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Why Intel and OLPC Parted Ways

sjofi Re:No surprise here (393 comments)

selling goods at affordable prices in developing countries does not imply that the company would not make profit for it's shareholders doing so. look at mobile phones, in few short years the subscription base has risen to over 3b. That's half of the planets population and includes a lot of ppl in the developing countries. the trend is there is continuing, mobile phone prices are decreasing and are thus all the time more affordable.

this has been possible because the mobile phone companies, most notably nokia, decided to serve these developing markets and design and produce cheap mobile phones. now you can go to nokia's financials and assess whether they're for-profit or not... intel, on the other hand, has chosen another approach: they're ignoring the poor of the world. they could've addressed the needs of this market for over a decade. and they could have done it profitably. instead they've simply chosen not to.

more than 6 years ago


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