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Linux Advocacy Hurts

sl1200 Sort of makes me sick... (189 comments)

I can't believe all this I'm hearing. Have these people ever run NT and Linux at the same time in real world situations? I admin for a place that has a top of the line NT machine and a crappy little 486 that runs Linux. The linux box has been flawless for as long as I've worked there. It handles a much ligher load but the NT server is the one that's always going down. Now I know that the test didn't talk about reliability (cause that's really not that important right?;) ), but has anyone ever seen how untuned NT can bog down the biggest, fastest machine in no time? Maybe I am cheerleading for my OS but at least it's for something I feel strongly about.

PS I haven't got enough sleep and this stuff makes me crazy especially when I'm tired :P


more than 15 years ago


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