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Mass. Bill Would Put Privacy Squeeze on Cloud Apps For Schools

smileymon Re:Several thoughts (95 comments)

Is my maths bad or did the 5 other thoughts just get erased?

about 2 years ago

Scientists Have Re-Cloned Mice To the 25th Generation

smileymon cloning/copying same differance (134 comments)

Well the Japs have always been very good at copying electronic tech. With Bio-tech, cloning is the new copying

about 2 years ago

Iran's High Tech Copycat War Against the West: Drones and Cyberwar

smileymon Re:I have to wonder (159 comments)

Time for a regime change in Iran as proposed by Dr. Jack Wheeler. The also needs a change from the current Potus incumbent "Johnny one-note" to someone with business and foreign affairs skills

more than 2 years ago

Give me a solder gun, and I can produce ...

smileymon Useful Audio tool on SMD solder joints (321 comments)

Here's a tip to quickly Audio inspect large number of SMD solder (j)points, take a small wooden stick approx 6" to 9" long (to fit in one hand), heat shrink wrap and a average size sewing needle. You reverse the needle when heat shrinking it to the stick, leave a reasonable length running out, ensure it's well fixed( triple shrink wrap here). You run the needle tool over the solder joints and with a solid solder joint, you can hear these 'ring'. You can hear the dud's as a dull sound and check then solder these suspect joints. I hasten to add, there is a small learning curve involved in differentiating the duds, but you soon get up to speed and this takes the guess work out of non-soldered joints and really does save you time.

more than 2 years ago

Assignment Zero Tests Pro-Am Journalism

smileymon missed the obvious? (52 comments)

It seems to me these guys are looking directly to applying "The Wisdom of Crowds". Just like slashdot where the inputs vary from a diverse range of abilities and users some from the shallow end of the gene pool right up to the selfless experts in their own lunchtimes.

more than 7 years ago


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