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Artificial General Intelligence That Plays Video Games: How Did DeepMind Do It?

skine Learnfun/Playfun (90 comments)

How does this compare to Learnfun and Playfun, programs publicized last year as learning and playing NES games?

about a week ago

SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

skine Re:Some details about the 3D printer (129 comments)

Why not functional items as well as toys, or, even better, functional items including toys?

These are people spending weeks to months, and sometimes even a whole year there. Surely they deserve some fun.

about two weeks ago

Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

skine Re:HOw to tell a ridiculous sexual claim. (460 comments)

Why are you assuming that male sexual assault victims are rare? According to the CDC:

19.3% of women and 1.7% of men have been raped during their lifetimes.
1.6% of women and a negligible number of men had been raped in the 12 months preceding the survey.
Note: Forced or otherwise coerced sex is not rape unless there is penetration of the vagina or anus, or penetration of the mouth by a sexual organ, as per the definition given by the US DOJ.

43.9% of women and 23.4% of men have experienced other forms of sexual violence during their lifetime, including being made to penetrate, sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, and noncontact unwanted sexual experiences.
5.5% of women and 5.1% of men had been victims of these other forms of sexual violence in the 12 months preceding the survey.

That does bring up the question of why these other forms of sexual victimization are nearly identical in the short-term (93 men for every 100 women), but somewhat disparate in the long-term (53 men for every 100 women). Even if we assume that the groups of rape victims and victims of other forms of sexual violence are mutually exclusive, that's 72 men for every 100 women in the short-term and 40 men for every 100 women in the long-term.

about two weeks ago

Europeans Came From Three Ancestry Groupings

skine Re:Not only in Midgard (85 comments)

Not to mention the peredhil.

about two weeks ago

Use of Forced Labor "Systemic" In Malaysian IT Manufacturing

skine Re:A look from the view of ultra-capitalism. (183 comments)

You say that we can't use forced labor, but we can if someone is being punished for a crime, as is stated in the 13th Amendment.

Thus many prisons in the US run for-profit manufacturing businesses, using forced labor.

about two weeks ago

Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

skine Re:Astroturfing for Hillary Clinton (1134 comments)

During their lifetime, 19.3% of women and 1.7% of men have been raped*.
During the year preceding the study, 1.6% of women and a negligible number of men have been raped*.

During their lifetime, 43.9% of women and 23.4% of men experienced other forms of sexual violence, including being made to penetrate, sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, and non-contact unwanted sexual experiences.
During the year preceding the study, 5.5% of women and 5.1% of men experienced these other forms of sexual violence.

Female victims reported predominantly male perpetrators in all categories.
Male victims reported predominantly male perpetrators for rape, female perpetrators for being made to penetrate and sexual coercion, and a nearly even split for unwanted sexual contact and noncontact unwanted sexual experience.

*The US DOJ definition of rape: “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

about three weeks ago

The Mammoth Cometh: Revive & Restore Tackles De-Extinction

skine Re:It's too bad you think she's annoying, because (168 comments)

If only her character were a real person. Not only is she beautiful, but if you remember she got genuinely excited over Unix. My guess is that she'd have a three-digit /. ID, at most.

about 7 months ago

Judge Says You Can Warn Others About Speed Traps

skine Re:Slashdot Beta: just say no (457 comments)

Why fix the few existing issues when you can create whole new ones?

We all know how much /. loves Canonical and Gnome.

about 8 months ago

US Light Bulb Phase-Out's Next Step Begins Next Month

skine Re:Regulations a bit premature (1146 comments)

I keep hearing the argument that CFLs start out dim and are slow to produce full light, and they die quicker.

This argument is just flat out wrong. I've been using General Electric CFL bulbs for years, and I've had zero issues with warmup or dying.

They come on instantly, and I only replace a bulb when one of the incandescent ones that came with the apartment dies.

about 10 months ago

Thousands of Germans Threatened With €250 Fines For Streaming Porn

skine Re:Oh Germany (192 comments)

It is better to let nine innocent men be extorted than to let one guilty man go free.

Or something along those lines.

about 10 months ago

SteamOS Will Be Available For Download On December 13

skine Re:I'm there!!! (211 comments)

Personally, I've been saving parts from old computers I've built for years with the intention of building a HTPC.

Using this year's Christmas presents, I'll finally have enough parts to build one. So, for me, Valve has perfect timing.

about 10 months ago

HIV Tracking Technology Could Pinpoint Who's Infecting Who

skine Re:Hopefully (203 comments)

I'd suggest watching Stephen Fry: Out There and Stephen Fry: HIV and Me. They give a lot of information about both homosexuality and HIV/AIDS around the world.

One startling point is that South Africa does not believe that there is a connection between HIV and AIDS.

about 10 months ago

Xbox One Controller Cost Over $100 Million To Develop

skine Re:All that time and money spent (206 comments)

I know that a lot of people hated the original Xbox controller, but I liked it better than any other Xbox controller.

Even at 14 when it came out, it fit my hands perfectly.

about 10 months ago

Nebraska Scientists Refuse To Carry Out Climate Change-Denying Study

skine Re:The study is about the effects of climate chang (640 comments)

So, this is really just an example of what we all (should have) learned when taught logic:

False premises lead to whatever conclusion you want.

In order for the statement "If only cyclical changes influence climate, then the effect on the climate of Nebraska will be ________," to even be worth asking, there has to be a good reason to assume that only cyclical changes influence climate, or a good reason not to assume other influences.

about a year ago

New York City To Get Manhole Covers That Wirelessly Charge Electric Vehicles

skine How much do they charge? (112 comments)

And will they accept Visa?

about a year ago

I'd prefer my money be made of ...

skine Re:GOLD - Asimov (532 comments)

Records! Willard was hesitating. Music, when it was a matter of electronic exchange, meant nothing.
There was no feeling of either wealth or poverty of one's collection above a certain level.
The world was a matter of internet stores and bit torrent and all the world transferred, transferred, transferred.
Records were different. They had a feel. Each album had a weight. Piled together, it had a beauty.
It was music one could appreciate and experience.

1 year,2 days

Valve Announces Hardware Beta Test For 'Steam Machine'

skine Re:An open system (271 comments)

Also, for people who don't resell their games, it makes no difference.

As someone who has been playing video games since the early 1990s, the only games that have left my collection are ones I've misplaced, and ones that I let someone borrow but never had returned (either because of the friend misplacing it, or losing contact with them).

Plus, I bought Skyrim for $40 on sale a few months after it came out, when the regular price was still $60. If I had bought the game new at $60, then traded it in for MAYBE $20, I would still be out the same $40.

1 year,6 days

Valve Announces Steambox, Sort Of

skine Re:that name.. (252 comments)

The next one gets called the Aleph One.

1 year,9 days



How to Contact Representatives and Senators?

skine skine writes  |  about a year ago

skine (1524819) writes "Based on a post from GumphMaster, I believe that a bill such as Section 54 of Australia's Constitution would benefit the US.

The proposed law which appropriates revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government shall deal only with such appropriation.

However, any attempt to contact my Senators or Congressman yield only a notice that their offices are closed to email, phone, and mail until the shutdown is ended. Granted, I wouldn't expect my Congressman or Senators to actually read or listen to any email, voicemail message, or letter I send under normal circumstances. So, really, how do I get the attention of my representatives in Congress?"


Traveling Cross Country and The Internet

skine skine writes  |  more than 4 years ago

skine (1524819) writes "This summer, I'll be taking a road trip across the US over the course of about five weeks. What I'm looking for a is a way to stay connected over the course of the trip. Our group will either have one or possibly two laptops, so I've been considering a MiFi type device — but we don't necessarily need both connected to the internet. The biggest issue I have in searching is that I'll only need 3G access for the five weeks, as opposed to the advertised two-year plans.

I tend to be a heavy internet user at home, and hundreds of miles of downtime between stops makes a 500MB plan less than desirable. Also, with a higher cap (a pitiful 5GB in general), I'm still concerned about the cost per MB after the 5GB has been used up.

I'm currently a Verizon customer, but have no loyalty to them. I just want to find the most cost effective way to stay connected over this period."


skine has no journal entries.

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