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Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

sjwt over 1 hour for a simple tax return? (381 comments)

Ok, so what the hell!

A simle tax return hear in Australia done online with the free govermnt sofware ( http://www.ato.gov.au/Individu... ) takes a lot less then that, hell it even data matches your taxfile number and pre fills feilds for you to check, hell it picks up tax decatiable medical expsense that i didnt even relise I coudl of claimed! Add in your work mileage and year type of car, how many uniforms washes you do a year etc.. and your filled and done extremely quickly, and you get faster processing due to online submission.

Done in 1/2 hour, and it tells you how much you are getting back or own then and their as a damm close estimate. You guys have to pay cash for programs for your tax? Sounds like your government really is screwing you, Can you even claim that back on your tax, tax based expenses??

2 days ago

CSIRO Scientists' Aquaculture Holy Grail: Fish-Free Prawn Food

sjwt Re:An anonymous reader writes (116 comments)

Except the CSIRO dose the actual development, its not suing ppl for having rounded corners, monetizing your invention that new is what the patent system is for

5 days ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

sjwt Re:Why aren't there big incentives (673 comments)

Maybe not in your country, but in many those fields are nicely paid..

about a week ago

Rover Curiosity Discovers Australia-Shaped Rock On Mars

sjwt Re:I'm trying (99 comments)

It barely managers a comparison, its got two peeks at one end.. and one of those peaks splits into two more..

about a week ago

Nanodot-Based Smartphone Battery Recharges In 30 Seconds

sjwt Re:Current.... melt (227 comments)

WOW! well played, why don't we just use this tech now? OH wait, we are limited due to scaling issues with size, heat issues, physical wire size used in cell phones and chargers.

about two weeks ago

Russian GLONASS Down For 12 Hours

sjwt Re:Down? Or encrypted? (148 comments)

Im not up on GLONASS but don't most GPS systems broadcast in a range of service levels, you can only decrypt that access level you pay for, and countries reserve the top level for their military.

about two weeks ago

Western Digital 'MyCloud' Is Down 5 Days and Counting

sjwt Re:When should you abandon a service for error? (127 comments)

4 days, sounds like a long enough time for heads to roll, you might find less issues with your bank in the future, though I would be enquiring as to what actions they have taken over this.

about two weeks ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

sjwt Re:Outrageous. (300 comments)

No story here other than Minecraft once more backflipping on promises.

about three weeks ago

Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

sjwt Re: I dont get it (551 comments)

Voting No to both these options IS the status quo..

For example when a referendum comes up on abortion you don't go 'Do you wish to legalise Abortion for pregnancies upto X weeks' Y/N?
Then ask 'Do you wish to keep the current legislation' Y/N?

3 Options were open, Join Russia, Stay In Ukraine but return to the older version, or by voting NO to both these options stay as you are.

about three weeks ago

L.A. Police: All Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation

sjwt Re:No expectation of privacy (405 comments)

I would direct you to this amazing new word, that Im sure the police state has just invented, its called 'Public' - lets take a few definitions of it shall we...

Of or concerning the people as a whole:
Open to or shared by all the people of an area or country:
Done, perceived, or existing in open view:

about three weeks ago

Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox

sjwt Re:First?? (306 comments)

Evner better, can't we now hit Dell up for a blank PC and expect to save like $400, after all if they aren't installing all those crap bloatware programs of theirs on it, at $30 a pop..

about a month and a half ago

MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection

sjwt CEO? (465 comments)

So does this entitle him to a massive government assistance package, so that he can then leave as CEO with a multi million $ payout to go to an even better paying job??

That is how this works, right??

about a month and a half ago

Woman Attacked In San Francisco Bar For Wearing Google Glass

sjwt Re:Rejects (921 comments)

Or you could stick an apple logo on the side.. Then you would be the target of just muggins rather then random beatings.

about 1 month ago

Pine Forest Vapor Particles Can Limit Climate Change

sjwt Re:Freebreeze to the rescue (124 comments)

You must be new here, or don't you remember the whole Aerosols are bad for Ozone and contribute to global warming form the 80's and 90s.

about 2 months ago

US War Machine Downsizing?

sjwt Re:How could Iran look at you funny? They're dead. (506 comments)

Wait until the drones detect they have illegal copies of software installed, you bet your ass the EULA allows them to participate in a 'removal of corrupt authoritarian powers and replacement with a benevolent drone overload'

I for one welcome our new drone overloads.

about 2 months ago

Zero Point: The First 360-Degree Movie Made For the Oculus Rift

sjwt Re:7,500 units == sizable? (53 comments)

I have seen 2 OR in use in real life, I have yet to see a single WiiU or copy of vista in use.

about 2 months ago

Math Models Predicted Global Uprisings

sjwt Re:Hindsight? (265 comments)

I see no review on what data they cherry picked, all they have done is Map a curve and add chosen data points, they have shown no link.

about 2 months ago



CSRIO - Accelerating our dragon R&D program

sjwt sjwt writes  |  about 3 months ago

sjwt (161428) writes "In some countries your government research laboratories might be held back from performing some types of programs due to political vote buying reasons, not hear in Australia.. Full steam ahead for Dragon Research!!

From the official CSRIO Blog comes..
"Over the past 87 odd years we have not been able to create a dragon or dragon eggs. We have sighted an eastern bearded dragon at one of our telescopes, observed dragonflies and even measured body temperatures of the mallee dragon. But our work has never ventured into dragons of the mythical, fire breathing variety.""

Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: Hope left for /.?

sjwt sjwt writes  |  about 6 months ago

sjwt (161428) writes "So, after the recent story about publishing legal advice given by someone with a master's degree in mathematics that contradicts the advice given by a law professor I am left wondering if any hope is left for /.

It is not often I see a major story on /. before I see it in a bottom rung news feed such as news.com.au and at worst its only 1 day behind, but /. can lag by days if not weeks. We see articles that read more like paid ads, and often the "summary" that is submitted in stories is just a copy past with no effort put in, is any hope left?"

Australian Government releases report into IT Price Fixing.

sjwt sjwt writes  |  about 9 months ago

sjwt (161428) writes "It's been a long time since anyone on the web in Australia no matter how computer literate they are even bothered to question the simple statement 'Do we in Australia pay too much for Digital copies', it has always been an resounding 'Yes'. Labor MP Ed Husic's report into IT prices is out, and it does not pull punches.

From 116% for Ebooks to 184% for games, everywhere you look it has become commonplace to be charged much more for living in Australia, and now the government report issued today with a number of recommendations including removing import restrictions in the Copyright Act for private individuals, a right of resale on digital goods and even the possibility of outlawing geoblocking. This could be quite a win for Australian consumers."

A new startup offers to halve the production costs of solar cells

sjwt sjwt writes  |  more than 2 years ago

sjwt (161428) writes "Using a newer self developed high powered ion cannon, Twin Creeks a new start up company promises to produce solar cells that at 20um thick, 1/10th the current stranded thickness, and also flexible. After accounting for the reduction of wast silicon and the new production techniques they state a cost of 40 cents per watt compare this to the current $1.09 per watt and this could push solar cells into a competitive place against fossil fuels."


sjwt has no journal entries.

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