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Long-Awaited BitTorrent 4.0 Released

sleeeper Re:Btlaunchmany Uses Single Port! (521 comments)

Again, I'm lazy, and I don't want to willy nilly open ports that may in the future overlap with other services. Yes, I could research this now, and wheneven I think about adding services to my internal and/or external network, but I don't care enough about it. Opening thousands of ports is sloppy, and offends my need for tidyness.

For those making cracks about the whole idea of an Air America Archive:

1) I was more interested in playing with streaming/encoding/torrents when I started the archive than in the content of Air America per se.

2) Beyond wanting to play with audio, I have a stong aversion to commercials (a very early Tivo adopter), and having the these shows available makes it tolerable for me to listen to.

3) There is actually a huge demand that has led me into the world of bandwidth throddling techniques (which again if it was not for the hacking fun of learning new things I would just shut the whole thing down).

more than 9 years ago


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