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Storm Worm Evolves To Use Tor

sjmurdoch You don't have to download the file to be infected (182 comments)

Actually, if you're using an unpatched browser, you might not even have to download the file they offer to be infected. The web page includes Javascript exploits for half a dozen security vulnerabilities, which will install the trojan without user interaction. I've posted an analysis of the malware code on my blog.

Despite what the article says, Storm isn't using Tor (other than trying to exploit it's reputation) and the download isn't a trojaned version of Tor – it's much too small to be that. What's more, the botnet operators appear to have dropped this strategy. While on Thursday the links in the spam went to a fake Tor download page, on Friday they showed a fake YouTube video, and now they show a fake NFL game tracker.

more than 7 years ago


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