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FCC To Require Backdoor Network Access for Feds

smack_attack Re:right to privacy (492 comments)

Tyranny and revolution are all part of the government cycle. We have been trying to refine social government function since the early Greeks and our struggle for perfect government continues today.

Humanity's primary drive is to expand itself in all areas. Knowledge, wealth, and land.

So it should be no surprise that governments tend to expand its powers over time. The architects of the modern republic realized this, and designed government around contitutional limitations. However even these are showing themselves to be only a dam against the nature of government's need to expand.

Anyone with half a mind can see that if our current path continues, we'll have a revolution in thinking (bloody or not) eventually and scale back our federal government to contitutional limitations of self-defense and cohesive trade ratification with other countries, with states regaining their own titles as republics (after all, we are the United States of America, not The State of America).

more than 9 years ago


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