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Joss Whedon To Direct The Avengers

sjanich Re:Doubt it will ever get made (349 comments)

It is my understanding that as they have signed actors to do the standalone movies (e.g. Iron Man, Captain America, etc...) that the contracts included 2 Avengers movies.

more than 4 years ago

Comcast Disables VCR Scheduling In New Guide

sjanich Programming a VCR (554 comments)

Related Question: Does anybody reading SlashDot not know how to program a recording on their VCR? I find that hard to believe.

more than 4 years ago

US Not Training Enough Cybersecurity Experts

sjanich Age Issues (112 comments)

DHS has lots of Cybersecurity job postings.

Here's the catch:

If you have spent the last 20years of your post-college professional IT life working in different combinations over time of systems administrator, network engineer, IT project manager, programmer on security, security-ish, and non-security projects and day-to-day IT work, then the you - the 40+ year old - are deemed to be to fucking old to take a new job at DHS/USGOV as as an IT Security Specialist.

So, that cuts the pool of those available to USGOV by 40-60%.

more than 4 years ago

How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

sjanich Offhand... (396 comments)

1) Only Allow web browsing through an http/https/ftp proxy server(s). The proxy server(s) should include anti-botnet blacklist and be logically have a network firewall between it and the internet..

2) No open direct connections from the internal network to the internet in general by workstations.

3) Don't allow non-corporate workstations on the Corporate LAN. The corp shoudl have a guest LAN that includes internet access for guest and personal devices of employees.

4) Corporate workstations must have up-to-date AV to connect to the Corp LAN (force them to the guest network otherwise and issue an alert).

5) Don't allow users the rights to install software (but have a robust User Tech Support organization that can quickly test and push out ok'd software to workstations).

6) Have and actually monitor logs from egress filters on the network firewalls.

more than 4 years ago

Project Management For Beginners?

sjanich Re:Only as much as you need (168 comments)

Right. Being a good project manager is NOT about being good at MS Project and other PM tools. Being a good PM is about being a good communicator and a good organizer (including for contingencies). Being a good PM is about getting people to do what you want and need without having direct authority over them. Bing a PM means having responsibility but only some authority.

more than 5 years ago

Sci-Fi Books For Pre-Teens?

sjanich DangerBoy (1419 comments)

How about DangerBoy and its sequels?

more than 6 years ago



Security Snake Oil or Breakthrough: InZero

sjanich sjanich writes  |  more than 4 years ago

sjanich (431789) writes "BusinessWeek has an article on a security security startup called InZero. They have a device seems to be a HW sandbox of sorts. So is something like this a breakthrough for security of workstations or more snake oil? Can any security device with Russian connections be trusted? How many IT people are going to be asked by their bosses in the next few weeks about this?

Here is the product web site: http://www.inzerosystems.com/"

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Good Idea? Vouchers for IT users

sjanich sjanich writes  |  more than 5 years ago

sjanich writes "The article is from Fortune magazine.

The choose-your-own-computer concept is starting to gain adherents across the corporate world. Several financial services firms say they are considering similar programs. Computer maker Dell has a rough idea of how much it could save by letting most of its workforce of 78,900 choose which machines to use. Drug company AstraZeneca (AZN) estimates that it could cut tech costs by about $2 million a year by asking contractors and some full-timers to supply their own machines. Such programs would have been unthinkable just a few years ago because corporations lacked ways to easily manage and maintain a jumble of devices. As a result, the majority of companies in the U.S. ended up deploying fleets of desktop PCs running Windows. It also helped that PC makers such as Dell (DELL, Fortune 500) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, Fortune 500) offered corporations deep discounts for volume purchases of machines, sometimes in an effort to sell other company products, such as servers or consulting services. Today, however, so-called virtualization software lets businesses deliver a consistent menu of software, company-approved applications, and tight security controls to every employee via the Internet, regardless of the kind of computer being used. Besides, PCs just aren't that expensive anymore, so companies such as Cisco now can focus on reducing maintenance costs, not deploying a standard army of machines. [...]

I would think there would be BSA blowback, but is it an interesting idea. It is also likely to make the brains of IT managers explode."
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