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Two-Fisted Computing

snicker Maya and two-handed input (236 comments)

Jeez, that's a weird writeup. Anyway, Maya already works really well with two handed input: it was designed that way. I remember watching a technical demonstration video back when Maya was still going to be the next version of Sketch, and they were shewing off the chording and hotkey systems that survive to this day. Really a fabulously efficient program... lots of opportunities for constructive muscle memory, which isn't the sort of thing that comes up a lot in software beyond learning to touchtype. I would much rather keep one hand on my (wacom tablet) three button mouse and another on the keyboard where all my hotkeys are than only have another three buttons under my left hand. Actually, part of the video had someone -- Mr. Marking Menus himself, Bill Buxton -- demonstrating simultaneous 16-button puck and stylus input on a graphics tablet, using chording on the puck to manipulate the view and call up menus. That looked awesome. Just like holding a piece of paper with your left hand while drawing with your right.

more than 10 years ago


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