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Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

sizzzzlerz Re:Nice Scope (187 comments)

I was going to recommend this as well. There was a very favorable write-up of this telescope in Sky and Telescope several months back. I had planned on ordering one after reading it but it was out-of-stock at the time. Good alternatives would be a good Newtonian scope from any of the reputable companies: Meade, Celestron, or Orion. They all have a good variety of sizes and prices along with the accessories you need: eye pieces, sky charts, etc. Selecting one from any of these options will give you something that should be useful for a long time. Good luck.

about a month ago

Could High Bay-Area Prices Make Sacramento the Next Big Startup Hub?

sizzzzlerz Re:Fake? Sure. Cowards? (190 comments)

Better winters? You ever have to drive in the Tule fog that settles into the valley around December and doesn't lift until March? When its bad, you can't see the lines on the road directly in front of you. You are right about summers, though. Totally brutal.

about 4 months ago

Earthquake Warning Issued For Central Oklahoma

sizzzzlerz Re:*yawn*.... (127 comments)

And I give even less to OK but you've completely missed the point.

about 4 months ago

Earthquake Warning Issued For Central Oklahoma

sizzzzlerz Re:*yawn*.... (127 comments)

Yawn, indeed. Earthquakes can devastate an area much larger that a typical tornado. Especially in places where they've never implemented building codes intended to mitigate earthquakes. Here in CA, all new buildings are required to meet certain codes, many of the bridges have been refitted to be more seismic proof, and certain existing buildings, primarily schools and hospitals have either undergone extensive retrofitting or have been closed.

Perhaps building codes intended to protect against tornadoes will work, in some measure, against earthquakes, assuming OK has them, but I'd still expect rather significant destruction in even a moderate size earthquake.

about 4 months ago

Why Darmok Is a Good Star Trek: TNG Episode

sizzzzlerz Re:Bullshit Made Up Language (512 comments)

Interesting thought, however, since I never watched any Sex and the City, I assumed you were referring to a cute witch housewife with a twitchy nose. I guess it all depends on what generation of TV shows one was raised on.

about 6 months ago

LinkedIn's New Mobile App Called 'a Dream For Attackers'

sizzzzlerz I'll wave to your data as I pass by (122 comments)

I work in Sunnyvale where LinkedIn is putting up 3 very large, multi-story buildings for their new galactic headquarters. As I pass by them, I've wondered how they would possibly fill those buildings. Now I know. They're actually putting up their version of a data storage center, similar to the one NSA has built in Utah. They need room for the disk farms that store all these emails they've captured from their users.

about a year ago

Grocery Store "Smart Shelves" Will Identify Customers, Show Targeted Ads

sizzzzlerz What happened to monitors on shopping carts? (274 comments)

I seem to remember that was coming to a store near you several years ago. Sensors embedded in the aisles would trigger ads to be played on the monitor as the cart came into range. At the time, I remember thinking what a shame it would be if the monitor got cracked as I throwing a can of beans into the cart. In any case, I've never seen these actually in use.

about a year ago

TEPCO Workers Remove Wrong Pipe Get Splashed With Radioactive Water

sizzzzlerz Re:Is this.... (214 comments)

The goggles! They do nothing!

about a year ago

Chris Kraft Talks About The Decline of NASA

sizzzzlerz Re:But but but...... (262 comments)

You realize that the rockets and the moon landers were built with government, i.e., NASA, money, don't you? Do you think Rockwell, Boeing, North American, Grumman, or the myriad other contractors would have built the things they did without the fire hose of money coming from Kennedy's space program? There certainly were things built that had other, commercial use that might have been funded and built anyway, maybe, but most of that technology had a single purpose and probably would never have be funded internally.

1 year,17 days

Got Malware? Get a Hammer!

sizzzzlerz Re:Economic Development Administration? (254 comments)

Welcome to the magical world of government contract accounting and a little accounting term we like to call overhead.

about a year ago

Fears of Olympic Cyber Attack Detailed After Snooping Revealed

sizzzzlerz A herd of rogue elephants was ready to (109 comments)

be released into Picadilly Circle by terrorist mahouts.

We caught wind of this by collecting phone metadata and prevented it from ever happening.

Prove we didn't.

about a year ago

TSA Finishes Removing "Virtual Nude" X-Ray Devices From US Airports

sizzzzlerz Its a zero-sum game (172 comments)

We are neither safer nor more at risk with these machines gone. As long as we're limited to 1-1/2oz shampoo bottles, we know TSA is on the job.

about a year ago

Goodbye, Lotus 1-2-3

sizzzzlerz Re:How about cutting Notes? (276 comments)

When my company was bought, the parent company, who uses Notes, put us on Notes. Two years later, we're still fixing issues with the migration. Nobody likes this POS and that includes people in the parent company who've been using it for years.

about a year ago

Cosmos Remake Coming To Fox In 2014

sizzzzlerz Re:This has made my day. (193 comments)

And Mythbusters has taken to either blowing shit up or shooting guns at something almost every single episode. Hardly the stuff of inspiration.

about a year ago

Space Station Crew Prepare For Emergency Spacewalk

sizzzzlerz Time to worry! (95 comments)

Just a moment...just a moment...I've just picked up a fault in the AE-35 ammonia distribution unit. It's going to go a hundred percent failure within 72 hours.

about a year ago

World's Oldest Fossils Found In Australia

sizzzzlerz ...and they're deadly! (85 comments)

Like everything else down under, these bacteria coulf kill with big, nasty teeth, poisonous spines, and deadly venom.

about a year and a half ago

Over 1000 Volunteers For 'Suicide' Mission To Mars

sizzzzlerz I signed up for Mars Two (453 comments)

Or, as we like to call it, the B ark. Funny how most of the enlistees are telephone sanitizers, hair dressers, and public relations people.

about 2 years ago


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