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If I must catch a disease, I'd rather catch it via ...

skidv Hypochondria (511 comments)

I'd much rather catch my diseases via hypochondria. I understand it is easily cured by placebo.

more than 6 years ago

Unholy Matrimony? Microsoft and Cray

skidv Re:What's the frame rate and resolution? (358 comments)

I think the new kernels are faster.

My Pentium 600 running slackware with a 2.4.10 kernel is a lot slower than my Pentium 600 running debian 4.0r2 with a 2.6.x kernel.

more than 6 years ago



Arthur C. Clarke dead at age 90

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 6 years ago

J Michael writes "I was saddened to read today that Arthur C. Clarke is reportedly dead at age 90. Wired has this interview with the author. I remember reading "Childhood's End" in 1980 and think of it as my introduction to science fiction. Once I had read it, I devoured every book by Clarke I could grab at my local libraries. In recent years, Clarke's health has been failing and he has been living in Sri Lanka. The Washington Post has this story."

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

skidv (656766) writes "While this comes as no surprise, the SANS Internet Storm Center has an interesting diary entry about the ease of phishing once a social network profile like those on MySpace has been compromised. From the article:

According to an Indiana University study, 72% of individuals who received phishing messages spoofed to come from their social network acquaintances were fooled. In contrast, only 15% of the recipients were fooled when the messages came from an unknown party. Clearly, scammers have a strong incentive to data-mine social networks when crafting phishing campaigns."

skidv skidv writes  |  about 8 years ago

Justin Michael (656766) writes "Many locations in Manhattan are reporting the smell similar to the one that is often injected into Natural Gas. Some reports indicate that the smell is being reported across the Hudson river in New Jersey.

The smell is quite strong in my midtown office. The building management has shut off the outside air and requested that we don't smoke."



Nagios Class in New York

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I'd like to have one of my staff trained in Nagios. Maybe some other managers would like to send an engineer to a class my firm hosts in New York City. This way, we'll split the cost of the instructor and instructor travel among several attendees.


Adding and removing friends

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I wonder what other people do when they are added (or removed from) "friend" or "foe" lists.

Mostly lurking on Slashdot, I haven't waded deeply enough into a hot topic to get involved in a flame war. I haven't made any waves that put me on friend or foe lists.

My "friend" list is too long for me right now. I'd like to cull the list to get to a manageable number of slashdotters whom I'll actually read. What happens to the slashdotters I remove? Will they be offended? Will they be curious? Does it happen frequently enough that they won't care or notice?

I wish I could track the reason I added the slashdotter in the first place. A comment (or a link to their comment, more likely) about why they made the list would help me categorize the list. I could then track down their comments when it was relevant to the news.

Just musing.


SANS ISC publishes list of compromised sites

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SANS Internet Storm Center published a list of approximately 600 compromised sites.

I didn't recognize any of the sites, but I suppose IT managers could load the list into their web filtering software and protect the users from inadvertently browsing (or being cross-linked) into one of these sites.


Dell gives 9 days notice - windows xp will not be an option.

skidv skidv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I received this letter via e-mail yesterday:

Good Afternoon,
Please read email in its entirety:
As of today, January 29th, 2007, Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 has been released on all Dimension and Inspiron models! We will no longer offer Windows XP (Home or Professional) as an option on neither the Dimension nor Inspiron lines. With regard to the Optiplex, Latitude, and Precision Workstations, Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 will be released onto those models February 7th, 2007. However, we will still continue to offer Windows XP (Home and Professional) as an option on all Optiplex, Latitude, and Precision systems for the next 12 months.

In other words, in 9 days from the receipt of the letter, Dimension and Inspiron computers will be shipped with Vista, ONLY.

I feel this is short notice.

Fortunately, a) we just completed our purchasing for most desktops and laptops until November, and b) we generally purchase Latitude laptops. I do not expect my company to be affected. However, I'm sure our industry colleagues will be surprised by this when they go to purchase machines next week.

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