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Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

slashmojo Re:I'm not going to stand for this (312 comments)

Sitting just causes a fat butt

Not to mention a bit of DVT. Of course all things should be in moderation (except the DVT) and that is why adjustable standing desks (something like this) are a lot better IMHO. At regular intervals just switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button and carry on working - problem solved!

about 5 months ago

LulzSec's Sabu To Be Sentenced In New York

slashmojo Re:Pow (135 comments)

Free rent, pizza and hot fbi chicks to interrogate him.. beats the proverbial parents basement.

about 8 months ago

UK Men Arrested For Anti-Semitic Tweets After Football Game

slashmojo Re:Free speech (598 comments)

when you threaten someone at gunpoint (which is what an arrest is)

Not quite. Maybe in the US but in the UK the police do not usually carry guns so an arrest is not at all like that.. it is more a polite request to accompany the officers to the station for a nice cup of tea. If you don't resist you may also get biscuits. For dramatic effect the officers may sometimes say things like "You're nicked, sunshine" which typically elicits the response "It's a fair cop" from the cooperative arrestee.

about 9 months ago

Oldest Human DNA Contains Clues To Mysterious Species

slashmojo Re:underground cave... (93 comments)

Does he still count as "underground"?

Not since the duet with Kylie Minogue..

about 10 months ago

And Now For Something Completely Different: Monty Python Reunion Planned

slashmojo Silly walks.. (168 comments)

I will have to do one in celebration! As soon as I get back from my weekly meeting of the Peoples Front of Judea.. or was it the Peoples Judean Front?

about 10 months ago

And Now For Something Completely Different: Monty Python Reunion Planned

slashmojo Re:Graham (168 comments)

and he'll have all the best lines!

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Use Markdown and Pandoc?

slashmojo vi (204 comments)

is the only tool real geeks need to write multi format documents.. and bbcode of course. ;)

about a year ago

US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On US Embassy In Iraq

slashmojo Re:Angling to get Iran too (433 comments)

Israel bombed Iranian nuclear facilities twice in the open. See operation Opera [] for a start..

That was Iraq which was bombed and from that article it was even done with cooperation from Iran. Israel hasn't officially bombed Iran.. yet.

Are you implying that defense pacts are evil?

Not at all, just that such pacts and Iran's well documented past and present activities as regards proxy war makes the subject of this particular news item not exactly far fetched and in fact quite likely. Whether or not it is actually true is anyone's guess.

Anyway the whole situation with Syria/Iran and the whole region is dangerously close to spiralling out of control now and there seems to be no viable way out of it.

1 year,15 days

US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On US Embassy In Iraq

slashmojo Re:Angling to get Iran too (433 comments)

On more than one occasion Israel has bombed Iran

When? There were a few mysterious explosions and assassinations but I don't recall anything other than that.. Syria on the other hand was bombed, as was Iraq.

What I have not seen in this time is Iran retaliate, start a war, or massacre their allegedly sworn enemies.

Then you've been looking the wrong way - Iran has for a long time waged war through its proxies, Hezbollah for example being the main Iranian weapon which it has used many times to bomb Israel and Israeli/Jewish civilians around the world on numerous occasions. There is nothing innocent about Iran, they have plenty of blood on their hands and the extreme islamist regime there is plenty evil without any help from the west.

As for this allegedly intercepted message.. I don't know how true it is but it certainly does not surprise me since for a start it follows their usual method of getting their proxies to do the dirty work and secondly, perhaps more importantly - Iran and Syria have a number of widely publicised mutual self-defence pacts for just such a situation so Iran is now obligated to join the fight with Syria if/when the US attacks.

1 year,15 days

Egyptian Authorities Detain French "Spy" Bird Found With Tracker

slashmojo Enlightened Turkey (110 comments)

Fortunately not all countries in the region are that batshit crazy.. Turkish authorities recently cleared a bird suspected of spying for Israel.. such a shame the bird in question wasn't a Turkey as that would have made for some great headlines - "Turkey spies for Israel!" followed by "Turkey clears Turkey!" etc.

1 year,20 days

TV Programmers Seek the Elusive Dog Market

slashmojo Re:Aquarium Chanel (199 comments)

It would keep him occupied for hours if I was going out - he'd still be sitting there watching the fish going back and forth

That's what he wanted you to think.. probably just heard you returning with his super canine ears and quickly stopped whatever mischief he was up to..

about a year ago

French Police End Missing Persons Searches, Suggest Using Facebook

slashmojo Re:Problems with missing people searches on facebo (95 comments)

The general idea I think is that the police would post it on their official facebook page, assuming french police have one. I've (unfortunately) had experience with exactly this.. being on facebook didn't work though and the person is still missing. I found that most people just don't pay attention to such things, there are just too many faces in the crowds we all walk through every day.

about a year ago

Remote Island Adopts Dothraki Language

slashmojo Re:Please let this not be an AFD joke (65 comments)

Does indeed sound like it could be a blast.. not that I've ever tried LARPing but still, if they have dragons AND women (not bearded men in a medieval dress) then I am there.. maybe.

about a year and a half ago

HBO Says Game of Thrones Piracy Is "a Compliment"

slashmojo Try before buying.. (447 comments)

I downloaded the first few episodes of firefly back in the day after seeing it mentioned here many times and not finding it on any tv channel I had access to.. I liked the show and proceeded to buy the entire series and the movie on dvd from amazon. I will likely do the same with GoT eventually..

In other Game of Thrones news the residents of Tristan da Cunha (a very remote island in the south atlantic) have apparently adopted Dothraki as an official language and are big into GoT LARPing.. they also don't have HBO.

about a year and a half ago

North Korea Declares a State of War

slashmojo Re:No more rhetorics (628 comments)

I guess the time to stage a coup without looking like total traitors would be a couple of months after this blows over.

Maybe that's the plan all along.. someone (or some group) somewhere is pushing young kim to make a fool of himself and his country so that he can then be deposed and NK can finally be rid of the old dynasty..

Or maybe they are all just nuts.

about a year and a half ago

Jedi May Be Allowed To Perform Marriage Ceremonies In Scotland

slashmojo Could it be true? (196 comments)

Does this mean there are actually females of the Jedi persuasion as well?! The mind boggles.

about a year and a half ago



Are you SURE you want to be a System Administrator?

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  1 year,3 days

slashmojo (818930) writes "A cautionary tale for those considering any kind of career in system administration. It is not as glamorous as you may have heard, there's not much jet-setting, no parties between the server racks and it involves hard work and sleep deprivation, if you can even find a decent job. Not to mention endless learning which you're often expected to pay for (if you want the certificates) and it is never cheap. It is apparently also not cool for cats. Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

What is your experience working (of looking for work) in system administration these days? What would you advise a prospective sysadmin?"

Link to Original Source

Bad Day for Armadillo at X Prize Cup

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  more than 6 years ago

slashmojo (818930) writes "Armadillo Aerospace, the only team from nine original entrants to actually compete on the day, made several valiant efforts to win the Lunar Lander Challenge (Level 1) at the X Prize Cup this year and despite flying twice over two days, engine problems ultimately doomed the attempt again with the final flight ending in a fireball.

It doesn't look like the big boys are quaking at the competition just yet but will next year be the one where it all comes together for Armadillo and the other small space companies or is serious rocket science really just too hard without vast resources?"

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

slashmojo (818930) writes "After providing presenter Richard Hammond with a near death rocket car experience, BBC car show Top Gear reached for greater heights and brought new life (briefly) to a Reliant Robin by adding wings and strapping it to a rocket to make what looks remarkably like a space shuttle.

Amazingly it actually launched quite successfully before crashing back to earth spectacularly after a malfunction prevented the car detaching from the rocket for landing. The impressive reliant rocket was constructed in Manchester (UK) and fortunately none of the Top Gear presenters were on board this time as it was flown by remote control. More about the launch here."

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

slashmojo (818930) writes "While some islands are sinking another has just risen from the ocean, formed by volcanic activity and 'caught in the act' by a passing yacht..

"What looked like a brown stain on the South Pacific turned out to be a spectacular drift of floating pumice stones stretching more than 16 km — and an indication an island was being born nearby."

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

slashmojo (818930) writes "For nearly four decades, Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong has been living under the accusation of mis-stating one of of the most famous phrases in history: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Now, programmer Peter Shann Ford claims to have evidence (derived using the GoldWave software) that Armstrong did not botch the speech, but correctly included the alleged missing syllable. Armstrong, who found the evidence "persuasive", supports the findings."

slashmojo slashmojo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

slashmojo (818930) writes "Google finally gets their $900M search engine on MySpace which now offers a whole array of search tabs for the various parts of myspace complete with a fancy little 'Powered by Google' icon on every search page. Although Mashable reports that already one myspace user has found a way to remove the google search box from his pages.

Strangely the one search function myspace users have long asked for is still not present — a way to search their very popular forums. Currently BoardTracker provides the only viable solution for searching myspace forums. Perhaps this gap in MySpace search will force Google to build their own forum search engine to complement their blogsearch offering or will Yahoo try to get (another) one over them?"


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