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Communication and the Open Source Community

slashdot-terminal Re:Huh? (79 comments)

What was the point of posting this, exactly? Just to say.. "open source is the best development method, and although it sometimes seems like the communication methods it forces developers to use can be a problem, actually they
are really good, all hail open source." It just seemed like an empty piece of propaganda.. Do we really need that?

Development of open source is not the only development model where this is a problem. Increasingly companies are hiring coders. Now consider that if I want the best I may not be able to have that person get into the office. Communication via e-mail and chat systems would become an ideal solution to that problem. All code could be done via ssh or whatever with cvs.

So basically this is not propaganda but a methodology that is almost necessary given specific circumstances.

more than 14 years ago


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