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Do Twitter Phishing Scams Herald the End of Microblogs?

slightlyspacey Re:OK, new rule for 2009 (301 comments)

New rule: No more new rules. It is so last year :). Seriously, though, there is nothing scarier than the uttered phrase "There ought to be a law ...".

more than 5 years ago

NASA May Have to Buy Trips to Space

slightlyspacey Re:Not so bad (256 comments)

Ok, do you have any sort of numbers, rough estimates, an article written on a blog somewhere, or anything that shows this is true in a quantifiable way? The requirements being that the private company must be able to launch a vehicle to go orbital with the same level of safety as the space shuttle. This company must include the costs associated with:

1) Building the crew vehicle
2) Building the rocket/airplane/hot air balloon/slingshot that gets the crew vehicle up to orbit
3) Building or leasing the infrastructure required to process and launch the vehicle
4) Ground and Mission operations
5) Telemetry and tracking
6) Vehicle recovery
7) Liability Insurance
8) Government licensing
9) Training
10) Expendables
11) Whatever I didn't think of ...


more than 7 years ago


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