugly everything.

All the fonts and their rendering are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE LOOKING.

The Maximum button icon does not make sense at all, an up arrow? wtf?

Look at that awful awful battery icon! ...The only thing I like is the blue "office" icon on the desktop.

more than 5 years ago

KDE 4.2.4 Released

siyavash A bad copy... (153 comments)

Is it just me or is this a bad copy of many different GUIs? I see these in there : iTunes, OSX, Windows Vista, Windows 7, a little Amiga OS. I don't like it, I don't like it at all. There is a reason Lunix ( I know, I say Lunix to make fanboys angry ) kept its HUGE marketshare ( below 1% ) for the past 15 years and the reason is simple : Copying instead of originality. Call me crazy, people who support this way are all morons.

You will flame me for this. You will mod me down for sure to shut me up but the facts remains and the history speaks for itself. Not even could Lunix take a good share of "Netbooks"' marketshare. The Lunix world is so messy, so unorganized, so unoriginal, so "super elitist" that even when it's free, customers want Windows.

Say what you want, but Windows 7 is an absolute great OS with a really developed and mature GUI. With Windows gettings stable and super secure since the past 2-3 years, what argument ( other than price ) has Lunix left? Not a damn thing!

And price isn't an issue for 90% of the customers, I mean say you upgrade each 3 years ( Windows "normal" cycle ), OEM copy costs around say $100, devide $100 into 3 years and you got the cost of Windows down to what, $3 a month. The question is, ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE? IS THAT THE BEST ARGUMENT THIS COMMUNITY HAVE TO FORCE LUNIX DOWN PEOPLES' THROATS? Oh yeah, very good, you'll save $3 a month! AND most of your hardware won't work, you can't do much gaming either, and forget simplicity. You will have to bow down and litterally beg to the "RTFM noob" community for some small help which usually gets you banned. ( I personally got banned from a #Linux room because I said I work with "closed source" software, go figure. ) and you get to waste hours and hours of your life trying to figure out how to get your printer, webcam work.

On top of that, you get to use old looking poor man's CRAP like Open Office, bloody hell, give me a break. Open your eyes and take a look at that beautiful GUI of Office 2007.

If you can not cough up $3 a month, the cost of Windows is most likely not your biggest issue.

The cost argument is ofcourse just one of them but a valid void one.

Bottom line is, Windows might be a closed source OS but is actually VERY open. VERY organized. GREAT support and GREAT community. 1000000000000s of applications, 100000000000s of games. Secure, Fast, Stable, SIMPLE, Click click click and you are done! You have had your head in the sand for too long, Microsoft DOES actually listen to its customers instead of telling them "RTFM noob". Surely they copy too from time to time but they alter it until it is actually GOOD, they also PAY for it.

You are all fools but don't get me wrong! I love it. I love the way you are and I hope you keep it that way, it'll make sure that Windows dominate the OS market for another 20-30 years to come. By that time, if I am still alive, I'll be retired and won't give a flying fuck about any OS. :)

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Confirms October 22 Release Date For Windows 7

siyavash Re:So? (182 comments)

You should be fired. Seriously. It's dumb fucks like you who answer support calls without knowing jack shit what they are talking about and giving people idiotic answers. Typical support worker mentality. "I work on supporting it, my bread food rent comes from it, but no no, I don't even use it so I don't really know it.".

Damn fool! You should be fired.

more than 5 years ago

Australian Government Backing Down On Censorship

siyavash They are not backing down... (116 comments)

They are not backing down...as the summary sais "...it MAY...". Big difference between "It has" and "It may".

more than 5 years ago

64-Bit Slackware Is Alive

siyavash Re:Wow Slack is still around? (164 comments)

Why won't you just go over to Windows and get over with it? :) Seriously, I'm a Windows fan and love good technical stuff but if you dislike compiling stuff, I don't see a point of sticking to Linux.

more than 5 years ago

Comrade, You Are So Not Getting a Dell

siyavash Re:In Soviet Russia (600 comments)

USA is more "Soviet" than any other country right now. In Soviet States of America, the state gives You free money. Helicopter Ben baby! :)

more than 5 years ago

Collateral Damage as UK Censors Internet Archive

siyavash Re:Free Speech (272 comments)

Yeah. There is this saying... "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it." -Voltaire ...sadly, most people don't think like that.

about 6 years ago

Smart Spam Filtering For Forums and Blogs?

siyavash Re:gmail (183 comments)

"Do not allow registrations with gmail.com email addresses"

That is one of the most stupid things I heard this year.

about 6 years ago


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Be hold, I send you a wolf among your lambs dressed as sheep

siyavash siyavash writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Behold, I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves...er...I mean... Be hold, I send you a wolf among your lambs dressed as sheep... :)

So, here I am. My first entry here. I am a fan of Microsoft. I love Internet Explorer. I hate Linux. You propobly are wondering "What the hell are you doing here then ?"...well, keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer.

Some quick comments to warm up my flamer journal.

I think slashdot.org is one of the most horrible looking sites on the internet. WHY IS IT SO DARN UGLY ?

To be able to get the "l33+" and "geek" status ?

heh, I have news for you all slashdot lamers. A site doesn't have to be ugly in order to get the l33+ status.

I'm not saying that slashdot is a leet site though. It sux. Just look at that bloody ugly top-left menu. What is this ? HEY!!! Mr. webmaster...What were you thinking when creating this site ? propobly..."Let me see if I can make this as ugly as I can"

Anyway, keep an eye on my journal. I will flame Linux ! I will flame Linux "coders"... or shall I say "Code rippers" ?..... HAHA...and I will flame the open source community!

I will show you why you guys are lame. :)

Time for my tea...bbl!

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