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What To Do If Police Try To Search Your Phone Without a Warrant

smurd Lock Screen (286 comments)

Ok, so who wants to be the first one to write an Andriod lock screen that states:

  • I do not consent to a search of this device.
  • This is illegal as per SCOTUS Riley v. United States.
  • Any search will be prosecuted criminally or civilly.

about 3 months ago

Milestone: The Millionth UK-Made Raspberry Pi

smurd Re:Public display Adaptor (129 comments)

Using fbi? I'm just about to write a framebuffer slideshow for my "A"s.

about a year ago

Milestone: The Millionth UK-Made Raspberry Pi

smurd Two "A"s and a "B" (129 comments)

I use the A modles to run composite video loops in a bar, and the B as a ethernet->WiFi router (and video too).

about a year ago

Book Review: Exploding the Phone

smurd What is was like... (64 comments)

To get a feeling for what is was like: (audio only)

You can tell the old Phreaks because they are crying at the end of Part II

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Gifts For a 90-Year-Old, Tech-Savvy Dad?

smurd Re:Interview this guy for Slashdot (211 comments)

Where are the mod points when you need them?

about a year and a half ago

Slashdot Anniversary: Brooklyn, NY, US

smurd Thanks (9 comments)

It great meeting everyone last night, thanks for a good time. Oh, and the open bar was really nice!

about 2 years ago

San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

smurd Re:Fire One (241 comments)

Wow, it would be nice if we even Got an email.
It typically goes like this:
We call Fire One and tell them we had a problem.
They say: Oh yeah, we fixed that one 3 updates ago, send in all 100 of your modules and we'll upgrade them for the low, low, price of $195 each.

more than 2 years ago

San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

smurd Re:Fire One (241 comments)

Yeah, Don't get my above rant wrong, Fire One is the best system, really the only system out there for firing large shows. I use all of the others, but they are the only ones out there that can handle large pyromusicals (I.E. > 2000 cues).

It has more then enough juice to fire an entire module (32 cues) at once, and that is a good thing for mine fronts, set peices etc... We need and want that feature.

I'll be back at the magazines tomorrow and want to run a test - I'm thinking if you either forget to assign delays, or assign them twice for a fully scripted show, you will have the same result.

As far as I know, there are no commercially available products out there that will let you test ematches with firepower on (the Capacitive Discharge circuit) powered, so I'm pretty sure it's not a testing issue.

Even though Garden State is a competitor, I feel for those guys, We've had our share of learning curves too.

more than 2 years ago

San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

smurd Fire One (241 comments)

A am a pryotechnician that works exclusively with computer fired shows. From what I'm hearing on the mailing lists so far, they were using the Fire One controller. We also use them (we have over 100 modules at $795 each). I haven't been involved in the "Loading" of the show into the embedded controller for the past few years, but I was called into action about 3 years ago when we had the same problem with our "semi automatic" shows (press a button for each event). I found there was an additional step when downloading the show from the PC to the firing controller called "Assign Delays" that had to be manually entered when loading. Without that step, all shells for each event fired immediately. I don't know if Fire One ever fixed it because it's now part of our written checklist for loading and we haven't had a problem since, and Fire One is notorious for fixing a problem with one customer, updating the firrmware but not telling the rest of their customer base that there is an update.

If you are using Fire One, you can thank me for the new Line receivers in the new modules, I had to go to the plant and show them the problem.

more than 2 years ago

DirecTV CEO Scoffs At Competition From Apple TV

smurd Interesting timing (264 comments)

I just dropped Dish Network in favor of Roku this month. I just found I wasn't watching any of the dish channels for the last 6 months.

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

smurd Re:Don't Like the Idea of Abuse Reporting (410 comments)

I agree, one of the things that impressed me in the beginning was that the was no "censoring". When the Scientology post was removed under a court order, it was known and discussed.

I've read the FAQ, and nowhere does it explicitly state a comment wont just quietly "disappear" because someone decided it was "abuse".

more than 2 years ago

Nuclear Truckers Haul Warheads Across US

smurd Re:Placards (461 comments)

The point was, I don't have to worry about Chlorine Tankers, I can see the big 1017 Chlorine Placard from a distance and wear the appropriate PPE. At least I know what I'm getting into. I realize they package it appropriately, but I would prefer *NOT* to bet my life on it (or at least make an informed decision).

more than 2 years ago

Nuclear Truckers Haul Warheads Across US

smurd Placards (461 comments)

I hope they have their own cleanup and recovery team following them at all times. Since the pictures show a truck with no placards, any normal Emergency Services team must be deemed expendable.

more than 2 years ago

Which Shipping Company Is Kindest To Your Packages?

smurd Re:UPS trouble (480 comments)

It's actually even stupider.
Your computer wasn't Running! A simple AM radio on the conveyer
would pick up the RFI if it was alive.

Just wait, this post will be replaced with a DHS/TSA emblem.

more than 3 years ago

Which Shipping Company Is Kindest To Your Packages?

smurd Batteries + Microprocessor + heat + RFI (480 comments)

Good job TSA!

Wired Magazine used to print the most entertaining package they received in the mail.
I wouldn't want to try that now.

more than 3 years ago

RIAA Accounting — How Labels Avoid Paying Musicians

smurd Re:Anyone who is stupid enough to work with the RI (495 comments)

Wow, this is the first time I've seen this from someone else. I live in Philadelphia (A wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel (even the clubs!)). I stopped listening to OTA radio sometime in the 90s and never missed it since. Top 40s and oldies are great, but every station?

more than 4 years ago

Best Electronics Kits For Adults?

smurd Books and Kits (376 comments)

I am an electronic engineer that also builds stuff at home. Get yourself the book "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill, and the Radio Shack electronics kit with the breadboard. It has a power supply, blinkinlights and a half decent selection of parts. is your friend. Get the additional parts there. I use this setup for prototyping. If it's something I wat to keep, THEN I solder it. Don't worry about soldering now, it's just a skill that is easy to learn (like welding but not as difficult).

more than 6 years ago


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