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US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia

slashmydots great idea!! (343 comments)

Well gee, why don't they save some money and fly them on Malaysia airlines?

1 hour ago

AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K

slashmydots you know what's funny? (98 comments)

If Intel dropped all chip prices 25% across the board, AMD would be bankrupt then have a monopoly forever. Unfortunately they're just too damn greedy and completely lacking in foresight.

1 hour ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Fight Against Online Voting In Our Municipality?

slashmydots faster (133 comments)

So run, hack it, win, and pass a law making them illegal then resign.

1 hour ago

Google+ Photos To Be Separated From Google+

slashmydots something worked (39 comments)

I tried silver bullets, garlic, holy water, blessings, etc and Google+ still wouldn't die. I wonder what finally killed it. Maybe a knight in shining armor, accompanied by the court wizard, went on a quest to destroy Google+ and he's finally at the final boss.
Everyone hates it? Complete immunity! The FTC, protests, petitions, foreign government lawsuits, HA! Laughable. WHAT? IT'S NOT MAKING ANY MONEY? *dies*

1 hour ago

NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive

slashmydots oh great (152 comments)

If you believe Chinese test results then you probably are busy taking photos of the North Korean unicorn burial site as well. They lie about everything. Sometimes I think China is run by 5 year olds.

12 hours ago

UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity

slashmydots so when does this end? (274 comments)

I know the spying, healthcare cost hike-causing, horrible foreign policy bullshit is dead and buried in 2 years when Obama goes out of office. I mean seriously, the presidential candidates have 2 options. Be against the ACA or lose. So when does that happen in England? When do those camera-placing, filter-enabling, anti-privacy morons get booted out of office? Please tell me it's not a lifetime term.


Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers

slashmydots The real problem (118 comments)

The REAL problem is they spelled Gilded wrong. Who would want to work on that?

2 days ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

slashmydots lol (254 comments)

Yesterday. I build computers for a living.

2 days ago

Report: Nuclear Plants Should Focus On Risks Posed By External Events

slashmydots stupid design (132 comments)

Internal, external, magical wizard attacks and gypsy curses, who cares? What they need is a generally less stupid design. 3 backup cooling systems or whatever is completely wrong regardless. Design it so that if nothing were to occur, as in all humans left and everything turned off, it won't melt down. Anything short of that will melt down eventually. At least nuclear fusion will spin itself down on its own. They really need to up the funding for that. It's virtually unlimited free energy. Add electric cars and boats and planes and the world has clean energy forever.

5 days ago

Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

slashmydots orly? (223 comments)

You mean giving overprices, locked down, fragile nickel-and-dime machines that you can't type on to children isn't a good idea? I never would have guessed.

about a week ago

For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

slashmydots obvious (174 comments)

That's because they keep getting people on foreign visas to do the work cheaper and not hiring expensive Americans. I can't imagine the workload gets done at the same rate considering the language barrier. Maybe the industry will get a freaking clue just like call centers did. They're all back in the US because as it turns out, paying someone $3/hr in India to take phone calls that take 3x longer is the same as paying someone in the US $9/hr to make the phone call 3x faster. Only one of those two pisses off your customers so now all the call centers are back here in the US. Hopefully they realize that hiring American STEM workers has a lower total cost vs work done than hiring overseas workers.

about a week ago

Finding Life In Space By Looking For Extraterrestrial Pollution

slashmydots Re:idiotic (95 comments)

Hmmm, oh I don't know, maybe logic and science. We went from not knowing what cancer was to a borderline cure. We can almost create artificial gravity by finding a way to generate Higgs Bosons and attach them to matter. We landed on the moon. Technically, we can turn lead into gold if we find the right isotopes and we found out that radioactive decay timing isn't static. We already invented wind turbines, really good solar energy systems, and we're almost done with fusion. We already developed algae that can strip CO2 out of the air. Forget 100 years, more like 20 and we'll have the technology to basically custom terraform the planet to get rid of the CO2.

about a week ago

Finding Life In Space By Looking For Extraterrestrial Pollution

slashmydots idiotic (95 comments)

What kind of moron came up with that? Let's see, life was here for like 500 million years, for about 150 we've been ruining the atmosphere, and 100 years from now we'll have solved it. So there's a 0.0000000000000001% chance that we'll find a polluted but populated world.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

slashmydots bulllllshit (322 comments)

BULLSHIT! What he wants is to make ongoing costs just like Xbox Live, skydrive, Office 365, and all the other crap they've tried to push. No thanks, I don't want to pay $1200 a seat over a decade to use Office, thanks. EVERYONE is copying Call of Duty and the DLC era. The new CEO of MS was in charge of cloud services! I am NOT paying a subscription to use ANYTHING from Microsoft. The end. He needs to get over that or get the fuck out.

about two weeks ago

New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

slashmydots I have an idea (205 comments)

They should implement voice-changing methods. Then you could make your voice super low and booming and be like "THIS IS GOD. STOP FIGHTING."

about two weeks ago

States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

slashmydots this can't be right (778 comments)

I work at a 100 person company. We pay our lowest employees about $10/hr already because nobody would stay working there for $7 or whatever the minimum is now. But, if it was raised to let's say $13, we would fire 30% of our staff and make the others work harder. We absolutely cannot afford to raise our prices any further and we cut all overhead expenses imaginable. Then go to a company that does pay minimum wage, which obviously implies that labor is their #1 expense, and try and raise it 20%. So this report cannot possibly be correct. The companies will fire people or raise their prices to the point where nobody buys their products and they have to go out of business.

about two weeks ago

Domain Registry of America Suspended By ICANN

slashmydots FINALLY! (113 comments)

It's about damn time! That asshole sends out fake domain registration renewal notices via mail and fax. So many businesses fall for it and at the same time basically put this company in charge of their domain. They should have arrested this asshole years ago! In fact, it sounds like he's not arrested, he's just banned from registrations.

So there goes any hope that Perion Network will be shut down. They're responsible for the vast majority of advertising malware infections and they're in a lovely looking building over in Redmond Washington. They use their Israel location to do most of their illegal stuff so it's all cool with the US gov apparently. By the way, they're responsible for everything related to Conduit Malware, Sweetpacks, Smilebox, and basically everything else you've ever seen on a stupid person's computer.

about two weeks ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

slashmydots Re:wall-e (253 comments)

Diabetes is mostly annoying and not commonly deadly. Heart disease is the number one killer according to some study somewhere. Murder, drugs, alcohol, HIV, starvation, and dehydration are all also the #1 killer worldwide according to more studies. But still, it's a higher number for heart disease.

about two weeks ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

slashmydots what a coincidence (253 comments)

After hundreds of years, they come up with a "cure" that the patient takes for their entire life and like half a billion people need. I'm sure it's a complete coincidence that the pharmaceutical company never intended to happen *sneezes and takes another Zyrtec*

about two weeks ago

HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video)

slashmydots Re:I have a suggestion (68 comments)

It's short for cover your ass with flame resistant material if you have HPs on the premises,

about two weeks ago


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