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Do Hypersonic Missiles Make Defense Systems Obsolete?

slartibartfastatp Re:Bee Keepers and the Audience (365 comments)

I don't care about beta anymore. Deleting posts and modding down stuff that they don't care is MUCH WORSE - THAT'S whats really killing slashdot.
So farewell. See ya at reddit.

about 7 months ago

Senators Propose Bill Prohibiting Phone Calls On Planes

slartibartfastatp Re:what? (513 comments)

I wish I still had my mod points.

about 9 months ago

Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars

slartibartfastatp Re:Final answers to stop all discussion (219 comments)

Once I was in Toronto, ON, and watched a local band perform rock covers. When I asked for the name of the band for a girl in the audience, she just waved and said "it's just an irish band".

What is an irish band, other than and band from Ireland?

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Protect Your Privacy When It's Out of Your Control?

slartibartfastatp Re:When it's out of your control (174 comments)

Although one can always wear a tinfoil hat.

about 10 months ago

How Munich Abandoned Microsoft for Open Source

slartibartfastatp bribery (294 comments)

The question is, how they managed to do this despite of Microsoft Economical Power. How they avoided bribery of the involved politicians?

about 10 months ago

20-Somethings Think It's OK To Text and Answer Calls In Business Meetings

slartibartfastatp Re:I call BS (453 comments)

Yes. I attended meetings of the board of directors and it's normal behaviour to text. Detail, the average age of this board is above 40.

If you answer a call, it better be important but people will understand

about a year ago

Kim Dotcom Resigns From Mega To Fight Extradition, Run For Office

slartibartfastatp Re:Gee, he's got my vote (109 comments)

AKA zaphod beeblebrox

1 year,15 days

Brazilian Journals' Self-Citation Cartel Smashed

slartibartfastatp Re:Here's the problem (68 comments)

When you read TFA, you might notice that 14 journals were suspendend - four of them are from Brasil. So keep your crap to yourself.

1 year,23 days

Comcast Working On 'Helpful' Copyright Violation Pop-ups

slartibartfastatp Re:your music is bad and you should feel bad (284 comments)

When did loud became a synonym for worse? I mean, the amplitude level in which an album is mixed is the only factor affecting the quality of music?

So I guess that's the best music in the whole history of the world.

about a year ago

Interview: Jimmy Wales Answers Your Questions

slartibartfastatp Re:Doesn't see a problem (146 comments)

There's the conflict solving forums, I'm no Wikipedia expert but seems the right place for that. But juries are not random, AFAIK.

about a year ago

Administration Seeks To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony

slartibartfastatp Re:Why not? (398 comments)

You never think you know why.

about a year ago

Campaign To Kill CAPTCHA Kicks Off

slartibartfastatp Re:stupid (558 comments)

An anedocte: I had a website which the only page which is accessible for a non logged user is the user request page.

I got a lot of user requests with bizarre usernames. Denied them all. But I started getting 10-20 per day, and increasing. That only stopped when I put a captcha on that page.

about a year ago

Interview: Jimmy Wales Answers Your Questions

slartibartfastatp Re:Doesn't see a problem (146 comments)

The "merge proposal" is quite interesting actually.

about a year ago

Home wireless security level?

slartibartfastatp Re:If you can't trust the encryption you're screwe (438 comments)

My dad is obsessed with MAC whitelists which is a pain as every time I take my laptop over there I have to wait while he reconfigures the fricking router (yes, he deletes the entry when I leave).

Don't let him get to know APK then.

about a year ago

Several Western Govts. Ban Lenovo Equipment From Sensitive Networks

slartibartfastatp Re:Their loss (410 comments)

Things like this, in face of Snowden revelations, looks like the US Gov was trying to divert attention from itself.

about a year ago

Google Announces Android 4.3, Netflix, New Nexus 7, and Q Successor Chromecast

slartibartfastatp Re:Not all new (244 comments)

nor "exciting".

about a year ago

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released With Major New Features

slartibartfastatp Re:German code comments (238 comments)

7 years ago, when the project started, we were focusing on Latin America community (spanish speakers can read portuguese and vice versa), so I decided to code in portuguese. Only a few people from Brasil decided to contribute to the project since then, so I guess the language choice actually helped those contributors.

Not that this choice doesn't look strange; we code in CakePHP, which is based on RoR, that specify that model names are plural, table names are singular, or whatever. We turn the pluralization off, as the english rules applied to portuguese words makes a mess. And writing a Inflector for portuguese really seems a huge work.

Also, we are required to append suffixes in english to some classes names; we end up with classes named like "AmostraController", "ProjetoComponent". Which in fact is Ok, as here in Brasil we use english jargon. People from Portugal would think it's bizarre, I guess.

about a year ago

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released With Major New Features

slartibartfastatp Re:PC is not a tablet (238 comments)

What if you had a widescreen monitor? They aren't compatible with horizontal bars.

about a year ago



Ask slashdot: spreadsheet with decent programming language?

slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  about a year and a half ago

slartibartfastatp writes "Spreadsheets are very flexible tools for data analysis and transformations, the obvious options being MS Excel and LibreOffice. However, I found increasingly infuriating to deal with the VBA--dialect functions or (even worse) its translated versions. Is there any spreadsheet that allows usage of a decent programming language in its formulae? I found PySpread intriguing, but still very beta (judging from its latest release version 0.2.3). Perl or even javascript would be better options than =AVERAGE(). The slashdot community knows any viable alternatives ?"

Beatles song enters public domain in Europe

slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  about a year and a half ago

slartibartfastatp (613727) writes "A rolling stone article says 'The Beatles first single, "Love Me Do," has entered the pubic domain in Europe, thanks to current copyright law in the European Union, Complete Music Update reports.

As the E.U. law currently stands, copyright for recorded music is set to expire after 50 years. Since "Love Me Do" and its B-side, "P.S. I Love You," were released in 1962, protection for the tracks expired on December 31st, 2012. Although a move is underway to extend recording copyrights to 70 years, the revised law won't come into effect before next November. (In the United States, recordings retain copyright protection for up to 95 years.)'"

Link to Original Source



it's been a long time since I've slash'n'dot

slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  more than 10 years ago My new homepage is out:

I dont really expect it to be slashdotted, but a few jobs would be really nice...


slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  about 11 years ago pronto! me formei, tou no mestrado, chega de frescura. Tocamos duas vezes no mesmo lugar com a minha banda, alias tocamos duas vezes em tres lugares, alias em todos os lugares que a gente tocou a gente tocou duas vezes e vamos tocar a terceira vez em outubro.



slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  more than 11 years ago Hoje tive boas noticias: aprovaram meu mestrado no IME/USP em computação, tirei 7,8 na prova final de moderna (soh falta termo mesmo pra passar - fiquei de rec) e minha banda vai TOCAR PELA SEGUNDA VEZ NO MESMO LUGAR!!! RECORD!!! :)



slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  more than 11 years ago A prova de termo foi f****. espero que dê pra passar, pois só vai faltar essa pra me formar, e se eu bombar, só ano que vem... damn...

Bem, hoje a gente vai abrir o show dos Velhas Virgens no Volkana, vai ser preza.

É isso aê... stay tuned for more jounal entries


Graduando... 98% done

slartibartfastatp slartibartfastatp writes  |  more than 11 years ago Hoje fiz prova de fisica moderna 2... faltam 3 provas (no mÃnimo, sem recs) para me formar: TermodinÃmica (brrr!), AtÃmica e molecular e a provona de fisica moderna 2. Claro, não considerei o provão no ano que vem.

Antes de ir estudar (pois a prova de Termo (brr!) é amanhã), vou usar esse Journal como blog e registrar um pouco das minhas impressÃes sobre minha graduaÃão aqui.

Mais importante que qqer outra coisa, aqui aprendi a separar o que é realmente necessÃrio para resolver um problema (ou uma prova), determinar o grau de profundidade que certas coisas requerem em determinados contextos, enfim, aprendi a resolver problemas com mais eficiÃncia.

A maioria dos problemas que tive que resolver é passar em provas. Isso requer decorar algoritmos de resolver exercÃcios, certas fÃrmulas e constantes, um pouco de conceitos fÃsicos e como olhar para as provas vizinhas com mÃnimo likelyhood de ser apanhado.

Serà que isso é aprender fÃsica? ou qualquer outra matéria?

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