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OpenSSL Patches Eight New Vulnerabilities

slincolne Go easy on the OpenSSL guys ! (79 comments)

The beauty of Open Source is that when issues like this are discovered, they are dealt with.

With a closed source product you basically have to trust the vendor to get it right, and to patch defects in a timely manner.

OpenSSL is a classic demonstration of one of the truths of computer programming - namely that good cryptography is HARD.

I just wish that the big players who use this in their products would support the developers - and make it a better outcome for all of us who rely on this product.

about three weeks ago

FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

slincolne It's a good idea (80 comments)

Having a family member recently ill with a chest infection, and completely unable to speak (but able to email, SMS, etc.) - its a great idea.

about 6 months ago

Old School Sci-fi Short Starring Keir Dullea Utilizes Classic Effects

slincolne Accept money from outside the US but .. (91 comments)

don't appear to let people outside the US view it.

Nice business model :-(

about 6 months ago

Facebook Acquires Server-Focused Security Startup

slincolne Re:Keys (18 comments)

The FAQ posted on their web site makes mention to the Intel TPM chip.

about 6 months ago

Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

slincolne And BD-Java is good how exactly? (94 comments)

Does anyone have any scenarios where BD-Java enables a useful feature?

I have to admit for all the blue ray disks I have, the included menus and bumf just makes it a less pleasant experience.

I don't know who builds in the code for these 'features' - but it makes it very difficult to justify buying legitimate media when the studios seem to put all their crapware in the way.

about 6 months ago

NIF Compresses Diamonds With 50 Million Atmospheres of Pressure

slincolne Is this a spin-off from "Will It Blend" ? (81 comments)

Can't sustain fusion, so let's use the nice shiny laser to zap things and pretend its science :-)

about 6 months ago

HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video)

slincolne 97% less complex ???? (68 comments)

Wow !

Imagine if they could back-port this work to their current range of x86 blade servers !


about 6 months ago

Ask Team Trying To Return 36-Year-Old Spacecraft From Space About Their Project

slincolne Will you be selling media rights for this ? (53 comments)

It sounds very interesting - the kind of stuff that National Geographic would cover off.

Have you contacted any media organisations about selling the rights to film and publish this?

It might be a good way to get further funding for this work.

about 9 months ago

How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

slincolne Wait until things are over before you cry wolf (582 comments)

It's probably better to let the situation run on a bit longer before people start criticising Open Source.

Nobody is going to discard OpenSSL due to this - the majority of people are patching systems and reminding people that security is important (a side benefit of this incident)

The next step will be when someone puts up the money for a proper code review of the OpenSSL codebase and fixes up any other issues that may exist.

It's reasonable to say that there are more people and organisations able to resolve this issue than if it were a closed source proprietary solution.

about 9 months ago

Replicant OS Developers Find Backdoor In Samsung Galaxy Devices

slincolne Any contacts at Samsung we can call? (126 comments)

Does anyone have any contacts at Samsung (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) that can address this issue?

I just got back from looking at a Galaxy Note 3 (thinking form upgrading from by S2).

Now I'm not sure - will probably just go buy a Nexus.

I can't think of a single valid reason for this level of functionality to be available in a device that's sold commercially. I've never heard of any enterprise management tools that can use such functions, and their undisclosed existance is a real worry.

The biggest laugh about this is that Samsung Australia is currently trying to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 2 and S3 onto the Australian Government Endorsed Product List (http://www.asd.gov.au/infosec/epl/index.php ) - I don't like their chances now.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: College Club Fundraising On the Fly?

slincolne Naming rights - and a communications plan :-) (89 comments)

Many businesses like to get their presence out there.

I'd suggest having an auction (with a sensible starting price) to name the tower, so that when it's on maps, and people talk about it they get the name for a set period (e.g. 10 years).

Also, this is a 'big' deal, so a communications plan to get the work out (and add value to the naming rights) would help push its value.

Having something about the 'Google Emergency Communications Tower' or some such stuff in the press would get eyeballs.

about a year ago

Stanford Bioengineer Develops a 50-cent Paper Microscope

slincolne Why not put them out in schools ? (83 comments)

The developing world chant always gets sympathy, but what about the potential benefit in schools ?

I can remember in school the problem getting accessed (more students than microscopes) and with these schools could give them to students.

Not only are they useful in class, but potentially they might get students interested in looking a the wider world!

It would also potentially drive someone to mass market them - laser cut them in school and fix in the lense (or worst case outsource the manufacturing to China)

about a year ago

School Tricks Pupils Into Installing a Root CA

slincolne Sorry - D- (417 comments)

The reasons you mention are perfectly good and valid to implement a trusted root certificate.

BUT you still need to advise parents and students as to what you are doing; and

Ensure that you have policies and controls that ensure that everyone knows what you are doing, and how it will not be used for other purposes (e.g. sniffing credit card details from student purchases, etc.);

Without that the job is only half done.

about a year ago

NASA Forgets How To Talk To ICE/ISEE-3 Spacecraft

slincolne Re:And BBC Basic lives on ! (166 comments)

I love how the control software for the Bochum Radio Telescope telescope was developed in BBC Basic !

Some people don't know how to let go (or think about where they will get another risc pc to replace the one they are using).

about a year ago

Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

slincolne There's a large slice of Luddism going on here (226 comments)

I have (packed away somewhere safe) a copy of 'Radio and Hobbies' magazine that was published in Australia early last century.

In it there was an article touting a radio receiver that you fixed to the running board of your car. The article stated that while it was not practial to use while the vehicle was in motion, it explained that it was expected that laws would be passed prohibiting 'radioing' (sic) while driving as it was a distraction and would promote unsafe driving.

If you look at the range of devices currently built into most cars and look back over time it's safe to say that many people have adapted to the increasing number of information sources available to the driver and can capably prioritise their actions.

The morons that insist on texting while driving are probably just the same ones who previously shaved or put on their makeup while behind the wheel. The real problem is not the technology, but the idiots using it.

These people will still do dumb things irrespective of the law - why punish those that are using the technology safely?

about a year ago

Most Alarming: IETF Draft Proposes "Trusted Proxy" In HTTP/2.0

slincolne Did you look at the authors? (177 comments)

The authors for this RFC are interesting.

You have a team from Ericsson (as in SONY Ericsson). It's not like any business worth its salt would seek advice regarding security from Sony.

You also have authors from AT&T - who have probably been passing customer data on since the days of Teletypes and morse code.

Section 7 (Privacy Concerns) is blank - you have to ask why (too hard, or not a concern).

about a year ago

Half of US Nuclear Missile Wing Implicated In Cheating

slincolne Has anyone here watched WarGames ? (313 comments)

If you have it in your collection, watch WarGames again.

The opening sequence has a missile operator discussing the quality of the sensemilia his girlfriend was growing with the other. And the bonus easter egg for those of you that do is the sign in the corridor :-)

about a year ago

Hard Drive Reliability Study Flawed?

slincolne Burn in will just make the numbers look worse (237 comments)

The suggesting that the numbers would be better if the drives were burnt in is laughable.

Burning in a drive is basically when you connect it up, and run a program to exercise the drive for a set period to make it fail. The idea is that it's better that a drive dies during the burn in process than when in use and theres actual data stored on it. Its a great idea when you want to keep your services availability figures up but won't make the drives themselves any more reliable.

It will however skew the numbers so that drives die much quicker, and will probably have people saying it's now not fair because the drives were pushed to fail.

about a year ago

Bletchley Park's Bitter Dispute Over Its Future

slincolne And for the Aussies ... (99 comments)

The ABC have a contact page at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/abctv... where you can ask them why there is no mention of this story on their site - despite the BBC article being shown on national TV in Australia

1 year,2 days



Tight-arse vendors ??

slincolne slincolne writes  |  more than 4 years ago

slincolne (1111555) writes "Does anyone have any interesting stories of 'tight arse' vendors who skimp on the deliverables ? Recently I've been involved in the delivery of some high end enterprise grade storage, and it's amazing what doesn't come with hardware that costs over a million dollars.

For example, one of the techs asked if we had an allen key so he could pop off a panel — of course none came with it and the previous tech brought his own tools and (naturally) took them away.

A Brocade 47k director (high five figures) needs 4 x 15A power cables — it ships with one set (the wrong ones naturally). It used to be that equipment like this came with multiple sets depending on where they were shipping, or at least you got the option to order the type you need.

They don't even bother shipping with cable ties or velcro.

Now HP used to ship torx keys with their servers (before they went tool-less) and they come with velcro and cable ties so you can rack and cable them neatly. If you buy a domestic ADSL router they come with all the cables (some even include spitters).

Whats's the problem with vendors these days — why is it that they can't get the basics right and ship a complete unit that has everything the customer needs to get them racked and lit up ?

Does anyone have any similar stories ?"


slincolne has no journal entries.

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