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Root of Maths Genius Sought

sneezinglion Re:Wondering... (251 comments)

"Mathematics" is a singular word, not a plural.

Do not confuse an 's' on the end of a word as making it plural.
Otherwise, 'this', 'as', 'was', would all be plural, and they are not.

about a year ago

iPhone Apparently Open To Old Wi-Fi Attack

sneezinglion Re:iPhone can forget old networks (90 comments)

Yeah, there is no way I have found to forget a network if it has been turned off, other than putting up your own "fake" network and then removing it.

Too bad I did not know this so I could create a list of every public network I ever attached to.

about a year and a half ago

Blizzard's Unannounced 'Titan' MMO Rebooted, Development Team Reduced

sneezinglion Re:Where have I heard this before? (193 comments)

How was it great?

I was a huge fan of StarCraft, and was disappointed with StarCraft2.
Because to my eye, it was the same game with better graphics.

about a year and a half ago

Transfusions Reverse Aging Effects On Hearts In Mice

sneezinglion Heinlein Prediction.... (130 comments)

Didn't Heinlein predict this as what people did to mimic the Howard families longevity? I think he wrote about it in "Time Enough For Love"

about a year and a half ago

Apple's iWatch Could Come With IOS, Earn $6 Billion a Year

sneezinglion Re:"totally new like the ipod" (327 comments)

Nope. Not obtuse at all.

It was a great product, but it was not "totally new".

about 2 years ago

Apple's iWatch Could Come With IOS, Earn $6 Billion a Year

sneezinglion "totally new like the ipod" (327 comments)

Say what? Exactly what was totally new about the ipod?

I suppose you could say the design of the case was new, but MP3 players were out before the iPod.

about 2 years ago

Windows 7 Clean Install Only In Europe

sneezinglion Re:OOh (803 comments)

Sounds great....is there a non 6,000USD+ solution?

Thanks for the info, but it is really useless unless you won the lottery...

more than 5 years ago

Clutter Reaches 1.0 Release Candidate Status

sneezinglion Re:Screenshot (78 comments)

Hmmmmm to be honest I saw nothing new in that video. IT looked like a pretty standard interface with some added buttons and such.

Nothing that could not be done in say....FVWM for instance.

Where is the 3D????

more than 5 years ago

NASA Sticking To Imperial Units For Shuttle Replacement

sneezinglion Re:If you give up the inch, they'll take the mile (901 comments)

Why did you take that out of context?
GP pointedly stated that when "expressed as an integer ... Fahrenheit is a more precise unit"

Learn to read.

more than 5 years ago

Saving Unix Heritage, One Kernel At a Time

sneezinglion Re:Why? (169 comments)

And here I thought that it was hip to be square.

more than 5 years ago

Esther Dyson Grudgingly Defends Internet Anonymity

sneezinglion Re:Why Not? (516 comments)

But the same could be said of abortion.

No, the nonliving mass of cells in the woman's uterus doesn't count.

I think the problem some people have with abortion is that it IS a living mass of cells

I think what you meant to say is the non-self aware mass of cells in the woman's uterus does not count.

more than 6 years ago

Astronomers Claim Discovery of Earth-like Planet

sneezinglion Interesting find. (225 comments)

I wonder how long before we can verify an earth like extrasolar planet?

As more of these are found we may be able to plug more data into drake's equation

more than 6 years ago



Red Hat and Novell sued over patent infringement

sneezinglion sneezinglion writes  |  more than 7 years ago

sneezinglion writes "Red Hat and Novell are being sued over patent violations in Linux.
From The Article:

Companies called IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corporation sued Red Hat and Novell on Tuesday, claiming the top Linux sellers' software products infringe U.S. patent 5,072,412, "User interface with multiple workspaces for sharing display system objects," and two identically named patents. The suit (PDF), in the U.S. District Court in Eastern Texas, seeks damages and a permanent injunction prohibiting any further infringement.
Perhaps as the article states, the next SCO is here!
All hail our new litigious masters!"

Link to Original Source

sneezinglion sneezinglion writes  |  about 8 years ago

sneezinglion writes "It looks like something right out of starship troopers(the book), but it is real!
From the article: Hamilton-born Troy Hurtubise has developed a feature-filled suit of armour out of high-impact plastic, ceramic bullet protection and ballistic foam. Inventor hopes to sell armour suit to the military By Wade Hemsworth The Hamilton Spectator (Jan 11, 2007) The grizzly man is back, and this time he's ready to take on bullets and bombs. Troy Hurtubise, the Hamilton-born inventor who became famous for his bulky bear-protection suit by standing in front of a moving vehicle to prove it worked, has now created a much slimmer suit that he hopes will soon be protecting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and U.S. soldiers in Iraq."


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