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VirtualBox Development At a Standstill

snakeplissken Re:Oracle ... (240 comments)

AA candidates never do well, and all they do is hurt minorities. People see how badly they perform then they assume other people of the same race are just as bad

so these people are already racist then? otherwise the number of obviously shitty white people would have them believing there are no competent people anywhere on the planet at all.

or perhaps the racism lies elsewhere?

7 hours ago

Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

snakeplissken Re:Sanity? (451 comments)

In what way is the state of Kentucky establishing an official religion, or inhibiting other people from practicing their own religion, by granting tax breaks and incentives to the park?

if that were all, kentucky wouldn't be establishing blah blah, but by giving tax breaks to a park which _then_ only employs certain religious people by discriminating in its employment practices it is establishing etc. because tax payers (the state's) money is then being used in a religiously discriminatory fashion in employment, just as it would be wrong for the state itself to discriminate in such a fashion when employing its own workers.


about 3 months ago

The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

snakeplissken Re:Guns are not the problem (651 comments)

As of 2006, if the police catch a mugger, robber, or burglar, or other “minor” criminal in the act, the policy is to release them with a warning rather than to arrest and prosecute them.

as my own daughter was mugged, _not_ in the presence of the police and the perpetrator still prosecuted and found guilty i call bullshit


about 4 months ago

Comcast Tells Government That Its Data Caps Aren't Actually "Data Caps"

snakeplissken Re:Sigh (341 comments)

Canada is not a one-party-consent polity for recording conversations, IIRC.,

it would be a measure of how civilised a society is, if, when such a conversation is recorded - albeit illegally - by a private individual and published; how the response by the state is balanced between punishing the recorder of the conversation and the corrupt person and crimes revealed by the publication of the conversation.

i leave it to the reader to decide what level of balance they wuld wish for in their version of civilisation :)


about 5 months ago

Switching From Microsoft Office To LibreOffice Saves Toulouse 1 Million Euros

snakeplissken Re:sure, works for France (296 comments)

all you do is negotiate terms of your own contract.

oh ffs,
even if everyone on the planet had the best posible education and skills training that their brains and bodies could attain, the enormous majority would still be 'wage slaves' unable to negotiate the terms of a contract because the jobs where that would be possible would be so few compared to the number of job seekers, capitalism requires that there are winners, and winners are defined by the prescence of 'losers', and there need to be many more of the latter than the former.
note, this is not a call for communism, merely an observation that humanity is far from developing a sane way of ordering its affairs

about 6 months ago

Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Steps Up Its Game & Runs Much Faster

snakeplissken Re:THIS is a potentially "huge score" for Linux (143 comments)

In prior discussions APK kept dodging questions about whether or not he has been diagnosed as mentally ill in some way by a psychologist or psychiatrist. He never would say yes or no to that one

and why in arse cunting fuck should he? what business is that of anyone about anyone on here?

about 7 months ago

Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

snakeplissken Re:Wrong concern (409 comments)

crap, wrong moderation, sorry :(

about 8 months ago

Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

snakeplissken Re:I think this is bullshit (1746 comments)

It was against the self-contradicting phenomenon called "gay marriage".

gay marriage is only 'self-contradicting' if marriage is defined as not involving same sex unions, marriage is a human invention, it does not arise from the facts of physics, chemistry, biology or any other natural process, neither does it arise from basic philosophical or ethical thought. a society is free to define 'marriage' how it likes. prop 8 was an argument about definitions, just because the proponents (not all though) claimed that god was on their side and that therefore 'marriage' was somehow akin to a physical property of the universe does not make it so.


about 10 months ago

The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

snakeplissken expertise will still make money (400 comments)

even if the economics make it worthwhile to print my own stuff, there are some items that will need to be trusted for their safety and or performance characteristics.
you won't catch me printing my own car tyres (or even my car) if i can't trust the printer to have the necesary reliability and tolerances and the design to be safe.

for these requirements we will still need a way to trust the source of designs and the actual manufacturing device, individuals will therefore be able to aquire money/status/chicks/guys/food/whatever by being a) skilled and knowledgeable, b) in possession of 'industrial' printers.
one might imagine that once a design has been proven then only the proper printer is necessary and the requirement for skill and knowledge in design becomes less important. but i envisage a world in which 3d printing allows for greater and greater customisation of our possessions, at which point 'one size fits all' designs become insufficient and the need to consult with the local guru arises.


about 10 months ago

Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA

snakeplissken Re:Amen.. (143 comments)

and have a fanatical devotion to the Pope.

and their chief weapon...?

about 10 months ago

Under Armour/Lockheed Suit Blamed For US Skating Performance

snakeplissken Re:Olympic standard mayonnaise (357 comments)

...since unrestricted garnishing doesn't seem to be particularly fair.

i'd prefer a single olympic standard mayonnaise!

about a year ago

Star Trek Economics

snakeplissken Re:Wow (888 comments)

If I have all necessity plus a few luxuries, I'm not going to work as a garbage man.
if everyone has all they need but no-one wants to be a dustman, then the first person to volunteer gets to be a hero! and get lots of luxuries and the girls/boys, if not they simply refuse to do it anymore, it becomes everyone else's problem how they work that out, unless of course you force someone to do it, criminal punishment perhaps? or a caste system, speaking of which, isn't that an asimov story?


about a year ago

Microsoft Building an 'Xbox Reading' App For Windows 8

snakeplissken Re:And they have been here before... (52 comments)

Let's hope that they don't make the same mistakes again.

who, microsoft, or the abandoned purchasers?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?

snakeplissken Re:The Guardian (361 comments)

If you're really looking for unbiased, I'd get 2 opposing papers and try to read the same story delivered by both - if you read the Guardian and the Daily Mail, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

i'd suggest the telegraph as a counter to the guardian, the daily mail is just a paper for cunts


about a year ago

Sound System Simulates the Roar of a Rocket Launch

snakeplissken Re: Questions not addressed in the summary (113 comments)

This thing has Disaster Area written all over it. They must be scheduled for a gig on Earth soon!

the sound stage will be on earth, the band of course, will be on the moon!

about a year ago

Edward Snowden Says NSA Engages In Industrial Espionage

snakeplissken Re:Outside the range? (212 comments)

a world government for the .000001%


85 people own as much as the bottom 350000000 people on earth combined - supposedly - (not half the planets wealth as reported because of course the bottom 350000000 people don't own that much) but still a metric fuck ton of planetary resources control. :)

85 divided by 7 billion =~ 0.00000121%, i think you over estimate the size of the world government there.

1 year,3 days

UK Introduces Warrantless Detention

snakeplissken confusion? (153 comments)

yes this is draconian but i don't think that 'taken into custody without warrant' means what i think the slashdot article implies it does. to me it means that these are now arrestable offences, obviously police can already arrest people without 'a warrant' otherwise no one could ever be arrested or detained on the street for any crime without a judge first being involved.

officer: i saw you hit that woman
scrote: fuck you
officer: right sonny, just you wait here while i get a warrant so i can make you stay here,
hey come back, i haven't got the warrant yet!...

the problem here is that they shouldn't be arrestable offences not that police have the already existing power to arrest people


about a year ago

Earth's Orbit Reshapes Sea Floor

snakeplissken Re:The big question is... (55 comments)

Their preoccupation with men's asses is peculiar. I suppose it goes toward the axiom that a man talks about what he thinks about.

self-awareness not your thing then?

about a year ago



Gog.com shutting down

snakeplissken snakeplissken writes  |  more than 4 years ago

snakeplissken (559127) writes "It seems goodoldgames are/have shut down. I just went there and read the simple close down notice. They are going to allow folk to re-download already purchased games but in their words: "we've decided that GOG.com simply cannot remain in its current form.""


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