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Ask Slashdot: Programming Education Resources For a Year Offline?

slugstone Go enjoy yourself. (223 comments)

If you are worried about coding then stay here and do that.

about 2 months ago

Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?

slugstone Re:Story title needs a warning! (274 comments)

okay, but how does the law tell the difference?

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows

slugstone Re:Miley puts ON clothes? (352 comments)

where is my mod points I need them?

about 5 months ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

slugstone Re:LOL, (928 comments)

I (an American) just went on a vacation where I entered Russia, then France, then Russia, then the US on my way home. It went like this:

Russia: "What plane did you get off of?" "OK, [stamp]"
France: "Welcome! [stamp]"
Russia: "Welcome back, Tovarish! [stamp]"
US: "Spread 'em, Cocksucker. What's this in your bag? Get in this line - no, the other line! Papers, please! Is this your family? Who packed your suitcase? Look into the camera. Make your wife look into the camera. Submit to bacterial scanning. Put your bags in the X-Ray machine and leave them there until they start to smoke. OK, Meatwad, we'll let you in, but consider this a warning!"

This place has gotten so xenophobic it's silly.

I am sure you are going to be booted from the country soon. :-(

about 6 months ago

Mapping a Monster Volcano

slugstone neighbors? (105 comments)

i hope they do not wake the neighbors.

about 7 months ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

slugstone Re:OR (579 comments)

Pedestrians need to pay attention to where they walk. I have seen start to cross the road when they have the do not walk sign.

about 7 months ago

Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

slugstone Re:I want one (358 comments)

or other bicyclist will refrain from trying to commit suicide. Yes they too use cell phones. :-(

about 7 months ago

Kids With Operators Manual Alert Bank Officials: "We Hacked Your ATM"

slugstone Re: Not surprising. (378 comments)

That not funny, but sad.

about 8 months ago

Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

slugstone Re:Behind the curve (1040 comments)

Also Renton, and Lynnwood. Al around Seattle, but not in Seattle.

I will not shop their. Just do not like how they treat their employees.

about 8 months ago

Robots Will Pave the Way To Mars

slugstone Re:Ad astra per aspera (95 comments)

Water. Side note, we are traveling in space. With getting water from an asteroid we then would not have to launch it from earth. Water is one of the major components of rocket fuel.

about 8 months ago

Should We Eat Invasive Species?

slugstone Re:blackberries in seattle? I'm Shocked. Shocked (290 comments)

Blackberries can be controlled

Indeed! In our back yard, they are losing the battle against the ivy and bamboo! :)

Are you sure that your bamboo is not knot-weed? Knot-weed is not a bamboo but another invasive species.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can Star Wars Episode VII Be Saved?

slugstone I will still go see them. (403 comments)

Because I have seem the other six in the theaters and I have watched a lot worst stuff. I will still try to enjoy them.

about 8 months ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

slugstone about time (522 comments)

We should be launching our military stuff with US rockets.

about 9 months ago

Why Speed-Reading Apps Don't Work

slugstone Re:Simple (92 comments)

Reality? Someone here might know what they are talking about.. Please turn in your /. card and call it a day. :-)

about 9 months ago

Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?

slugstone Re:Maybe not extinction... (608 comments)

And I thought war was the greatest inventor. In other words survival of the fittest.

about 9 months ago

In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes

slugstone think cost (405 comments)

rounds, clubs, balls, tees, and status, they all need to come.

about 9 months ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

slugstone Re:Aftermarket patches already exist (650 comments)

Not sure when my 1933 model A sport coupe was inspected last. I wonder where I would find the records of inspection.

about 10 months ago


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