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Book Review: Mobile HTML5

smarkham01 Re:Oh, beautiful irony (37 comments)

Now smile, go back and think of it comical terms! Ya know - errata as an admission of error. BTW, my feeble attempt at irony (notice the misspelling of O'Reilly) seems to have failed, too.

about 5 months ago

Book Review: Mobile HTML5

smarkham01 Re:Oh, beautiful irony (37 comments)

'Errata' was the correct choice. After all, if the correction appears in the same edition as the error, there is no error! BTW, I gave up on O'riley in the 90s, mostly rubbish that wouldn't make it by a decent editor.

about 5 months ago

Guardian Ignores MI5 Warnings, Vows To 'Publish More Snowden Leaks'

smarkham01 What about the old tried and true... (301 comments)

All of the spy types could meet at Rick's Cafe. Of course Sam won't be there to play that tune, but you can't have everything now, can you? The best alternative might be to have forms of communication directed to a spy central where censors review it for "National Secrets" then pass it on or arrest you!

about a year ago

Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Licenses

smarkham01 Re:Not a joke (341 comments)

Funny, living in Texas I detect an overt "I wanna control your actions" trend.

about a year ago

Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Licenses

smarkham01 Re:Not a joke (341 comments)

Don't know if you're one or the other, don't really care. Maybe we should stop stereotyping, but people make it so damn easy. They keep acting so stereotypically it's almost impossible not to consider them that way. Talk to a hippy? Hell, half the people I grew up and associated with were hippies, several never left the life style and I still respect and love them. Hey, I didn't suggest (much less write) that lefties are whiners. As far as I can tell if lefties and righties (the real ones, those that are proud to be considered hard core) got together all we'd have is a riot. Closed minds with open mouths. Sorry for your bad morning, I do try not to whine or rant in public.

about a year ago

Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Licenses

smarkham01 Not a joke (341 comments)

Visit the West once or twice and you won't need to ask. Individualists were driven West by the crowds of "help me, I'm being picked on". Three are still a lot of them out there and when it comes to stopping illegal government actions, they don't joke around a lot. AC though "a completely illegal destruction of government property?" would result, but that's OK, see the illegal activities of the government have always been fair game:-). You do need a license though, the town has to know who's shooting up the sky.

about a year ago

EFF Sues NSA, Justice Department, FBI

smarkham01 Re:fourth amendment vs. first amendment (333 comments)

And I'm in favor of responsible First Amendment rights with adequate controls that, while not infringing on your 1st Amendment rights, will permit the proper authorities to determine that you haven't committed sedition, threatened the President, conspired to overthrow the government, etc. You won't mind registering your computer, friendships, reading lists, and such with those likable folks now, would ya?

about a year ago

Scientists Develop Chocolate That Won't Melt At High Temperatures

smarkham01 Oh No!! (161 comments)

Hersey's gave us that stuff in Vietnam. True, it wouldn't melt, OTOH, it couldn't be consumed, either. The stuff was so bad that the rats would chew through a carton of cigarettes, crawl over the chocolate leaving foot prints and droppings, then continue with whatever else was available.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Rectifying Nerd Arrogance?

smarkham01 It's not arrogance . . . (823 comments)

It's a life style based on a personality defect. Never being willing to accept that others are your equal, or betters, puts you in the lowest class of humanity. I have done what you're learning to o and am better at it simply because it is colored with experience. I have also rebuilt engines and transmissions for heavy equipment and made a decent living at it. Yet I except that there are others out there who have it faster and better then I have.

You'll either learn to accept people and your place among them or grow up to be another Sheridan.

about 2 years ago

Bipartisan Internet Sales Tax Bill Introduced

smarkham01 Re:Bipartisan support (548 comments)

> In many places the amount of property tax is fixed at the time of purchase and never increases.
Sorry, but that is local or state problem, easily fixed b y requiring periodic re-appraisal for taxes. My property is reevaluated at least every three years, and if the re-evaluation misses the FMV by xx percent, the State has a value they are more than ready to replace the County's valuation with.

more than 2 years ago

Bookstores May Boycott New Amazon-Published Books

smarkham01 Re:Technology changes markets (210 comments)

Sorry, those were Federal, not state, programs

about 3 years ago

Patent Claim Could Block Import of Toyota's Hybrid Cars

smarkham01 Re:That's bright! (451 comments)

Yes, most of it could be seen as an improvement on "Grecian republics", not much, but some. On the other hand, if you'd let your mind wander through some real history, you'll find that the model was, indeed, England's Constitutional Monarchy. Changes to the upper chamber were reqiured and, of course, the executive branch had to be made equal to, or at least not more powerful than, the other two branches.

more than 4 years ago

How Important Is Protecting Streaming Media?

smarkham01 Re:Nobody is to blame (182 comments)

Cryptography is a method of ensuring, among other things, that a message sent from one party to another cannot be read by an attacker.

That's close, but there is a limitation that has been ignored for years by most of us - time. The point of cryptography was to insure that a message couldn't be read by another - until its content was not longer useful. After all, who cared if you cracked the code and found out at 10:00 that I was going to attack at 9:00?

Unlike diamonds, cryptography isn't forever.

more than 6 years ago


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