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The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

slashkitty Banner Ads in Decline? (254 comments)

Not in decline and certainly not for over a decade. They have been going up in both volume and price. Look at google's revenue numbers, of which a big portion is banner ads. Sure, they might not be the buzz word of the day, but banner ads still rule.

about 3 months ago

Big Telecom: Terms Set For Sprint To Buy T-Mobile For $32B

slashkitty Two different tech (158 comments)

Aren't the two using two different cell technologies? How are they to be combined? Do tmobile users need to get new phones?

about 4 months ago

Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

slashkitty never swerve to hit something (800 comments)

The ethics problem given isn't even solved by human drivers. However, the dynamics and stopping ability are much less when swerving, and less able for others to react to your vehicle. It should always be to stop or slow as quickly as possible. Generally the programs would be to stop before being able to hit something. My only question is would the autonomous car be able to get out of the way of an out of control vehicle.

about 4 months ago

How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture

slashkitty This sounds like an ad.. (146 comments)

AWS services are NOT cheap at all when compared to running dedicated servers. With a little bit of load balancing, you can have a much faster, more reliable, cluster for a fraction of the price. Currently, I rent quad core machines for about $60 a month. That works out to $0.08 / hour. AWS charges $0.56 for a comparable speed service. It's not just that they can lower prices, they have to to compete with the real world.

about 5 months ago

Security Researcher Makes His Point By Hacking Into Zuckerberg's Facebook Page

slashkitty Google has a much better bounty program... (266 comments)

They pay $7,500 for an XSS bug, more for more serious bugs. Facebook better think about their program before a more serious bug is made public or exploited privately.

about a year ago

Crunching the Numbers On Shared Cellphone Contracts

slashkitty What about prepaid. (91 comments)

The plan I used was priced out on their site at 10x what I pay through tmobile. With an iPhone, text messages go over wifi, and upcoming phone call can go over wifi, you can save a lot of minutes. I just don't understand how people can pay thousands for stupid phone calls!

about a year ago

Yahoo Censors Tumblr Porn

slashkitty More than 10% traffic (216 comments)

While 10% of the blogs are estimated to be tagged adult.. It's actually closer to 25% of their traffic. I'm guessing internally they knew that tumblr's adult content was rising faster than the rest of the site, and they certainly don't want it to be primarily adult. It might be better for them long term, but there should be some brushback over this.

about a year ago

Yahoo Censors Tumblr Porn

slashkitty Yahoo, how about innovating on this issue? (216 comments)

Here are all these blogs that are tagging themselves NSFW. It doesn't mean they are all porn, it's just that it's more adult themed. I've seen quite a lot of "adult" tumblr blogs that are quite artistic. Instead of univiversally blocking them from search engines... They should innovate and start a robots tag that tags the site or certain sections NSFW. That could be carried through to search engines and "safesearch" options that the user selects. Just as much as I want information to be free... I want user choices to be respected.

about a year ago

787 Dreamliner On Fire Again

slashkitty Rear Battery Again? (246 comments)

It looks like the fire damage on the roof of the plane is right above where they keep the rear battery.. The battery is kept below, so, I'm not sure if the fire could spread to the top of the plane. This would be very embarrassing if it's the battery again. They were suppose to be replaced with safer, fire proof cases and other improvements. After dealing with RC lipo batteries, I can say they are real difficult to charge and keep. I always assume they could catch fire at any time. Really not the thing you want in a plane.

about a year ago

Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting

slashkitty Re:It's a cookie mixer (177 comments)

Sounds interesting in theory, but cookies are used all different sorts of ways. One the of more important is login and identification. If this game swaps login or other personalization cookies with another person you could loose your identity!

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Do Firms Leak Personal Details In Plain Text?

slashkitty Plain text in Snail Mail (252 comments)

Another problem I'm having with companies is after I opt for electronic communications, they still send me postal mail. Ads, confirmations, account info. I try to explain that I don't want any postal mail coming to my house. I don't want all my account details going past housemates. I consider online communication to be more secure. How can I get them to stop exposing my personal information?

about a year ago

Big Advance In Hydrogen Production Could Change Alternative Energy Landscape

slashkitty Really? (340 comments)

I find it very hard to believe that they are somehow going to get more energy out of plant matter than biodiesel or simply burning it. Hydrogen may be clean, but it's certainly not convenient. I my area, they can run cars on trash. Trash is burned in a Waste-to-Energy facility, and cars are recharged from the electricty.

about a year and a half ago

Samoa Air Rolling Out "Pay As You Weigh" Fares

slashkitty Re:Linear Cost (587 comments)

They should take into account volume as well. Next time I'm taking a crap load of helium balloons!

about a year and a half ago

Defense Dept. Directed To Disclose Domestic Drone Use

slashkitty Re:So you don't waste your time... (190 comments)

I don't see where Rand Paul asked that question "Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?" His question was "Will you kill Americans on American soil?" So, to me it says a lot that Holder added the condition of "not engaged in combat" .. Rand referred to those "engaged in lethal force" not the more general "combat"

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Pay-as-You-Go Plan For Text and Voice Only?

slashkitty Re:T-mobile (246 comments)

I'll second the T-Mobile option. If you don't send a lot of messages, it's insanely cheap to keep the service activated.. $100 for 1000 messages lasts 1 year... $10 per year after that to keep service active. $1 to buy the sim card with 10 minutes to start to test out.

about a year and a half ago

Canada To Stop Producing Pennies In 2013

slashkitty Taxes.. (362 comments)

Who gets the remainder if it involves taxes? Here something that is $1.00 with 6% sales tax.. rounded to $1.05 Did the taxes just lose 1 cent?

about a year and a half ago

Bitcoin Mining Reward About To Halve

slashkitty Wasted Electricity (600 comments)

Does anyone have a good estimate as to how much wasted electricty is going to "creating" bitcoins?

about 2 years ago


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