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Why Web Pirates Can't Be Touched

slaida1 Re:Please everyone: (402 comments)

Nobody is required to buy a CD, or a movie, or a piece of software, so why shouldn't someone be able to charge whatever they want for it?

Everybody is required to listen and see force fed ads everywhere they go. I'd be perfectly happy not knowing all the great songs and movies I miss. How could I pirate something I don't know about?

Another thing, maybe how layman would think of all this nonsense: they played it on TV or radio and so I've seen or heard it for free. Why should I now pay for it? Because they say so? I could've recorded it then, would they still insist that I can't use the record without paying? For some reason that I don't care about, recording is too complicated these days and I rather use internet to get it if I want to see it again.

more than 7 years ago


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